A Christmas Gift from My Husband 2001

Christmas day was finally here, I'm at my families Christmas celebration alone hubby had to work and all I can think about is getting home to find out what 'special gift' Ron (My Husband) has planned for the evening.

I called Ron when I got home, he said it would be about an hour and he would be home. I then headed to the shower to get ready. Not knowing what to expect, I just put on a pair of my tight jeans and grab a sweater, one that buttons so I can show a little cleavage, and no shoes. I then went to the kitchen, started a pot of coffee and went to the den to start a fire in the fireplace. It was snowing all day and we ended up with two feet of snow with more coming. I figured hubby would need to warm up some when he got here.

I see Ron pull into the driveway, so I run to get the door. There is another car that pulled in behind him that I don't recognize. I watch to see who it was, It's Craig a friend of Ron’s from work I let them in Ron has a bag with him, I like it when he brings a bag with him, and he has all kinds of surprises in his bags for me. Ron asks me to put it on the bed and I was not to peek in it. The bag was a little heavy when he handed it to me and he again told me no matter how curious I was not to peek.

I went to the kitchen and got coffee for all of us and brought it back to the den where Ron and Craig were waiting for me. We sit and talked for a little while and Craig asked me if what Ron told him about me was true and I asked him what did Ron tell him. Craig says Ron told him that I was a stripper at one time and that I still have a wild and kinky side yet. Ron also told him I have been talking about him, and that I have said I would love to see how big his cock is and how well he can use it. That’s when Ron said he thought maybe he had made me wait long enough, he told me to sit tight and he would go get everything ready. Craig and I sat and talked and we mainly talked about what Ron told him. We waited for Ron to get things ready as we talked. I found out Craig had been divorced too he had only been married for a year though. Their split was mutual, they realized they weren't in love, they have still stayed friends.

The night before he moved out, she had one of her friends come over and had a threesome, as a gift from her. Ron came back in and takes my hand, leading me to the bedroom with Craig following close behind. In the bedroom there were candles lit, a video camera set up, handcuffs, a silk scarf to be used as a blindfold, oils and a few miscellaneous items. It doesn't take Ron long to get undressed and while Craig is getting undressed, Ron starts to undress me. First, he slowly takes my sweater off, enjoying the site of my tits. He leans down and licks and sucks each nipple as he squeezes each tit in his hands. Craig walks up behind me, reaches around me and pops the button open on my pants, then unzips them, to slide them off.

Craig, still standing behind me, slowly puts his hand between my legs to find my clit he rubs my ass with his other hand while kissing my neck this is really turning me on. Ron then picks me up and carries me to the bed while I have my legs wrapped around him, I can feel the head of his cock rubbing my slit as he walks he was hard as a rock already. Craig turned the video camera on and made sure it was pointed at the bed. Ron laid me on the bed face up handcuffed my hands around the middle bar on the headboard so my hands are above my head. Ron put the blind fold on me. Craig took his turn first with me he sled down between my legs and spread my lips open to expose my clit. I feel his tongue moving around my clit and just to the edge of my wet hole. He is taking his time so it takes a while to send me over the edge, he slides two fingers into my pussy and starts fucking me while he sucks and nibbles my clit. This keeps up for a little while and then he gets up and tells me to open my mouth and then he slides his cock into my mouth and starts to fuck my throat he tastes so good and I love to feel a cock in my mouth I just love to give head. I lick and suck on his cock and balls till he is close to Cuming and then he gets up again and tells me to beg to be feed witch I do I tell him I need his cum over and over again I am very Hungry could he feed me.

Ron then gets down between my legs holds they up high and rubs his cock against my clit and ass then what I have been waiting for he slams his cock hard into my pussy over and over slamming harder and deeper with each thrust. I tell Ron harder give it to me harder I am so close to Cuming. Then Ron tells me, "You do not have permission to cum yet, if you are a good girl maybe Craig will give you permission," and with that I feel Ron’s cock push into my ass and I fill Ron juices fill me. Then Craig takes his turn he removes the handcuffs and runs his hands down my arms, and then he removes the blindfold. He tells me I want to feel your hands on me and I want to look in your eyes when I am fucking you! This makes me smile. Not very many guys feel that way. He starts out kissing my forehead then each eyelid and the tip of my nose making his way to my neck kissing it a few times and a quick little lick here and there. Then he kisses his way to my tits slowly licking and sucking on each. He rubs my tits and squeezes them together playing with them like they will be his last.

