Tina’s 40th Birthday Bang

For my wife Tina’s 40th birthday, I promised her something spectacular. I bought her a sheer lace bra, panty, garter and 3 in heels and took her to a nice restaurant and then to a hotel. Once there we started to full around and when she was down to the lace, I tied her to the bed and called a friend who was waiting at the hotel, and he had 5 others guys with him all under 23 waiting to fuck her as a surprise gangbang. It only took a few minutes for them to get here and I introduced Tina as the birthday girl and told them that they could do whatever they wanted to her for the night as long as no permanent damage took place. She shot me a look that said "What?" I continued and told them the only rules were she could not be untied and that as long as her full face did not show in pictures, they could shoot pictures and videos. One guy asked if they could invite some friends, I said that was fine with me as long as they shared the rules.

They stripped down naked and all had erections all ready and the first guy headed for the bed and just pushed her panties to the side as he pushed his cock in her waiting SOAKED Cunt and he leaned down and French kissed her, as he slammed his Cock in her Cunt. He lasted only a few minutes and was replaced by another who had pulled a pocket knife out and cut her panties and bra off so he could attack her body. He played with her Tits a short time and then he also Fucked her Cunt with long HARD strokes. He Cum in her himself in just a few minutes the last FOUR guys went over to Tina all at the same time. Two went right to her Mouth and the other Two went to her Pussy and Ass. These Four guys lasted a lot longer as they all took turns Fucking each of her HOLES. Every time one of the guys would take his Cock out of her Mouth Tina would start saying my Throat needs Fucked bad I need some Cum to EAT do not leave me this way. All Four of the guys Fucked each of her Fuck HOLES and they all Cum in her Mouth which Tina Swallowed every DROP.

Then Tina starts telling the guys to untie her and she will show them a night they will never forget. One of the guys tells her Two of us called some friends and does she think she can handle all of them and Tina says like I said untie me and we will see. One of the guys said let’s make sure she is ready for all of us and the guys coming over. The guys all Fucked her again and this time they made her SUCK there Cocks in between them Fucking her. The guys Double Penetrated her Pussy and she keep telling them to give her more and that she needed it Harder. All of the guys Cum in her Ass this round and Tina cleaned each of their Cocks by LICKING them Clean. When done she tells them again to untie her and she will be able to Fuck them a whole lot more. She tells them being tied up is stopping her from Fucking them back. The guys untie her and tell her to go clean up a little the rest of the gang will be here before long. Tina tells them ok but she would like each of them to Fuck her one more time and then tell her there name so she can call the best of the night. The guys Fuck her all again and I could not believe Tina. The more the guys gave her the more she keeps telling them she needs. They all Fucked her until each guy Cums for her THREE more times and I think most of the Cum went right in her MOUTH. Tina goes to clean up she tells the guys if that is all you have I will get ready for the rest I hope they are not long.

Tina cleans up and gets redressed without her bra and panties. This takes her about forty minutes and she comes back down looking very hot. We all talk and Tina gets to know each of the guys a little, an hour or so passes and EIGHT more guys show up. They have the rules explained to them and the next round starts. Tina gets every HOLE Fucked by Two and Three Cocks at a time and she keeps telling the guys she needs more. She tells them there is only me and f******n of you my husband set this up to have me FUCKED to death for my birthday and you guys can’t be out of steam yet. Tina tells the guys to make a circle around her and she will get them Cocks backup. The guys all Fuck her at least Three more times each. The guys Shove so many Cocks in her Pussy and Ass at one time I think they will tear her apart but she only tells the guys to give her more. Tina keeps the guys standing around her Hard by playing with their Cock some of them she Jacks off on to her and she rubes there Cum into her skin. I sat in the corner and continued to watch until I counted the 40th ejaculation into my well used wife’s MOUTH, and I then tell them that they were done she got FORTY LOADS in her MOUTH and may be a little more that they need to finish up. The guys do but it still takes an hour or so and Tina is left on the floor in a pond of CUM. It was close to 5am and the guys said they appreciated me letting them FUCK my wife, and they would do it again anytime. Tina got to EAT FORTY LOADS of CUM for her 40th birthday. She told me she was surprised at my gift but loved every minute it and she was going to clean up and she would be back to thank me

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24 days ago
Love wives being gb'd...and mine Loves it tooo