All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

“What would you think about Lacey coming out and spending the summer with us?” asked my wife of three years.

At the time, I was 29 and my wife Rachel was 23. Her little s****r, Lacy, had been born a decade after her. She lived with her mom and step-dad in the upper mid-western United States. Rachel missed her little s****r and wanted to spend some quality time with her. She had only seen her s*s a couple of short times since marrying me and relocating to my home town of San Diego. Staying with us for the summer would not only give Lacey a break from her mom and her new step-dad, but it would also be an introduction to the joys of the southern beaches of California.

Finally the day came and we drove out to the airport to pick up Lacey. In my mind I was still expecting to see the cute young girl that had stood as a bride’s maid at our wedding three years prior. It was a shock when this very attractive “young lady” came running up to Rachel and grabbed her around the neck. Her blonde hair was about shoulder length and pulled back into a pony-tail. She had beautiful blue eyes and soft looking lips that parted to expose a wonderful, exuberant smile. Her body had begun to develop since I had last seen her. She was taller and her limbs had started to fill out and take shape. It also appeared she was wearing a regular bra now, although it was probably only a mere AA cup. The temperatures were warm and she had anticipated that fact by wearing a pair of shorts that were…well, let’s just say…pretty damn short! Her ass wasn’t hanging out, but plenty of legs were; and they were flawless and pale, from the lack of scorching sun in the upper mid-west. It was extremely difficult to not look at her with lustful eyes!

As soon as the two girls stopped their screams of jubilation, Lacey turned to me and jumped up and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. I didn’t really plan it this way, but I just naturally caught the flying youngster by the seat of her pants and supported her while she hugged me. Rachel finally had to tell her to let go because she was choking me, but I didn’t really mind because it would have been a good way to go; my hands full of young teenage ass! By the time Lacey’s feet hit the ground I was sporting a pretty good hardon, so I reached down and grabbed the backpack she had dropped so I could use it as a shield.

Rachel and I met while she was attending USC San Diego. It was near the end of her sophomore year when we met at a party we were both attending. It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on her, and all I had seen at that point were her legs! She was turned away from me while she chatted with my buddy’s girlfriend. But her long, shapely legs, showcased by her short little black mini-dress at one end and her four-inch “Fuck Me Now” heels at the other, were enough to grab my attention. My cock immediately snapped to attention, when I spotted her, and I had to lean against the patio bar to keep from embarrassing myself. When she finally turned around and I saw how gorgeous she was, I almost came without touching myself. In fact, the longer I watched her, the “longer I got”…so to speak.

My intentions were to seek out my buddy and ask him if he would introduce me to the hot girl that was talking to his girlfriend. But I wasn’t in any kind of condition to be walking around looking for my buddy. Something had to be done! (Later on, after we became a couple, I shared with Rachel the dilemma that I had that day at the party, and how I overcame it.) You see, in order for me to relax what was stiff, I was going to need to relieve the cause. So, I asked one of the caterers where the closest bathroom was. The home was quite large, but there was a powder room (toilet and sink) nearby. I headed in that direction after plotting a route which would provide the best “cover” to get me there. Once I was in the powder room, I locked the door, promptly dropped my pants to the floor, and masturbated until the pressure came off! After that I was fine, at least long enough to seek out my buddy, who introduced me to the hot girl, Rachel.

We were attracted to each other right away and we immediately started to date. Rachel stayed in San Diego for the first two months of the summer break. She was taking a couple of summer semester courses, but she only did that as an excuse to stay with me. By the time she went home for the last month of summer, she was announcing to her f****y that we were engaged and planned to marry before she returned to school in the fall, which was only a little over 30 days.

My introduction to her f****y didn’t happen until a few days before the wedding. Already in a corporate position, but new to the firm, I could only swing a couple weeks of vacation. At first Rachel’s parents were reluctant to receive me with open arms, after all, who was I; other than some guy they had only “heard” about from their daughter for a few weeks and now I was going to marry her and carry her away with me? They didn’t know anything about me, probably for the better, so I didn’t blame them. However, after a couple of days, things loosened up and by the time the wedding bells started to ring we were all good with each other. Lacey, on the other hand, immediately took to me and followed me around like a little puppy. Now, here we were three years later, hosting “little s*s” for a summer of fun in the sun.

