All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

Many years ago, my first wife and I, along with our two small c***dren, took in a young woman that went to our church and who was struggling financially. Lisa was of Jewish decent, in her early 20's, very pretty, had long dark hair and an athletic build. Her chest was a little on the small side, but I liked that, and her legs were shapely and always gave me a boner when she wore a dress or a skirt with high heels. She also would sit around at night, watching TV with us, wearing these loose fitting sl**ping shorts and a tank top. When she first moved in she always wore a bra with her "lounging around" attire, but as she became more and more comfortable with us she began to wear that tank top without a bra. Since she wasn't large up top, there wasn't much chance of anything falling out, but her nipples were perky enough to make two tiny little pup-tents out of that shirt.

After about a year or so, we were pretty much like one big f****y. By then, I had figured out the best seating arrangement in the living room so I could catch glimpses up the legs of her sl**ping shorts. They would get pushed up pretty high sometimes when she squirmed around on the sofa while we watched TV! Also, if I leaned back just right, I could look around my wife and look into our house guest's shirt when she leaned forward to reach for the popcorn bowl. On more than one occasion there were even a few "nip-peeks" to be had.

One night, after we all went to bed, my wife and I were "getting down to business" and we were looking through a porn magazine; which we did sometimes to add variety into our love-making. My wife was holding the magazine and lying next to me while I teased her pussy. As she thumbed through the pages she came upon a photoset of two women together. That was the first time I had ever shown her an issue with a lesbian couple. As she studied the photos I began to feel a heavier secretion of her pussy juices. She was getting turned on from those pictures! I asked her what she thought about them and she tried to act all coy, but her vagina was telling the real story. I began to point out certain details in the photos, which I thought were sexy, as I began to slowly push two fingers in and out of her pussy. Through a much more labored breathing pattern, she asked me if I was turned on at the thought of two women making love together. I slowly pulled my fingers from her pussy and brought them to her clit as I told her that thinking about that was certainly something that would probably "get a rise" out of me! She moaned a little, still holding the magazine with both hands, and asked me if I was getting a rise at the moment. With my free hand, I laid my stiff cock against her thigh and rubbed its head back and forth across her skin a couple of times as I asked, "What do you think?"

She moaned softly again and closed her eyes. I continued to increase my interest around her clitoris as I asked her, "What about you? Do you think two women together is a sexy thing?" She answered, "Maybe...yeah...I think…maybe." At that point I decided to interrogate her a little further. So after a few more circles of my fingers around her love button, I asked her if she had ever thought about what it would be like to be with another woman. To my surprise, she sheepishly responded, "Um-uh." Moving my fingers from her clit down to her pussy, I began to finger fuck her while reaching up and pressing her g-spot on every fourth penetration. Knowing how vulnerable she would get when she was highly aroused, I started to alternate between her clit and her g-spot, switching locations about every ten seconds or so until she whispered through labored breathing, "Oh Baby, you better stop or I'm gonna cum!" I immediately stopped all action because I knew how much she enjoyed practicing the art of edging.

After a sufficient pause, I took her towards the edge again and right as she was approaching the point-of-no-return, I asked her, "Have you ever thought about being with Lisa?" Those words had barely cleared my lips when her body stiffened and then started to spasm as she spontaneously climaxed at a level of intensity that I rarely saw! By her body language I assumed her answer was a definite YES!" Needless to say, that night she got fucked in just about every position known to mankind. Our love making continued, even after I came hard inside of her, with numerous more orgasms for her, brought on by a magic wand, my fingers and her fingers. After a couple of hours of her moaning and thrashing around, she finished me off a second time by teasing me with her hand until I couldn't stand it anymore. After having cum a "monster load", a mere two hours prior, I was shocked by how much semen I squirted out and how far the f***e carried it.

The subject of girl-on-girl sex never came up again that night, at least not so that it was audible by either of us. But it was probably safe to assume that many of those orgasms my wife had that night revolved around a fantasy she was dreaming about; I know mine sure were because I had nothing but visions of my wife having orgasms by Lisa's tongue and fingers while I pummelled Lisa's pussy from the back! And this wasn't something that was entirely new to me, at least the part about me fantasizing about fucking Lisa! So, hearing that my wife was turned on at the thought of a little "girl action" between herself and Lisa, I had decided early on that night to just let the seed that had been planted nurture itself with hopes that an opportunity would present itself in the future. You see...I already knew a thing or two about Lisa that I don't think my wife knew; but then again, maybe she did!

The bedrooms in our home were all upstairs. We had three; one for us and one for each of our k**s. When Lisa moved in I had converted my study on the main level into a bedroom for her and moved my home office into the basement. The new bedroom (previously the study) had double doors, known as pocket-doors, which slid back into the walls and were closely adjacent to the stairwell. Because of the style of doors there was always a small crack between them when they were closed. Since I often worked in my basement study (really just looking at porn and masturbating) after everyone else turned in for the night, there were many occasions when I would climb the stairs and find a beam of light shining through that door crack. One night, shortly after Lisa moved in, I decided to sneak-a-peek through the crack between those doors. She was just lying on the bed, on her stomach, with her feet pointed towards the door while she wrote in her journal. (This was during the days before laptops and iPads!) Since she was facing away from the door, there was never much of a chance in her finding out that I was a Peeping Tom unless I would have made some noise by mistake. Just the circumstance, along with looking at her bare legs, began to bring a "certain joy" to my lower parts and I eventually found myself reaching down inside my sweat pants and stroking my cock a little while I peeked through the crack. Then, once my wick was nice and wet, I would head on upstairs and wake my wife up for a quick fuck; or just lie next to her and masturbate while she slept. This became an almost nightly ritual!

