Following the White Rabbit. (Part 1)

......... do you ever wonder how different your life would be if you just went with the flow once in a while?

I'd been subtly watching her watch me for about ten minutes. I did wonder if she thought I was some kind of shoplifter, but then everybody in Sainsbury's is under suspicion until they've paid for their shopping. God these queues are bl**dy long. Every time I looked at her she stopped looking and looked away. Two aisles away from me and I could still make out that her nipples were getting hard through her bra and top...... sometimes white isn't the best colour for hiding what's going on in your head, no matter how innocent you think you are. Eventually our eyes caught each other again and this time neither of us looked away. Fucking intense or what?

"Next." I snapped myself back into reality, Little Miss Annoying operating the till beckoned me to begin loading my shopping onto the conveyor belt. "Are you o.k. to bag your own shopping?" she mumbled. I wanted to say "No, i've got a hard on in my jeans and I want that woman over there to drop to her knees in front of all of you and wank me off", but when I opened my mouth it came out as "No, i'm fine. I'll take a few bags though." Miss Annoying obliged, passed me some bags and began scanning my crap. I didn't concentrate too much on what I was meant to be doing, I was busy watching the White Rabbit two aisles down bending over and taking stuff out of her trolley and place it for scanning. Great arse.

Next thing I know i'm in the carpark and i'm loading my shopping into the boot of my car.

"Don't you just hate waiting in line?" What? Where did that come from? I looked around and it was her. Her voice was enough to make me rigid. She was parked two cars away from mine. What were the odds?

"Always the same this time of day, especially here." I tried to sound cool, knowledgeable even. Probably sounded indifferent, I normally did. "You want a hand with that?" I asked. She looked over at me, big doe brown eyes, long dark lightly curling hair tumbling down her top.
"Please, if you don't mind." she replied. Her voice sounded 10 years younger than she looked. I walked over and began lifting bags into the boot of her car. I could feel her looking at me.

"All done." I said and pulled the boot shut. I turned round. She was stood with one of her hands on her hip, the other hanging at her side. I could see the outline of her nipples through her top still.

"More you stare the harder they'll get." she whispered. Did I hear that right?
"You know what I mean, the harder you stare at my nipples, the harder they'll get....." I felt my face flush.
"Aww, have we got a shy boy?" she smirked as she said it.

"No," i replied "what makes you think i'm shy?" I could tell she was toying with me and I knew it showed all over my face.

"Oh,nothing" she replied,"can I ask you something?" Here it comes..... i'm waiting for the put down. She moved two steps forward, her face less than a foot away from mine.

"Is your cock as hard as it looks in those jeans?"

I stood there in almost disbelief. It fucking is now.
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