The first few weeks we stayed pretty busy by taking Lacey to all of the touristy places like Sea World and the Zoo. The girls spent most every day at the beach and I went with them when I could get away from the office for a few hours. It was difficult “staying in control” when I was around Lacey. She always wore little short-shorts during the day, and would sit around the house at night wearing only a tank top, that exposed her midriff, and a pair of loose fitting sl**ping shorts; once again, pretty damn short! The “hardest” times though, pun intended, was at the beach. It was “hard enough” just looking at my own wife in her bikini, but it was “twice as hard” when you added Lacey and her now “well-tanned” body into the mix. On the days I would join them at the beach, and we had two cars, I would be hurting so bad by the time we left that I would stroke my cock on the entire ride home. There were even a couple of times when I had to excuse myself and walk down the beach to the public restrooms so I could rub one out and find a little relief! These girls were driving me crazy, especially the younger one!

After the newness wore off, we all settled into a rhythm and life became a little more normal. We didn’t plan big outings for every spare minute and opted instead for some quality “home time” with lots of grilling, swimming in the backyard pool (drove me crazy though) and watching movies on our big screen TV. In fact, most nights were “movie nights,” and we would gather on the sofa and watch a movie that had just been released for rental. Rachel would always sit on my right side and Lacey would always sit on the left. This worked out great for me because I could hold the popcorn bowl in my lap! While I tried to not torture myself by looking at Lacey’s legs, they were just too sexy to not notice and my eyes always crept back to them. I had to be careful though, so Rachel wouldn’t pick up on where my attentions were focused. I was just glad there wasn’t a test at the end of most of the movies. With the two of them distracting me, Lacey with her legs and tiny titties (which I could see on occasion through the gap at the top of her tank top), and Rachel with her hand groping me under the popcorn bowl, I would have flunked for sure.

Lucky for me though, neither of the girls usually made it through the first movie; and they didn’t even attempt the second. Normally I would wake them both up and send them off to bed. This left me alone to watch the second feature, among other things! That’s what eventually put me in a much compromised position – the “among other things” part!

It was about six weeks into Lacey’s twelve week visit, and I was well settled in for the second feature. Both the girls had gone off to bed and the lights were out in both rooms. After I had kissed Rachel goodnight, and given Lacey a hug, I changed out of my clothes (all of them) and slipped into a bathrobe. I did this for a couple of reasons. One was so I wouldn’t have to turn a light on later and disturb Rachel when I finally decided to go to bed. The other was because this made it easier for what ALWAYS happened during those second features. By the way, Rachel knew what went on during those second features and she was fine with it. I guess she just trusted me to be careful while Lacey was visiting because she never said anything to me about not carrying on while she was there.

Before I settled back on the sofa, I stepped into the garage and reached up onto a high shelf and grabbed a couple of magazines. I didn’t normally keep them there; usually they were stored under one of the end tables in the living room but Rachel had asked me to move them while her little s*s was in town. After pouring another glass of wine, I put in the movie and sat back to enjoy the rest of my evening’s entertainment. Putting my feet up on the coffee table, I laid a recent issue of Oui Magazine on the seat cushion to my right and opened it up to a photo session with a girl and a guy. (This was before the days of laptops and fast internet, but it did the job!) His cock was thick and hard and he was positioning it in various locations around the girl’s body. Pulling the belt loose on my robe, I pulled it open and exposed my body to the light of the TV before spreading the copy of Penthouse across my upper thighs and just below my quickly swelling 7” cock.

The volume on the TV was down pretty low, so I would be able to hear if either of the girls got up; but I was so wrapped up in reading one of the “Letters to Penthouse” that I didn’t even know she was in the room until I felt her plop down next to me on the sofa and say,

“I couldn’t sl**p. What’cha watchin?”

It was Lacey! She must have had her attention on the TV, trying to figure out what movie it was, and she blindly walked into the room and sat next to me, expecting to join me for some really late night TV. She had no idea of what was really going on.

