Tina Cum Slut Wife or Cum Loving Whore

Tina Cum Slut Wife or Cum Loving Whore

Tina is my 41 year old wife she has very nice and firm 36c breasts, and an average body. We have a very active sex life and she just loves to suck my cock until I cum and she can swallows all the time. She couldn't get enough of my cum at times she keeps on sucking me until I am hard again to get me to cum for her a second time. This was an every day and night thing and she doesn't stop until I cum at least twice for her. She literally has me exhausted every day. She will suck me dry before I leave for work every day she just couldn't get enough cum and I had to do something about it because I was too exhausted to do my job properly.

At work I was thinking about what I can do to fix the problem and I thought. I play cards with eight of my friends every Wednesday night at our house and I thought why not let her suck these guys off and eat all of their cum that may be would take care of her for a while. So I decided to pitch the idea to her about it she knew my friends and liked them. So I decided to pitch her the idea when I got home. But I no sooner close the door behind me she was on her knees tugging at my zipper to free my cock so she could suck me off and get a mouth full of my cum again. After dinner I told her about my problem at work and that she had to slow down on her cock sucking of me. Then I told her my plan she was both confused and at the same time excited about the possibilities. But she laid out some ground rules she would pick who would be first and told me I would be last. She then said nine cocks and all of the cum I can get out of them in one night sounds like fun. Next she said that she would only suck their cocks and absolutely no fucking her that was for me after the night was over.

I next asked my buddies instead of playing poker how would like to have my wife suck each of their cocks until they cum but no fucking her only blow jobs. At first they all thought I was joking but I explained my situation to them and then they all agreed. So I set it up for our usual time on Wednesday so that their wives would not get any ideas and won’t to come along about what we were all up to. They would all show up like usually at 7:00 pm at my house. I then called my wife and told her the news and that everything was set up for this Wednesday which was only two days away. She was very excited and could not wait for me to get home. She sucked me off three times that night and the third time she had to work for it but she got the job done. We then talk about her upcoming evening and she tells me in what order she would like to suck the guys off. She said she wanted Billy to be first, Gary to be second, David was to be third, Mike fourth and so on and Johnny would be last. I asked her why she picked the guys in this way she said just by looking at them each, she thought she could tell who has the smallest cock and the largest, and she thought Billy had the smallest cock and Johnny had the largest cock of all of them, then there's me of course my cock is a normal size about 7 inches and thick.

Wednesday came and Tina had been up early preparing for her cock SUCKING and CUM SWALLOWING night. She had made some sandwiches got chips and dip and had run to the store to get an ample supply of beer for the night. She had her silk robe lying on the bed because that was all she would need for what was to come this evening. As my buddies arrived Tina went into the kitchen and brought out the food and beer. No one was interested in eating but they all picked up the glasses with beer in them to ease them some. Then Tina said to Billy come on stud your first so get that COCK out so we can get started, as he hurried to get out of his cloths the rest followed his lead and pretty soon everyone was naked. She had placed towels on the carpet and a pillow for her to keel on as she reached out to grab Billy’s cock which was simi hard and guided it to her mouth and began sucking him off Billy didn't last long. He came quickly and she swallowed every drop and licked her lips of every drop. Then she said come on Gary your next he didn't hesitate and shoved his cock in her open her mouth and Tina took it in sucking it slowly then picking up her pace, he lasted longer than Billy and finally she felt him tense up so she sucked his cock harder. He than CUM for her and she loved it and swallowed all of his cum to. Next up was David his cock was bigger than Billy's and Gary's and Tina just wanted it in her mouth as she gently took it in her hand and guided his cock into her MOUTH and started sucking it. She looked like she was in cock heaven sucking it after about 5 or so minutes of sucking David started to moan and Tina never missed a beat and SWALLOWED as much as she could, but some cum squirted out of her mouth and onto her chin and dropped to her now exposed tits. Her rob must have opened with her TITS bouncing around, She then tells me that next time we'll have to do something about the cum that doesn't end up in her mouth to catch it with a glass or something and I think who said there was going to be a next time.

