Was just sitting here fondling my cock while reading through some posts about guys getting hand jobs, and such, from people in the service industries (i.e., maids, masseuses, etc.) when I started to leak precum pretty heavily. It brought back a particularly gratifying experience that I had about 8 years ago. So rather than keep this experience to myself I've decided to share it so some of you might get some enjoyment out of it.

First a little background on me. You see, I'm a guy who has had a lifelong fetish with masturbating in public places. And I'm talking about "out in the public areas", not in a private stall in the restroom of the joint. To me, someone who considers himself a pro at "masturbating publically" and not getting caught, well…a toilet stall just doesn't qualify. That's not to say that I haven't resorted to that on occasion, but the thrill factor is just not the same. For instance, if I'm going to masturbate in a restroom, let's say at Wal-Mart, I do it while standing at one of the urinals; this way there's a possibility of someone catching me in the act. And that's what public masturbation is all about, masturbating in places where it's possible for someone to discover you going at it; sitting at restaurant tables is one of these places.

Another point to define is that masturbation and cumming are two separate things. There's been plenty of times when I've had an orgasm while masturbating in public places, but there's also been lots of times when I wasn't able to stay in the act long enough, or at a fast enough pace to cum. However, these times still count as masturbating in a public place. Sometimes all you're able to pull off is taking your cock out long enough to give yourself a few strokes before you have to poke it back in your pants; still masturbating! Now notice I mentioned "taking your cock out." This has to happen, at least in my book, to be a 100% certified act of public masturbation. Playing pocket pool just doesn't count. Now, if you cut the bottom out of your pocket, so you can actually get your bare hand wrapped around the flesh of your cock, well then…that counts because this allows your arm to get into the game and that's how people can figure out pretty easily what you're up to; and that's what I've done on many occasions. This technique is perfect for jacking off right in the middle of a busy produce section in your local grocery store. It allows you to stand right in between two women and stroke your cock while they check tomatoes for firmness. Sweat pants are perfect for this because they give you plenty of room to move around, while at the same time allowing you to fit right in with the Wal-Mart crowd! Jeans are a little more confined, while slacks are just as freeing as sweatpants and serve you better in more formal places like church; but that's a whole 'nother story. I have modified a pair of each!

But one of my favorite places is in restaurants. Here the risk factor is higher because the only cover you have is the table itself, and depending on the place, there might be wait staff standing right next to you. This is where the experience I'm about to share with you took place, in a local small town diner; a mom and pop place, but similar to Denny's. Now, I had pulled my cock out under many a table across the land, while traveling from town to town in my profession of construction. At some, I had left a slippery spot on the floor by the time I tipped the waitress and left, never to be seen again; others only got a tasting of my precum on the underside of the table. But this one particular diner had yet to receive from my handy-work!

It was the middle of spring when I rolled into this rural little town in southern Colorado. By phone, I had already made arrangements for a place to live throughout the duration of a six-month project. It was the end of a two day drive and I was too tired to mess with trying to go to the grocery store and fix dinner. So as soon as I had unpacked my stuff, and settled into my new digs, I headed out to the only diner in the small community so I could grab a hot meal and get back to my new home, "hit the hay" and grab some shut-eye.

The diner was a typical small community establishment. It was similar to most I had been in; a seat yourself kind of place with a very friendly staff and lots of local characters. Walking in, I was greeted by one of the waitresses behind the bar who told me to sit wherever I liked and my waitress would be right with me. I guess it could have been her if I would have chosen her section, but it was a crap-shoot for the waitresses because it quickly became apparent, over the following weeks, that everyone had their favorite waitress and they would always sit in the same section. Turns out, I became one of those patrons, immediately!

Having sat down, I took the menu from the stand on the table (only thing missing was the mini-juke box selector that used to be in all the diners), and started reading through it to see what my choices were. Being so exhausted, I was almost shaken from a slumber when a glass of water was set down on the table and a soothing friendly voice said, "You know we've got a cot out back if you want to take a nap before dinner." Looking up I started an apology that was cut short by, "Don't worry about it, I'm just k**ding," followed by the cutest smile I had seen in a long while. I laughed, even though a bit embarrassed; she giggled and introduced herself as Darcy and told me that she would be my server for the evening. She then promptly started to "chat-me-up" and asked me if it had been a long day and if I was new to town or just passing through. It was hard not to be drawn in by her innocent charm.