She turned to look at me at the same instant I turned to look at her. SURPRISE! My hand came to an immediate halt, as if Mr Freeze from the old Batman movie had hit me with his ice gun. My hand was at the bottom of its stroke so there was plenty for her young virgin eyes to see, standing straight up in front of her. We both sat there speechless, for what seemed like hours, before I pushed my hard cock down and attempted to cover it with my other hand. (Truth be told, I didn’t try that hard to cover it up!) I know I should have been pulling my robe shut and running from the room with my magazines in tow, but I didn’t. I just sat there and looked at her. At first my lack of movement was probably due to shock, but eventually my evil perverted mind took over and I found myself enjoying the moment! After all, I was pretty much naked with my hard cock exposed to a young teenager who was dressed only in some shorty-short sl**ping pants and a tight tank top that left her belly exposed. The little mounds on her chest, still in the early stages of development, had tiny little nipples that “were NOT” having any trouble figuring out what their job was when she got sexually aroused. They were doing just what they were supposed to do by poking through the thin material of the cotton tank top and creating the smallest of little pup tents.

Finally, I heard her take a breath and I knew she was about to make a noise; which I expected to be a startled scream, followed by her yelling at the top of her lungs, “RACHEL!!!” But to my surprise, she calmly asked, in a rather sultry tone, “What’cha doin’ b*****r-in-law?”

Her first response to the situation was a total shock to me, almost as big as the shock of her plopping down next to me! With a somewhat shaky voice, I responded, “Just doin’ what guys do.”

I know it was kind of stupid, but that’s all I could think of at the time! But then she became Little Miss Twenty Questions with, “And what’s that?”

My response was, “Relieving a little tension!”

She followed with, “And how exactly do you do that?”

“Well…it’s called masturbation,” I said with the overtone of a sex education teacher.

She responded with a little giggle, followed by, “I know what it is silly! I want to know how YOU do it!”

At that point I finally figured out that she was toying with me. DUH! So I tried to skirt around the details by offering to her that I liked to look at pornographic pictures because they help to stimulate me, which in turn made my penis hard so I could “play” with it.

That’s when she said, “Maybe you should look at some more pictures because your penis doesn’t seem to be as big as it was when I sat down!”

Having become quite comfortable sitting next to her, and answering her questions, I moved my hand to the side and let my cock lay down against my leg, totally exposed. Lacey had curled her smooth, flawless legs up on the sofa and her knees were lightly touching the side of my left thigh. As soon as my cock was uncovered, it started to regain its stature. I had felt her legs against mine many times, in fact nightly, but this was the first time I was feeling her bare skin while my cock was exposed to her!

Lacey made a little sound, “Hmmm,” and then almost whispered, “It’s growing!”

She paused a bit and watched my cock stretch out along my leg and begin to try and stand on its own. Then she said in a breathy tone, “Are you looking at those pictures?”

With a combination of all that was surrounding me, I couldn’t stand idle any longer. Taking my cock between my thumb and forefinger, I folded my middle finger underneath for support and picked it up, pointing it straight to the ceiling as I answered her, “NO…I’m looking at you!”

She made a little nervous giggly noise and then asked, “Looking at me makes you do that?”

I quickly responded and said, “No…looking at you makes me do this!”

Then I started to slowly stroke my cock up and down while she watched. I was extremely turned on and I knew it wasn’t going to take very long for me to cum. In fact, if anything, I started to hurry it along because I was now committed to cumming while she watched and I didn’t want to give her any more time than necessary to change her mind and run away. Only being able to keep a slow rhythm for about 60 seconds, I gradually picked up the pace. Lacey never took her eyes off of my cock. That alone was making the cum boil inside of my balls, but when she lifted her hand from her own leg and brought it to rest on mine, well it was all I could do to hold back. Fighting off orgasm I brought myself to the edge and stopped pumping.

Lacey moaned and said, “What’s wrong?”

Assuring her all was right in the world, I said, “Nothing…just watch!”

Then I pushed my extremely stiff shaft down and in between my legs and immediately brought it back to vertical. Pulling down hard towards the base, I reversed the motion and squeezed my cock between my thumb and forefinger as I pulled them right to the base of the head and produced so much precum that it ran over the edge of my cock-head, all the way down my shaft and over my balls.

Lacey exclaimed, “OH MY!”

I shushed her and she changed to practically a whisper as she asked, “Are you cumming?”

