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I had suspected that my wife was having an affair again for a while now, but I had no definite proof, just the feeling that she was getting her satisfaction elsewhere. For about six months now she had been less interested in sex, she was not work when I called more often than she was there. Also, I suspected that the affair was taking place in our own bed, as the sheets were being changed more often. I decided that I was going to find out, in the classic style, by catching her in the act.

We had been married for 12 years and we have been very happy together. Tina (my wife) had always been concerned with her weight, but I loved the way she looked and always reassured her that she was attractive. At 5 feet 4 inches and her ample 34D boobs and very nice ass gave her a voluptuous appearance, here shoulder length dark hair was not as long as it used to be, but I still liked it. Tina always attended office parties and often went out nights with her ‘girl’ friends, so I presumed she had met somebody then.

I booked a week off work without telling Tina and each day left for work as normal and drove to a local park and waited, for a while and then I would drive to her work place. For the first two days, she was there and it seemed to be known problems. On the third day she was not at work, so I called and she was to be out of the office on business. I drove back to the house wondering what, if anything I would find when I got there.

I parked my car on the next street over and walked the rest of the way, when I turned the corner, I saw a car I recognized parked outside our house, it belonged to Jeff, the husband of Tina’s best friend Janet. My heart sank how could she in our house! I cautiously walked up to the front window of the house and peered around the edge of the living room window. Nobody was in sight. I then walked to the back of the house, my mind filled with images of Tina’s infidelity. Again there was no one visible through the back windows of the house. With my heart pounding in my chest I silently put my key into the lock of the back door and turned the key. Slowly, I opened the door and stepped into the kitchen. Immediately I heard moans of pleasure coming from upstairs, I was right, although it gave me no satisfaction, Tina was having an affair. I crept to the bottom of the stairs and slowly started to climb them.

“Oh Yes,” I heard Tina’s voice gasp.

I stopped and realized that I was holding my breath. I exhaled as quietly as possible and continued up the stairs. As I reached the bedroom door, I found that it was half closed. I put my eye to the crack between the door and frame and received the shock of my life. There were three people on the bed, and to my total amazement there were two men in bed with her. Tina was Laing flat on the bed, totally naked with her knees up and spread wide, between her legs was a huge black man making rhythmic movements between her hips the third person was a smaller white man who was sucking on Tina’s right nipple and squeezing the other between her fingers. I stood shocked and did not know what to do or think of the scene before my eyes.

“Go on fuck her hard, make here cunt twitch on your huge cock,”

The white man said. The white man is about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a slim build and a very hairy chest. As I looked back into the room, the white man had already lowered his lips onto Tina’s right nipple and all I could see was his long dark hair waving from side to side as he moved his head from tit to tit making loud sucking noises.

The black man was naked and was between Tina’s spread legs and I could now see that he had a large thick cock. The black man is about the same build as the white man but with a bigger chest and arms that made him look very shaped. His dark shoulder length hair was spilling forwards hiding his face and gently brushing over Tina and the white man as he carried on fucking my wife. Tina clutched at the bed sheets and moaned. Oh god I’m coming she hollered and thrust her hips upwards at the black man, after a few seconds of moaning, she relaxed her body and the black man stopped thrusting into her.

I’ve got to have some of that the white man said and started to climb down between Tina’s legs. The white man pulled back from Tina and I got my first sight of the cock this man had it was over ten inches long and must have been as wide as my wrist. The white man tells Tina you ride me, I want to suck on your tits while you ride my cock the man said as he rolled over onto his back. Tina adjusted her position and squatted over his huge cock the man had. Slowly she positioned the head of the shaft between the lips of her cunt and rubbed it up and down a few times before starting to push down. Tina reached over putting her hand around the base of his cock stopping the man from fully implanting herself on the shaft.

“You bitch,” he said. “You know I want all of it bared in you.”

He started to move up and down pushing his shaft up to Tina’s hand with every thrust, soon Tina had her hand off his cock and was taken every inch of it. Tina shuffled closer to the black man and placed her head on the man’s stomach, the other man’s body obscured my view, but I soon found out what was going on.
Oh yes, suck me, Oh god the black man said as Tina continued to bounce up and down on the man’s monster cock.

I was transfixed, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Tina had always been very reserved about sex, never admitting to any fantasies, or expressing any desire for any kind of sex with more than one person. Yet, here she was right before my eyes, having just been fucked by a huge white man’s cock and also sucking a black man’s cock at the same time. Despite my amazement without warning the black man pulled Tina’s head closer to him, and his cock vanished into Tina’s mouth and he must have been fucking her throat with the size of his cock and then suddenly Tina started jumping up and down on to the white man’s cock. Immediately the white man increased his pace and on every down thrust he let out a low groan as he cum in Tina. Tina rolled off the man and the black man started to fuck Tina mouth faster and he to cum for Tina filling her mouth. They all lay on the bed needing a rest looking exhausted.

Before long the black man slipped one of his fingers up to the first knuckle into Tina’s ass. Yes finger fuck my ass Tina tells him oh god that feels so good. Tina paused in her thrusting of her ass on the man’s finger and moved her hips in a circular motion, with her doing this the man took the opportunity to slip another finger into her ass this made her twist and thrust more and harder. Tina turned her head towards the men and said Double fuck me guys, don’t tease me with your fingers any more fuck me with both of them huge cocks. Tina told the white man to fuck her in the ass and for the black man to do the same to her pussy. The man put his cock at Tina’s lips of her cunt and slowly started to push it into her throwing her head back and opening her mouth wide but not a word came out, as the head of his cock went deeper into her. Once half of the man’s cock was in Tina he rolled her on her side and arranged her legs so the other man could get to her ass. As the head of the man’s cock pushed forward into Tina’s ass her head snapped, and she told the man to “Push that cock in go on fill my ass with that huge cock.”

Needing no more prompting the man pushed forward until about half of his cock was buried in Tina’s ass, she stopped and pulled back and then thrust forward again until her pelvis was pressed against his cock. He pushed his hips up and smiled at Tina. How does that feel, are you full null he said. Tina thrust her hips fucking both men taking care of both there cocks. Tina tossed her head back and moaned, You two are so good at this oh god you guys are going to make me cum.

It was obvious to me know that this had been going on for quite some time, they were very at ease with each other and knew just what the others wanted from each other. Mmmm do it again please don’t stop Tina was now breathing heavily as the two guys pushed there cocks into her. As Tina’s head again shock she squealed and arched her back and then juddered as she let out a series of low moans and finally cum one more time and both men filled her with their cum.

Then I here “Come on Bill let’s leave her to recover.

The two men sat and watched tv on the sofa in the bed room for a short never getting dressed. Before long Tina was down on the floor in front of them sucking there cocks and they were back it. I can never remember her fucking me this way. She could not get enough of their huge cocks. After she had their cocks hard again they went back to fucking only this time they traded places and the guys would each fuck Tina a short time and then let her suck there cock. By the time they were done the men must of cum at least four times each and Tina took every drop know matter where they came. Tina must have cum three or four times herself. Her squirts had the bed like a pond. When it looked like there were done I left so I would not be seen. A few days later I asked Tina if there was something wrong and she said no, and asked me why and I said it seems that our sex life has gone to shit. She says no that she has just been tired.

Another Unfaithful Wife Story My Wife the SLUT

The End

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Another good one!!
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Glad you liked the story and my pics. I just love to show off.
Slut Wife Tina
1 year ago
There is always room for one more I just love to be well taken care of with women and men or both LOVE SEX.
Slut Wife Tina
1 year ago
nice room for one more