Come to find out, Darcy was one of three waitresses, which she told me were all just finishing their sophomore years at the small high school up the road. All of them, including her, were players on both of the girls' soccer and basketball teams. She was perky in spirit, but seemed a bit naive and maybe even a little shy. She was about 5'-3", athletic build, with her long shiny brunette hair pulled up into a ponytail. Her eyes were an almost emerald color of green and her lips were moist from a light color of pink lipstick which looked good on her. She was very pretty and sixteen years old. She was wearing a tee-shirt, with the name of the diner on it, which revealed that she had little titties that fit well into a solid A-cup bra; just like I liked them! The thing though that caught my attention the most, were her legs. Revealed to just a little above her mid-thigh by the short waitress skirt, they were shapely with excellent tone, almost pale in comparison to the other girls, and looked as smooth, soft, and flawless as a babies butt. The skirt and pink trimmed sneakers, along with the no-show socks with the little puff-ball hanging out at the heel, gave her the appearance of a cheerleader; but the athleticism of her legs told you that she was definitely one of the ones that the cheerleaders were cheering for. In short, she was a hot little number and even though I was old enough to easily be her father, I found my upper brain receiving messages sent by my lower brain.

Eating slow, and needing lots of things like extra mayo and iced-tea refills, I used everything I could think of to prolong my stay and draw her over to my table so that I could watch her cute little skirt flip back and forth against her sexy teenager legs as she walked back and forth from the bar to my table. She had my road-weary cock all in a frizzle by the time I finished my piece of fresh peach pie. It would have been a little awkward getting up to leave, especially seeing as how she was also the cashier, if it wasn't for the clipboard that I had brought in with thoughts of doing some paperwork. Using that as a shield to cover the bulge in my pants, I handed her a twenty and told her to keep the change from the more than reasonable bill of a little over $12. She was flabbergasted by the size of the tip and told me that was way too much, because they were used to two or three dollars at the most, but I told her I appreciated the conversation, the excellent service, and was always a sucker for a cute smile.

Before I left I made sure to ask Darcy what her days were so I could make sure and filter all of my tip money in her direction. She told me that she appreciated it, that it was good to have me as a new member of their community and to come back soon. Well just leave one word out of her last phrase and you have exactly what happened next; I certainly was going to cum soon. In fact, I was so horny from looking at her cute teenage body for the last hour, that all I was really thinking about as I walked out of the door of that diner was to get to my new place as soon as possible (less than two minutes away) so I could strip off my clothes and masturbate while I thought about her. But by the time I got to my pickup truck out in the parking lot, my patience was running pretty thin; so as soon as I shut the door behind me, and before I could even turn the ignition on, my pants were open and my cock was in my hand getting stroked at a rapid pace. It was so hard that I found myself whacking-it against the steering wheel just to test its stability. It only took about two minutes and I was slinging cum all over the dashboard as rope after rope of my hot white semen shot out from the end of my impatient cock.

Well, needless to say, that set up a nightly pattern for my frequent visits to the diner on Darcy's nights. The more I interacted with her, the more I became enslaved to her charm. Within only a week, I found myself needing to expose my cock in the parking lot and empty my balls before ever going into the diner, and then having a second dessert as I masturbated again as soon as I returned to my truck. With each visit, my lust for Darcy grew and I found myself snapping covert pictures of her with my cellphone as she approached and walked away from my table. Once I had those pictures, my masturbation while thinking about here became almost nonstop. While sitting in my truck at the jobsite, and eating my lunch, I would finish up my hour by jacking off while looking at those pictures on my phone. My days all began and ended with me stroking to her images. I even figured out how to offload the pictures to my laptop and then project them onto my large screen LCD TV. I was in heaven but my obsession was growing. Pretty soon it would be out of control; or wait…maybe it was already out of control.

By the end of the first month my desire to take things to the next level was taking over all of my sense of sanity. Even though I had exposed my cock and masturbated in restaurants many times before, it was always in places that I was "passing through" and probably would never ever visit again. But now I found myself wanting to, no…needing to pull my cock out in a place that I frequented several times a week and which was also filled with people who now knew me! But I didn't care about that, because all of my thinking was being done by my "little" head and all it wanted to do was to get out in the open so it could smell Darcy's fragrance!