“No,” I told her. “This is only precum. It makes everything slick inside so the real cum can shoot out!”

Placing my left hand on her upper thigh, I started to stroke a steady rhythm again as more precum came pouring out. Rubbing my hand down her thigh to her knee and back to the bottom of her sl**p shorts was all I could take. My cock exploded and my semen started squirting everywhere. I was stroking it so hard and so fast that cum was being flung in all directions!

It was so powerful that I couldn’t contain my own moans of pleasure. I didn’t really think about that until later. I’m just lucky that Rachel is a sound enough sl**per that she didn’t hear me. That would have been awkward!

I kept the stroking going, even after it seemed I was finished, and then three more powerful spurts came shooting out, landing on Lacey’s tender young legs. She was initially shocked by the explosion but she took an extra deep breath when my semen landed all over her legs. She sat motionless and just starred at it as it started to trickle around her thigh.

I immediately apologized and said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to get it on you!”

I was such a liar!

“Let me clean it off,” I added.

She said, “That’s OK, I can do it.”

With that she got up off the sofa and started to walk out of the room.

I thought, “Oh shit, she’s upset and will probably go blab to her big s****r.”

Sitting there, with my cock still throbbing in my hand, I watched Lacey’s little ass scampering across the living room. But when she was almost to the hallway, she stopped, turned around and ran back over to me. Putting her hands on my knees, she leaned over and kissed me square on the lips while the tip of my still hard cock brushed against bare tummy. It wasn’t a deep sensual kiss by any means, but it lingered long enough for me to wag my cock, which was still being held by my finger and thumb, back and forth against her soft teenager skin. Then she turned and ran to the guest room and shut the door.

The next day there was no mention, by either of us, about what had happened the night before. In fact, for the next two days we were both quieter than usual. I was just beginning to think that I had caused some kind of trauma in her when she walked up to me, while I was sitting in my recliner, and asked me if we could talk! I knew it! She was probably going to tell me that after thinking about it, she was going to report me and send me to jail!

I said, “Sure, you can always talk to me, after all, I’m your big b*****r now.”

I immediately started thinking that that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say at the moment. But before I got too deep into my thoughts, Lacey leaned over, put her hands on my upper thighs for support, and kissed me. I totally wasn’t expecting that, in fact, I was shocked! However, I didn’t resist and returned the motion with my lips.

She then whispered into my ear, “You don’t have to worry about the other night, I liked it!”

With that, she kissed me again; except this time I responded with a firmer reception. She pushed back, sat on the sofa and started watching TV like nothing had happened.

About a half hour later, Rachel was in the kitchen making dinner and she called out, “Lacey, can you come make a salad for me.”

“Sure s*s!” she answered.

Getting up off the sofa she started towards the kitchen. As she passed by my chair she slowed down, bent over, twisted her body while still moving towards the kitchen, and planted another kiss on my mouth; except this time she lingered just long enough to draw a solid response from my lips. This went on the rest of the night. Every time she passed by me, whether in the kitchen, on the patio, or in the living room, as long as her s****r wasn’t able to see, she would kiss me. By the time my wife said that she was going to “hit the hay,” our kisses were opened mouth and I had started to flick my tongue lightly against Lacey’s moist lips. As Rachel was getting up to head towards the bedroom, Lacy told her that for some reason she wasn’t sl**py and was going to stay up and watch the second feature. Rachel leaned down and gave me a nice series of goodnight kisses.

Then she leaned across me and said, “You two have fun,” and gave Lacey a little s****r smack.

Lacey wrapped her arms around mine and cuddled up to me like a little s****r would do to her older b*****r, or her dad, and said, “We will! Goodnight, sl**p tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

It was all so cute and innocent. She really knew how to put on a show. But it was a perfect cover for what was about to happen. Rachel had barely latched our bedroom door shut when Lacey released my arm, crawled up and straddled my lap, and started to kiss me. I was a little reluctant at first, with one eye towards the master bedroom door, but I soon gave in to those soft tender lips and began to slide my tongue between them and taste Lacey’s mouth.