One night, around the same time that I began to notice Lisa was feeling a lot freer and "at home" in our household, I was walking up the stairs to take my nightly peek when I heard a faint sound that reminded me of a dove, singing its morning song, "Oooo - Oooo - Oooo.” Thinking that maybe she was just humming along with music while wearing headphones, I moved slowly towards her room and peered in through the thin crack. Much to my delight, Lisa was lying on her back, with her head on her pillow. That still put her feet and face towards the doorway, but she was more looking at the ceiling. Her knees were pulled up, but lying flat to the bed with the soles of her feet together. This left her opened up so I could easily see her one hand was working its magic over the top of her pant and panty-less pussy.

Hardly being able to believe my good fortune, I settled up close to the doors with my eye shooting a laser beam through that crack. There was no need to work myself up because I was pitching a major "Big-Top" inside of my sweats. Little by little, my bravery (or maybe it was just sheer stupidity) was driven by my "need" to be naughty and I began to expose myself while I played and peeked. At first I only pulled my sweats open with one hand while I stroked with the other. But it didn't take long before I had my sweats down below my ass and I was jacking like there was no tomorrow. The longer I watched Lisa masturbating, the better I felt and the more I wanted to just cum and get it over with. But when Lisa stopped rubbing and started to sit up in the bed, I stopped stroking and stepped back from the door. It was harder to see through the crack but it was enough that I could tell it looked as if Lisa was pulling her shirt over her head and then leaning over to the side of the bed. I heard the drawer of her night table drag open and then close. When she came back into view she seemed to be fumbling with something in her hands.

With her attention on whatever was in her hands, I moved back up closer to the crack so I could get a better view. Lisa was sitting up on her bed, now completely naked, with her back against the backboard. Her hands were busy plugging two cords together, which I later "snooped out" was an extension cord she had plugged in behind the bed and the power cord to her own Hitachi Magic Wand. Once she had the plugs secured, the switch clicked and the familiar buzzing sound started up next to her leg. She grabbed the wand, spread her legs apart and pulled her feet together. This must have been one of her favorite positions for masturbating. Then she worked the ball on the end of the wand back and forth until it was nestled between her labia and pressed solidly up against her clit. Her eyes went shut, her head leaned back to the headboard and my cock jerked straight up!

It didn't take her long before she grabbed a small stuffed a****l and jammed it in her mouth. Her legs started to shake and her ass started to hop up and down. My cock was drooling precum all over my hand and dripping down to the hardwood floor below. When she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm I let go of a massive load that squirted out and splattered on one of the doors and then ran streams out onto the floor. I just stood there milking every last drop of sperm from my cock until Lisa shimmied down under her covers and turned out her lamp. I didn't have any tissues but I couldn't just leave my semen all over the door and the floor; so I took off my socks and VERY quietly dabbed the splatters from the doors and then wiped the floor clean before continuing on up the stairs to my own bedroom.

This went on for a couple of months, which is why it was getting harder and harder (no pun intended) to sit in the living room and watch TV when Lisa was in the room. And that brings us back to the night when my wife had her first orgasm while looking at lesbian porn. After that night, I didn't make it a habit, but I started to introduce more and more girl-on-girl material to my wife during our love-making. Sometimes it was just pictures and sometimes I would read an erotic story to her about two girls getting it on; all the while rubbing her clit, or reading, while she rubbed or vibrated herself. Eventually I started making up little "role-playing" scenarios involving my wife and some "unnamed" sex-pot from work, the gym, or from wherever! Once I had made up my mind that she was getting in tune with her lesbian side, I decided to test the waters and I gave the girl in the story a name…Lisa! I was expecting to at least suffer an awkward pause from her, but she never faltered and only gave me an extra, “Ummm!”

From there the stories started to become more and more detailed and closer to home until the scenarios included my wife, making love with OUR Lisa, and me discovering them together. I was just beginning to feel like it might be safe enough for me to introduce the idea of me helping the two of them, while they helped me of course, or even having my character fuck the wife while Lisa watched. The ultimate story though would be when the wife would give the husband permission to fuck the housemate. But things needed to proceed slowly, building desire along the way; and they were…until things took a turn.