He starts kissing down my belly as he gets to my belly button he raises my legs and spreads them apart to expose my pussy. He uses his tongue to open my pussy lips and let my clit show. Licking and sucking my clit, I can feel the need to Cum building up inside me. I resist as he starts fucking me with his tongue. I reach down and grab Craig's head pulling his face into my pussy. He runs his fingers along the sides of my clit squeezing just enough to make it tingle. Craig brought me to the edge of Cumming and then stopped. Looking up at me he can tell by the look on my face I want to Cum. Craig gets back up over top of me slides his cock inside me as I wrap my legs around his waist. He starts fucking me very passionately at first and as I get closer I beg him to fuck me harder. When Craig is ready to cum he asks me if I want to cum with him. I told him “YES PLEASE!” He tells me to make him believe it. I start begging him “Please Let me cum I need to so BADLY your cock is driving me crazy I need to cum so bad Craig it hurts!!”

Then I hear those wonderful words, “Cum for me baby!” I let go and cum harder than I have in a long while. I didn't realize it at the time, but I left some scratches on Craig's back. As we collapse on the bed I hear a knock on the door. Ron goes and answers the door so we can catch our breath. When he came back into the room there was six more men with him, their names are Jeff, Dan, Bill, Tom, Victor and Sam. Jeff apologized for showing up late with the rest of the guys and they quickly all got undressed. I motioned for them all to come over and stand by the bed, I slowly start licking up and down each of their cocks and then I took each into my mouth. I tease them that way until they are all good and hard for me.

Jeff rolled me over onto my stomach, handcuffed my hands behind my back and started rubbing his hands across my ass. I knew what was about to happen. Jeff slid his hand between my legs rubbed my clit and ran his hand back up teasing my pussy and asshole. As he takes his hand out from between my legs and rubes my ass again I am soaking wet and need a cock put to me bad. He then tells the guys this is mine for now you guys will have to use a different hole and he pushes his cock in to my ass. The rest of the guys have their cock in hand stroking it and they tell me they want to see how good a job I can do sucking them all to keep their cock up well they all get their turn at my pussy. I start sucking them a little at a time until I am able to deep throat every one of the cocks here from the 6 inch one to the twelve inch one witch I can seem not to be able to get enough of. Ron says he wants to see me get all I need and he tells the guys why wait so long for your turn those holes can use at least two cocks in each of them. Tom gets on the bed, take the oil and start rubbing it all over my body. I lay back he starts rubbing and pinching my clit. With his other hand he squeezes my tits and twists my nipples between his fingers. He gradually rubs my clit and then he says she is ready for another cock and one of the other guys fits in somehow and this makes three cocks in my pussy and one in my ass putting me over the edge again and I squirt wildly this time squirting almost across the room.

I did get some cum on all four of them as they stood at the foot of the bed watching me. At this point the guys gangbang me for the next hour and a half I get to swallow cum from each of the guys then we decided to take a break. Ron and the guys all go to the den all but for Jeff and we went to get coffee. Well I filled the cups Jeff finger fucked me it felt so good I Cum down my legs. When we walk in the den Ron has the video tape in his hand. I was so into what was going on I am completely into watching myself on tape it turns me on so bad. As he sits down he smile and says, “Anyone want to watch a movie?” I knowed what tape he had and I was so excited to see it. I said yes so I jumped up put the tape in the VCR and settled back down next to Victor and Bill, to watch what we had just done. I got so hot I was sitting there in Ron's shirt and no panties. Victor kept looking over at me to see my reaction. I couldn't resist I started rubbing my clit slowly at first. I noticed Victor had undone his pants when he sees what I am doing and gets his cock out and starts to rub it. I stopped watching the tape and started sucking Victor’s cock. Ron and the guys were into the tape so they didn't pay much attention to what was going on with us. When the tape was over it was snowing pretty hard so Bill decided he should probably leave I walked him to the door and gave him a quick blow job well he finger fucked me then we said our good byes. I went back into the den where the guys were just sitting talking with Ron telling him they did not know just how bad I am. One of the guys asked if I minded that they stayed a while, God no, I said I didn't mind. We all sat and talked for a time and watched the snow.