It was pretty much too late to put a stop to this so I decided to see just how far I could push this and how much I could get away with. I had never had a girl of this age before and I was eager to find out what it would be like. Without breaking the kiss, I slid my hand in between our bodies and let my fingers come to rest on the little mound hiding behind those shorty PJ’s. Starting with just a soft petting over her mons, she purred like a little kitten. Pressing into the silky material of her sl**ping shorts, I began to fish for her pussy hole with my finger until it was pressing her satin shorts in between her labia.

With the material of her shorts pressed up inside of her slit, I pulled my finger up until it slid across her tiny clit. She moaned and then continued her purring. Knowing that she was enjoying what I was doing, I lowered my hand to the bottom of the leg on her shorts and then lifted it until my finger could find its way to her pussy. Even before my finger reached her outer lips, I felt that her young sex juice was already leaking out and paving the way. Rubbing my middle finger between her outer lips, I made sure to lubricate all sides of it with her sweet nectar. Her body tensed up as I stroked through her pussy lips and I could tell by her breathing that she was getting sexually aroused.

Kissing her deep with my tongue, I pressed the tip of my moistened finger against the entrance to her pussy. As I slowly penetrated her with my finger I was expecting to find a barrier; but even though it was pretty dang tight, nothing stopped it from going all the way in. I didn’t think too much about it because it’s not uncommon for young, active girls, especially if they do a lot of gymnastics with splits and stuff, to have already started to tear their hymen. I could still feel it was partially intact, and probably wouldn’t allow a fully swollen cock to slide in easily, but it was plenty opened up for a finger and maybe two.

With her still straddling me, and my finger buried deep inside of her tight warm canal, our kisses became more and more “grownup.” When I started to slither my tongue to the back of her throat, I did the same with my finger and increased the pressure in and around the opening to her vagina. She moaned and her teenage love juices ran out into the palm of my hand. It was too much to resist so I pulled my finger out and started to lightly stroke up and down her slit. Each time my finger came to the top of the slit, I would give her clit a few little circles.

Lacey’s breathing pattern was steadily becoming labored, but I could feel her body resisting what was at the end if the little circle motion continued. That’s when I decided to slow things down and give her more time. I whispered to her to not go anywhere and I would be right back. She reluctantly crawled off of my lap and sat down on the sofa with a look of hurt feelings. I bent down and kissed her deeply and assured her we weren’t done for the night. Then I went down the hallway, quietly entered my bedroom, and changed into my robe. Before I left the bedroom I tip-toed over to the nightstand on Rachel’s side of the bed. Like a cat burglar, I slowly pulled the top drawer open until I could reach in with my hand. The small torpedo vibrator was hardly bigger than the palm of my hand and was easy to grasp and remove from the drawer. Slowly I returned the drawer to the closed-position, slipped the tiny vibrator into the pocket of my robe, and tip-toed out of the room.

Walking back into the living room I found Lacey wrapped in a small blanket that we kept on the back of the sofa. It was around her shoulders, like a woman wears a mink stole. Her shoulders were bare, with no signs of the straps from her tank top. Her legs were outside of the blanket and were exposed to the top of her thighs. She looked so grown up and beautiful with the flickering light of the TV illuminating her soft skin. I walked directly to her, leaned over and put my hands on her bare shoulders and kissed her.

She reciprocated and then put her mouth to my ear and whispered, “I want to watch you do what you did the other night, but this time, I want you to look at ALL of me.”

With that she opened up the blanket and revealed her totally naked, young teenager body. I stood there in awe, my eyes honed in on her tiny mounds and the erect little buttons that rested at the pinnacles. Her legs were folded up like a baby lambs, but it was obvious that her tight little pussy was slick as a baby’s ass. Standing upright, directly in front of her, I opened my robe and let her see my cock standing fully erect and pointing straight at her with no help from my hands at all. Pushing it down and then up again, I milked it like I had the last time she watched me and precum came flooding out and formed a strand that was quickly approaching the floor. The more I milked my cock, the more precum drooled out and added to the growing strand.

I knew she had asked me to stroke it for her, but I turned the table on her and asked her, “Would you like to touch it?”

“I don’t know…I don’t know what to do,” she practically whispered.