Finally, on one of the diner's slower nights, I decided to forgo my usual pre-whack in the parking lot. It was warmer days now and I was still wearing the pair of hiker-style (middle of the knee) cargo shorts that I had worn to work that day. I knew, from past experience, it would be a lot easier to pull up the leg on the shorts and pull my cock out than trying to unfasten my pants and fold them back in order to get at my cock. The only thing holding me back was that I was wearing a pair of boxer-brief underwear. It wasn't that I couldn't manage to work around that, but it was more of a turn-on and perhaps a kindling-effect to what was about to happen inside of the diner if I were to remove them. So, opening the door to my truck, I stepped down onto the pavement.

Using the open door as somewhat of a shield, I unfastened my shorts and pulled them down and over my shoes. Next, my underwear came down and I threw them up onto the seat of my truck. That alone was a total turn-on. In fact, I have done it hundreds of times over the years when I stop on the side of the road, take off my pants and underwear, and then stand in front of my truck and masturbate while traffic is zooming by on the highway. There is always the risk that the highway patrol might be coming the other direction and then flip a U-turn and come back after me, but that's what the thrill factor is all about! In fact, my best times are at night when I walk out about twenty feet in front of my truck and stand in the glow of the headlights while totally naked and masturbating. There's nothing quite like that rush, especially when I start thrusting my hips back and forth right before I squirt my seed all over the shoulder of the road. There's no mystery involved when you see a naked guy fucking the night air with his hips. You might only see him for a split second as you speed by at 70 miles per hour, but you figure it out pretty quick and wish you had been driving a little slower!! Even on that warm night in the parking lot of the diner, it was hard to resist the urge and I found myself thrusting my hips and stroking my cock a few times before pulling my shorts back on over my shoes. I wanted to cum so badly, right then and right there, but I also wanted to keep my balls full so I could maintain a hard-on once I was inside of the diner with Darcy nearby.

As soon as I walked into the diner and saw Darcy leaning over one of the tables and wiping it down, my cock started to thump the inside of my shorts. Taking my regular seat in Darcy's section, I put one hand under the table, reached up the leg of my shorts and began rubbing the head of my cock with my thumb and two fingers. The instant Darcy showed up at my table and spoke my name in greeting, followed by her charming smile, my cock immediately released so much precum that it soaked my fingers. She already had a glass of iced-tea for me (my regular drink), and said she would be right back to take my order. As soon as she turned around and began to walk away, I scooted forward on the booth seat, a little further than normal, and slumped towards the table to provide a little margin of error as I and pulled up on one leg of my shorts. Lowering my other hand under the table so I could hold up the leg of my shorts, I fished my already swollen cock out and held it along-side my inner thigh with a reversed grip. Tugging further on the shorts I pulled them high enough to release my balls. After cupping my nuts and rolling them around in my hand for a few seconds, I put my other hand back on the table so Darcy wouldn't be curious as to why both of my hands were in my lap.

Pulling my cock to the side, until it was laying on top of my thigh, I began to slowly massage it with my left-handed reverse grip while making sure to keep my upper arm and shoulder static. The precum just kept flowing out until my entire cock was slick. The first couple of times, when Darcy visited my table, I would stop rubbing. But then my courage grew until I was making conversation with her, eating with my right hand, and rubbing my cock with my left. While I was eating my chicken-fried steak I began planning my exit strategy which was the timing of my orgasm. The best time, and when she spent the most time at my table, was after I finished my pie and she would bring me my ticket. She always asked me how the pie was and then would stand there and chat about school and stuff if she wasn't busy; exactly why I chose a slow night! Another issue to deal with was where to shoot my load; I didn't want to make a mess under the table, even though I would have loved for Darcy to see my baby-seed and wipe it up with a rag in her hand. It just wasn't in me to create additional work for her; so I decided I would just shoot my load on top of my leg. There was a napkin dispenser on the table so it would be easy to wipe my leg off before I got up and met Darcy at the register so I pulled a few out and laid them on the seat next to me.