Then one of the guys says is this all we are going to do talk the rest of the night, and I said know and told the guys if they would get there cock back out I would get round two started. Round two started with me getting on the floor and sucking each of the guys until they were all hard again. I all so got four huge loads of cum shot down my throat well doing this I just can never get feed enough it seems.

The guys fuck me in every position they can think of. They double and triple penetrate me for the next three hours and I love every minute of it. When the guys are done with me I ate more loads of cum then I can count and am left like an old dish rag (wet and dripping). We finally went to bed around three in the morning. Tom stayed the night he had the next day off work. Tom and Ron both fucked me a little more before I fell asl**p between them. I woke up a little after 8 am it was so nice to wake up with guy’s arms around me Tom stays in bed and holds me. I didn't realize Ron had already been awake for about an hour. When I started moving around Tom reaches down between my legs and finds my clit morning sex that's the best it starts the day out right. He moves my hair and starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. He rubs and squeezes my tits and then teases my clit. Tom has his body pressed against the back of mine we are on our sides.

I can feel his cock beginning to get bigger and bigger. I reach behind me and rub his cock until he can't stand it anymore. He slides his hand around my neck and under my chin and pulls my head back so he can kiss me. I'm so wet by now his cock slides in my pussy easily. He is playing with my tits and my clit going back and forth. He starts out with a slow steady rhythm fucking me and He gradually picks up speed fucking me faster and faster as I push back against him, trying to get him in as deep as he will go.
Then I hear him whisper in my ear “Cum with me baby” I am ready to fill you up. Then he says I'm Cumming do you like that baby!” The whispers send me over the edge and the fill of his hot juices in me makes me jerk and push against him as I cum. I lay there with his arms wrapped around me for at least 10 or 15 minutes before we can even catch our breath and begin to move again. We get up take a shower and then go to the den where Ron is.

The den is my favorite room in my house it has the big picture window that looks out over the pond. We all talk a little when I tell the guys I could use some breakfast don’t talk bad about me well I am getting things ready. Well I am gone Ron has Tom Call Fred and Tony from work they were to be here last night and could not make it. So Ron thought if they could make it now he would just carry things over and give me desert with breakfast. I return to the den and Ron says I thought you were getting us breakfast I tell them I turned the heat on and it is going to take a few minutes. We know longer start to talk again and a knock comes to the door I think to myself that did not take long (See I did not go to make breakfast I went and call two of my girlfriends to come over) I am getting wet in anticipation of what is about to happen. See I love all kinds of sex and I tell the guys I will go see who it see only to my surprise when I open the door it’s eight guys and they ask for Ron. I invite them in just to see the girls pull up at the same time. I tell the guys to go down the hall Ron is in the den the last room on the left. The girls and I talk and I tell them there is ten guys in the den not just two and do they still won’t to go throw with what talked about. The girls do and we get undressed and walk down to the den to. When we walk into the den the guys are naked and the guys are very surprised to see two other girls with me I do not say anything just breakfast is here. Ron says well I thought maybe you could use desert instead of breakfast so here we are.

I speak up and say well we are breakfast so I guess we will call this brunch with those words we get things started and I mean started. We girls fuck and suck each other and all the guys as they all take their turn at each of us. We girls got GANGBANGED by the guys who I did not know some of and the girls did not know any of but for Ron. It is a very high turn on this way because you can dream of running into the guys again and them saying that girl can suck the skin right off your cock let’s see if she needs fucked and I always need sex I am just always wet. The guys fucked us girls for four hours and we took everything they had. It was a great morning of sex and when done before the guys left my girlfriends sucked each of the guys until they need to cum and then they would jack them off into my mouth since they knowed just how much I love cum. Some of the guys got in line three times and I took every drop just can never get my fill. (True Story)

The End

Hope you like Told by Slut Wife Tina

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