Taking her hand in mine, I pulled it gently towards my cock. Using both of my hands, I helped her wrap her fingers around the shaft of my cock. Then I covered her small hand with one of mine and started to stroke, pushing her hand towards her and then pulling it towards me. It didn’t take her long to figure it out; after all, it’s not rocket science! After only a few strokes I was able to remove my hand and she took over. Speaking softly to her I instructed her on all of the finer points of a hand job, like; good steady rhythm, palming the head, rotations, and of course, how to milk the precum out and equally distribute it for the best effect!

I knew it was a big risk, especially with my wife only a few doors down the hall, but I wanted to see Lacey standing up and I wanted to be able to fondle her and kiss her while she was stroking me; both of which were hard to do in the positions we were in. But Rachel’s a sound sl**per so I assured myself that we would be OK. (Of course that was the small brain doing the thinking :)

Leaning back slightly to look down the hall, and make sure the bedroom light wasn’t shining under the crack at the floor. I told Lacey to stand up but to not let go and keep doing what she was doing. She looked so hot, standing there completely naked. She was quite a bit shorter than me, so I had to bend over a bit, but I was soon kissing her soft lips and reaching between her legs. As soon my finger penetrated her labia, slid through the slipperiness of her sex and made contact with her little clit, my cocked let go of another large amount of precum.

Lacey’s hand suddenly became very wet as she rubbed it through the precum, but since she was kissing me and wasn’t looking down when it leaked out, she asked, in between kisses, “Are you cumming?”

“No Baby s****r,” I said, giving her a pet name for the first time, “It’s just precum.”

“But there’s so much!” she exclaimed in a strong whisper.

“It just means that you’re doing a really good job and that I’m really turned on by you.”

Then I asked her, “Are you really turned on Baby s****r? The reason I ask is because you’ve got a lot of your own juice running down the inside of your thigh!”

She cooed like a morning dove as my finger turned into two and started to draw little circles around and around on her clit. The faster I rubbed her, the closer together her breaths became until I felt her body start to tremble.

I asked her, “Do you like it when I call you Baby s****r?”

“Oh yes…I love it!”

“Are you gonna cum for me Baby s****r? Are you gonna let your big b*****r give you an orgasm?”

The trembling of her body increased in intensity and she started to shake.

I asked her, “Have you ever cum standing up?”

“No,” she said, “Only lying on my back!”

Her body shakes began to turn into spasms and I stopped rubbing her clit. She moaned with disapproval as her body calmed down. Only problem was that she slowed down on my cock.

“Keeping stroking me s*s…I’m getting really close and I want to cum at the same time you do!”

She moaned twice; softly when I told her that I wanted us to cum together and with a little more vitality when my fingers pressed her clit and started to rub it again. She started to have body spasms again, except this time she began to moan a little louder. I stopped the rotations a second time and she once again indicated her disapproval.

She looked directly into my eyes and begged me, “Please…let me cum!”

I startled her by whisper-shouting, “STOP!”

She looked at me with wide eyes as she asked, “Am I doing it wrong?”

I reassured her that what she was doing was MORE than perfect and that, in fact, she had done it so well that I was right on the verge of orgasm when I shouted at her. I went on to explain to her the concept of edging and how that was exactly what I had been doing to her. I told her that the more we edged each other, the more intense our orgasms would be; so intense that I was probably going to have to kiss her REALLY HARD to keep her from screaming and waking up her s****r!

She said, “Make me scream! Make me scream inside of your kiss!”

Well, there was no better time than that. We were both perched on the edge of the cliff. Her entire body was shaking in anticipation so I grabbed her tight with the arm around her shoulders and told her to make me cum as I pressed on her clit for one last time and rubbed her into ecstasy!

Her body began to spasm hard, like she was getting jolted with electricity and then she stiffened up like a board and started screaming. I didn’t know a girl her age could even have an orgasm of that intensity!

It was super-hot holding her body while she came. The only downside was that she stopped stroking me the second she started to peak. But that was OK with me. She was inexperienced and would get better with practice. Shoot, even the highly experienced, namely her s****r, can’t always keep up a good stroke while she’s cumming. Sometimes it just takes control over your whole body.

I just waited until she started to calm down and then I whispered to her to keep stroking me. I don’t think she even knew she stopped. She probably just thought I was able to cum for a long time or maybe that I was cumming a second time. It only took a few strokes before my thick, white baby-seed was squirting out all over her little mounds and running down all over her cute little tummy. I even squirted so hard that one rope hit her under her chin and another flew up and landed in her hair!