One night, I was heading upstairs when I heard the doves cooing again and a very naughty thought came over me. I quietly took the stairs two at a time and hurried into my bedroom where I gently woke my wife from her slumber. She was a little startled because of my excited state, but willingly followed me when I took her hand and said, “Quick…be really quiet and follow me!” She had no idea what was up. Maybe she thought I had a surprise for her or something. Well…in a way, I did. I led her down the stairs, shushing her the entire way, and made her stop at the bottom of the stairs and pointed at my ear to signal for her to listen. Her eyes got wider! She IMMEDIATELY knew what that sound was and started to back away and turn to go back up the stairs. However, I wouldn’t let go of her and signalled her with my open hand to stop and be quiet. Then I pulled on her hand and moved slowly towards Lisa’s doors. I leaned into my wife and whispered in her ear, “Look through the crack!” I made it sound as if it was something I had discovered for the first time.

At first, my wife was reluctant, but after some persuasion, she moved a step closer and lined up her eye with the crack between the two doors. Lisa’s sounds were getting closer and closer together and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was reaching for that wand so she could perform some magic! I was surprised, but my wife didn’t turn away; instead she just stood like a statue and watched Lisa. That’s when I stepped up “tight” behind her and put my hands on her waist. I leaned over, as if to peek in the crack above her head. She glanced up at me for only a second but immediately went back to watching The Lisa Show. With that I lowered both my hands, pushing them down and around to her abdomen and began to massage up and down across the front of her pajama pants. She tried to resist and turn from the doors but I blocked her and held her in place, moving my hands up high enough to enter her pants. Pushing my hands down I let my fingers slip inside of her panties until I could feel the top of her slit.

She once again shook her head in protest but I whispered in her ear, “I want you!” She whispered in response, “OK…upstairs!” I answered back, “No, here!” And with that I pushed one hand down far enough so that I could insert two fingers deep into her pussy. When my fingers penetrated her she took a deep breath and held it. I had to whisper to her, “Breathe!” Then, with one fluid motion, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and pushed both her pajama pants and her panties all the way to the floor! She looked down at me, horrified, and I popped back up and pulled her tight to me so she couldn’t try and shuffle away or bend over and pull her pants back up. With my mouth in her ear, I ever-so-quietly whispered, “I’m gonna fuck you…RIGHT NOW!” She attempted to resist again, not because she didn’t want to get fucked, but because she didn’t want to do it right in front of Lisa’s doors!

Not really giving her time to think or react, I pulled her back a couple of steps from the doors and pushed her shoulders forward with one hand while the other hand pushed my own sweatpants over my ass. Then, while continuing to hold her shoulders down, I directed my cock between her ass cheeks and started fishing with it while looking for her pussy-hole. I guess she had given up on getting away at that point, besides, Lisa was getting pretty serious with her wand running on high, and my wife’s attention was mostly directed towards that.

Continuing to fish with my pole, I felt my wife’s hand, coming from between her legs. She took hold of my cock and guided it towards the promise land. When she had it lined up just right, I slowly pushed the tip of my dripping wet cock through the tight outer opening of her pussy. As soon as the head of my cock had docked with her, I applied pressure until I was buried balls deep. That’s when I moved both of my hands to her waist so I could pull her hips toward me with every in-and-out stroke of my cock. I couldn’t thrust hard and fast because all of the movement, as well as the grunting my wife would have made every time the end of my cock rammed against her cervix, would surely have alerted Lisa that there was something going on outside of her doors. Instead, I went slow, deep, and quiet, using the sound of the vibrator to mask any friction-type slurping noise.

Because of the speed I was f***ed to operate at, it took a little bit longer for me to start feeling my sperm boiling in my balls. That was OK though, because it gave my wife a chance to mirror Lisa and play with her own titties in almost perfect sync with Lisa. Lisa would press in on the wand with one hand, and at the same instance she would stretch out one of her nipples with the other hand and then roll it between her fingertips. My wife had unbuttoned her pajama shirt enough so she could reach in and grab her titty in the same manner.

By the time Lisa started edging with her wand, I was approaching the point to where I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. My wife, on the other hand, and WITH the other hand, had furiously started rubbing her clit. She was hot and wasn’t waiting on anyone! Her body started to tremble against me and she whimpered. I immediately covered her mouth with one of my hands, just in time too, because her body started to buck forward and back against mine as she climaxed hard, practically squeezing my cock completely off. Well that sent me off like a roman candle, filling her vagina full of my thick, white baby-seed. Lisa let go shortly after and was still coming down with her final contractions as my wife reached down, pulled her pants and panties up enough to walk, and headed back upstairs with her ass hanging out.

It’s a lucky thing that Lisa had such intense orgasms, because otherwise, I think we would have been discovered that night. And had we been discovered, under those circumstances, fate may have been different. But as it was, we were all able to have a “Sort of a Threesome,” and we all had a wonderful orgasm. In fact, my wife and I each had a couple of orgasms that night because after we got back in our room, and finished with all of our, “Oh my God, can you believe what just happened,” kind of stuff, we got busy and started making all kinds of noise, knowing full-well that Lisa could hear us and would know exactly what we were doing, especially since her room was right below ours!

Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated!
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19 days ago
My gawd that was hot. Can you do a part 2 and make the threesome happen? Loved the voyeurism that went on. I tried to peek in on a girl when I was 12. Didn't see much but I sure had a good jack off later.
6 months ago
nice story!
6 months ago
loved your story. I trully hope your wife and Lisa get to enjoy each other.