With a plan "in-hand" (so to speak), I kept one eye on Darcy's legs while keeping up a slow rhythm on my cock until I was temptingly close to the edge of the cliff. After the first stop, to keep from prematurely ejaculating, I waited until the next time I could get Darcy's attention and then held my empty glass up. Acknowledging me, she headed for the waitress station for a pitcher of tea and I resumed action on my cock. The timing was perfect, she arrived at the table at the same moment I inched up on the edge and stopped for the second time. Shortly after that, it was time to order dessert at which time I brought myself to that third edge while she was writing Peach on her notepad. With the moment of climax quickly approaching, it was getting harder and harder to keep from losing my load so the pie went down a little quicker than normal.

When Darcy saw that I had finished my pie she starting walking towards my table. As she sometimes did on slow nights, she sat down on the edge of the booth seat across from me as she topped off my glass of tea and asked me how my week had been going. This was perfect, the only thing I needed to remember was to make sure my cock was pointing at an angle away from her so I didn't accidently shoot my load in her direction and have drops of my semen splattering off of her teenage knees; even though that would have been AWESOME! She knew that I had a big dog, a Golden Retriever, because she had seen her a few times when I had her with me, standing up in my truck window as she kept a keen eye on her master through the restaurant's windows. Darcy also had a large breed dog, so I asked her to tell me about her dog. I knew this would give me a chance to reach my peak without having to talk at the same time.

As Darcy began to tell me about her white Great Pyrenees, I focused on her lips, which I was desperately wishing were wrapped around the head of my cock. In my peripheral vision I was dreaming about my mouth being latched over her still developing titties while flicking my tongue back and forth across her little nipples until they were so perked and rigid she would think I was licking her clit. That was all it took! My seed started its journey up my cock's long shaft as I tightened all of my sphincter muscles in an all-out effort to Isometrically delay my orgasm for as long as possible. But just like always, my sperm came rushing out along with the heightened sensation from trying to fight it off. Spurt after spurt shot out with each contraction of my orgasm as I bit down on the inside of my lower lip in an effort to keep a straight face and not let out an "OH MY GOD…DARCY!" Darcy was so caught up in telling me about her dog that she never knew I was having an orgasm right in front of her face! She cut her story short as another customer walked in and told me she'd meet me at the register whenever I was ready. I told her "sure thing" and that we could share more dog stories the next time; and I had a LOT of dog stories in me!

Basking in the throbbing afterglow of one of the best orgasms of my life, I finished my last glass of iced-tea while I slowly and discretely wiped the semen from not only the top of my thigh, but from the side as well, to where it had started to run down. Much to my surprise, there was also a thick white substance splattered all over the seat next to my leg. Apparently, in an effort to direct the explosion away from Darcy's legs, I had pointed my cock more to the side than I had planned and the first couple of squirts had flown completely over my thigh and landed on the seat, almost hitting the wall! After wiping up all of the DNA that I could find, I met Darcy at the register, paid my bill and gave her another healthy tip while thanking her for her always pleasant company and terrific service. Boy, wouldn't she have been surprised to find out what kind of service she had provided for me that night.

Being in a state of complete horniness, it was hard to believe what I had just pulled off. Opening the door to my truck I just stood there recalling every detail of what had just happened. Without any hesitation I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled the zipper down and let my shorts fall to my ankles. Stepping out of them, I picked them up and tossed them on the seat in a pile with my underwear; that were left there earlier. Before climbing up into the seat I pulled my tee-shirt over my head, tossed it on the growing pile of clothes and made the two minute drive to my temporary home in a state of complete nakedness. When I arrived, I gathered my clothes, opened the truck door, stepped out onto the driveway and walked casually up the sidewalk and up the steps to the house and without any delay I turned the TV on and connected my laptop to it where I displayed my giant pictures of Darcy in her little waitress skirt, sat down on the sofa, lubed my cock and balls up with a healthy serving of Vaseline, and stroked myself until I came a second time before turning in for the night.

STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO OF: MASTURBATING IN PUBLIC AT THE LOCAL DINER. Find out how Darcy finally gets her first look at the cock that's been cumming to visit her at the diner!

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Thank you for the kind comment. Glad you enjoyed it!
3 months ago
Amazing story. Such a turn-on! The meticulous planning involved is impressive.