As our bodies started to calm down and our breathing eased, we just stood there, with our arms around each other has we embraced with hundreds of kisses. Finally, I said we probably needed to go to bed before Rachel comes out looking to see why we’re still up. After all, the movie had played itself out over an hour ago. I picked up the small blanket from the sofa, and wrapped it around Lacey’s shoulders. Then I bent over and picked up her tank top, sl**ping shorts and panties from where she had piled them at the end of the sofa and handed them to her. One last time I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her to me and kissed her with the passion of a lover.

“You were wonderful,” I said! “You made me feel REALLY GOOD!”

“Thank you,” she replied. “You made me feel really good too. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had!”

Then I felt her hand wrap around my cock, which was still at about 80% of full rock hardness! She looked up at me, with an evil “little-s*s type” grin, and she started to pull and push on it. I said, “NO…no more, at least not tonight!” and I pulled her grip loose from around my shaft and pointed her in the direction of her bedroom. She pulled the blanket free of her shoulders, tossed it on the sofa and walked down the hall naked as a Jaybird, swinging her little hips with a dick-teasing sway.

I felt kind of bad about making Lacey go to bed, when she obviously was ready for another round, but I had another plan cooking in the back of my mind and it included the fucking of a pussy, which I wasn’t quite prepared to do with Lacey, at least not yet. So I picked up my robe, pulled it on and loosely tied the belt. After turning off the TV, I made my way into the master bedroom and crawled into bed with my cock still covered in cum. Lying there with Lacey’s s****r just inches away, I started to rub the spent semen around the head of my cock and down the shaft until I was in a full stroking rhythm. Rolling towards my wife I let my cock come to rest on the back of her upper thigh as I continued to stroke it up and down. This is something that I regularly do in order to wake her up when I want to fuck her. She’s used to it so she just goes with it.

Little by little I felt her body began to respond to the movement as she woke up to the feeling of my cock sliding around on her leg.

She rolled towards me and sl**pily asked, “What’s going on?”

“Just had an urge and couldn’t resist,” I replied.

Reaching down with her hand, she laid it over mine and moved it so she could take charge. Immediately she detected that the wetness was semen and not precum.

With a disappointed tone, she asked, “Did you already cum?”

I didn’t lie to her because she can certainly tell the difference between precum and thick semen, so I said, “Yes, but I want to cum again, this time inside of you!”

She loves the fact that I will masturbate, and then, even though I’ve already had an orgasm, still find her desirable enough to keep an erection and cum a second time so soon.

She moaned, “Ummm” and I rolled up on top of her.

Taking her feet in my hands, I lifted them high into the air and held them there while she guided me into her pussy. Pressing her legs back, until her feet were pinned against the headboard, I started thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“You are so hot! I love your tight pussy!”

Her only response was to moan each time my cock rammed into her and knocked against her cervix.

“I’m going to cum really hard and really deep inside of you!”

In between her gasping she was able to say, “Oh my…what’s got you so worked up?”

Of course, I didn’t tell her I was thinking about fucking her younger s****r’s pussy, I just moaned and kept thrusting until I exploded; gushing what seemed like gallons of my baby-seed deep within her sweet Big s****r pussy!

- Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated!

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1 day ago
Real hott story love it
1 day ago
Hot hot story!
1 month ago
hot! like little sister's tiny tit part.
2 months ago
Gawd been there once. Great story and memories.
3 months ago
HOT Thanks for the posting
3 months ago
hot story, turned me on
4 months ago
very good
5 months ago
My Wife's younger Sister and I came Sooo close to Getting it On with one another but neither of us was brave enough to make the first move, even though we both Knew that we wanted each other!
As for my Little Sister and my own Daughter... Now that's a whole nother matter! I'm such a Pervert!
5 months ago
loved it
6 months ago
Where is "…AND BEYOND!"?
6 months ago
Excellent, me and my cock thank you!
7 months ago
loved the story I cum twice while reading
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
More please!!!!!
7 months ago
Very nicely written and terribly erotic as well

7 months ago
I have had some fun with my wife's sister also! I truly love her! I have a blog about one time with her and there have been much more recently, and about 35 years in between events!