Mike was next and was as hard as a rock and step forward to Tina teasing her with his cock rubbing it on her face on her nipples that were also hard as a rock. Then Tina grabbed his COCK and took it into her MOUTH and proceeded to suck it slowly at first then picked up her pace and sucked it fiercely and was loving every minute of it. She would then slow it down pop it out of her mouth and lick it all over down the shaft to his balls then she would put it back to her mouth and continue to suck it. Mike said damn she is a great cock sucker I wish my wife suck cock like this. Soon after he was about to cum and said so Tina are you ready for my nectar and Tina started to suck him harder. Then he yelled out I'm Cumming as Tina took all his cum but didn't swallow it instead she opened her mouth for all of us to see Mike’s cum and how large of a load he gave her, then she swallowed it all licking her lips. Tina did the same to the rest of the guys until she got to Johnny who was ready to get his chance at Tina. She had chosen him to be last because she had thought he had the largest cock and she was right it was about ten inches long and eight inches round. She did the same as she had done with Mikes cock slowly at first then faster and faster, but it did take her a time to get his cock all the way down, as she continued to suck and was playing with his big balls savoring each stroke popping it out of her mouth then back in as she waited for her reward for her efforts. Then John started to cum as he cum he pulled his cock up from Tina’s THROAT CUMMING as he did so. He removed his cock from her mouth and shot a huge load all over her face. She had cum over her face in her eyes and hair and it ran down her neck to her tits. She grabbed it and licked his shaft then she popped it back into her mouth and sucked every drop that was left dribbling out.

Then it should have been my turn but one of the guys said now that looks like a cum slut let’s see how much more she can take. Another one of the guys grabbed her robe and pulled it off. Tina says let’s just see she gets on her back and says who is first. With her legs wide open I can tell she is hot for cock her pussy is shiny and so wet her juices are running down her ass creak. The next thing I know is she is surround and being FACE FUCKED and PUSSY FUCKED and saying between COCKS telling the guys I can take more than that what is wrong. Then one of the guys lays on the floor and pulls Tina up on him and sticks his COCK in her ass and she says this is more like it and two guys get between her legs and DOUBLE PENETRATE her. The next thing I know she is saying know no is FUCKING my FACE and I thought I showed you guys I just love to SUCK COCK and EAT CUM. We FUCKED her for three hours before she had all of us dry. Tina was fucked in every way I think possible and EAT so much CUM her or I could keep track of the loads she EAT. When the night was over I asked Tina I thought there was not going to be any FUCKING and she told me after all the COCK she just SUCKED the rest of her holes needed a little to and she was glad that one of the guys said let’s see how much this CUM slut can take, because I needed FUCKED bad and just did not know to say it. I did not say anything when Tina agreed to be FUCKED I wanted to ensure that my cum loving slut had received all that there was to give her. Later after everybody recovered we repeated the scene again and Tina was the first one ready for round two. Tina was one happy cum loving slut and the night was coming to an end, and Tina asked me if it would be alright to let the guys cum all over her as she lay on the floor as the guys leave one at a time. I said no problem and she SUCKED them well one at a time CUM on her she all so got from what I could count was f******n more loads of CUM in her mouth well keeping the guys hard. That’s how our Saturday poker game ended and we all agreed to do it every Saturday night Tina was extremely happy about it and can't wait until next week. Billy was the last to leave and asked if he could bring his wife along next week that she is also wild and of course we both said yes that Tina and I have had three some’s with other women and Tina told him she likes a little PUSSY now and then. Billy said his wife has FUCKED three guys and loved it but never had her pussy licked by a women and that Tina would maybe need to be slow about it. Tina agrees and says she will love to have a women go at her women know how to treat women. We fucked our brains out after every one left.

More adventures about my cum slut wife Tina to come (One of her first adventures)

True Story

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4 months ago
Nothing sexier than a wife full of cum shot in her from all your friends. Hope you fucked her, adding your cum to her sloppy cum filled pussy.
8 months ago
It always goes that way , start off with just blow jobs for everyone and the next thing you know all your buds are drilling the fuck out of your ole lady and she's needing more more,
9 months ago
fucking hot...literally...lol. Love Tina