Being in the construction business has given me quite a few opportunities to mark my projects with my seed. This is one of those times. I know everyone says this, but it's true, IT REALLY HAPPENED. In fact, I’m hard and leaking precum right now as I think about it and write it down!

A few years back I was working as an interior trim carpenter and was doing the finish work on a rather large home. The project had gotten behind so I was working pretty long hours. This particular summer night had turned into a long one. I had started at 10am that morning and now it was 2am of the next. It wasn't uncommon for me to work a 24 hour shift as long as I could get a break and RELEASE some stress every now and then.

This was in the day before porn was so readily available online, and besides, it wasn't practical to bring my laptop into the dusty environments in which I worked, so I always carried a few Penthouse magazines under my truck seat just for these occasions.
I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. However, I don’t go around exposing myself. I just like to put myself in daring situations while controlling the risk of actually getting caught. I guess you could say it’s all about the thrill of the POSSIBILITY of getting caught.

Since it was time for a snack anyway, I headed out to my truck to get a bag of cookies and a cold pop from my ice chest. Since it was the dead of the night and all was quiet in the neighborhood, I decided what better time than to strip down to nothing but my boots before going outside. The neighborhood was new but there were a few other occupied homes across the street from the one I was working in.

The warm night air felt refreshing on my naked body. Lights were on in the house directly across the street and that made my cock twitch knowing it was possible that someone could look out of a window and see me standing in the driveway across the street with nothing on but boots and a hard-on. Even though my truck was parked right in front of the house, I decided to take the long way around to get to it. So, I walked out into the front yard and onto the sidewalk. The house was on a corner lot so I walked up to the corner and around to the next street. Of course, I was slowly stroking the entire time because I figured if someone was going to see me, they may as well not just see a naked guy walking up the street, but a naked guy MASTURBATING while walking up the street.

Things were starting to spiral out of control as my heart rate picked up. The thrill was on. I just kept walking up the block. Every step came with higher risk as I moved further and further away from my only escape. Usually, in these situations, I finally reach a point when I just say, “Screw it, it feels too good to quit now!” For example, sometimes I sit in my truck while in the parking lot of a major retail store. After spreading a few pictures around on the seat next to me, I unzip my pants, pull out my cock and start stroking. It usually doesn’t take long before I need a little more, so I rise up and push my pants and underwear off my ass giving better access to my balls. Then, I just need more and more excitement, or I should say that I need to raise the risk level. Little by little I keep moving my pants down my legs until finally the whole experience just feels to good to care and the pants drop to the floor so I can spread my legs wide. To raise the risk level to the max, and because it makes the feelings that are building up inside that much better, I push my ass off the seat and into the air, bringing my hard cock above the sight-line of the window. This is when I cum and if anyone was watching, that I didn’t know about, they just saw me squirt into the air.

Here’s another example about raising the level of enjoyment by raising the level of risk. I know I’ve ventured away from the main story, but I want to make sure you understand what I’m talking about. A great place to fulfill a fantasy is in a movie theater. I’m not talking about a XXX movie theater. I’m talking about your local 24 cinema complex that you go to in order to watch the newest Die Hard movie! Picking a movie that has been out a couple of weeks usually insures there won’t be a full house. Or, going to the latest showing usually leaves plenty of room between seats. Sitting in one of the back rows is safer than down front, but never sit in the very back row. That’s too obvious when you see a single guy sitting alone on the last row. Besides, you need the risk-thrill of getting caught by someone who comes in late and goes to that last row!

The last time I did this was the 10pm showing of a movie with Dwayne Johnson, The Rock! It had been out a few weeks and the place was empty except for two college age girls sitting midway in the center. I sat four rows directly behind them. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt, but wasn’t wearing any underwear. This made it really easy to pull my cock out of the leg of the shorts so I could fondle it. In fact, I could reach all the way up the leg and cup my balls.

I have uploaded a bunch of my favorite pictures to Flickr so that I can pull them up on my smart phone, no matter where I am. After I sat down, and the lights lowered a bit for the previews, I opened up some pictures and set my phone on the seat next to me along with a small tube of lubricant. The lighting was at that “pre main feature level” where you can still see pretty well across the theater. My cock was rock hard just thinking about what I was doing and was already sticking out of the leg of my shorts. A couple of strokes and I needed more, like a k** with candy! I unsnapped my shorts, opened the fly back, pulled out my rod and let it point straight up to the ceiling. (TIP: don’t wear a belt, the buckle gets in the way and bangs on the seat)

After a couple of minutes of stroking, with the girls right down in front of me, I was ready to move to the next step. Since I like to be able to see my cum squirt from the end of my cock, and given the fact that previews don’t last forever, I picked up the pace. I raised my ass up, just like in my truck, and pulled my pants down. However, I didn’t want to mess around and was ready for the full risk factor, so I pushed them to the floor right away. In fact, I took it to the max and pulled them over my shoes and set them on the seat with my phone, squeezed out some lube and rubbed it all over my cock. Sitting with my legs spread wide and my rock hard cock glistening in the subdued light, I started a two handed action. Backhanding my swollen, flared out dick-head with my right hand and pumping my shaft with my left hand, I started on my way to the Promised Land. Knowing that the girls could turn at any moment, new patrons could enter, or an usher could walk by, brought those deep loin feelings up from the depths of my balls. It didn’t take long to get to the edge where I stopped all action, but only for a few seconds. I started all movement again, and again I edged closer. Each time I stopped I pushed down on my cock and pointed it to the floor which brought out a stream of precum which I rubbed all around making for that enhanced, super slippery sensation! This repeated for a total of six times to the edge of the cliff. The timing was good because the previews were drawing to an end. I wanted to orgasm before the lights went all the way down, just in case the girls decided to turn around and check out the subdued moans behind them. I wanted them to have a good view. As I felt my sperm start to move up my shaft, I had an uncontrollable urge to take this to the max. Without even thinking, I just stood up, arched my back and blew my load all over the seat in front of me. Not getting in a rush, I continued standing and milked my cock until every last drop of cum had dripped to the floor. Just then, the lights came down so I calmly put my shorts back on, sat down and watched the flick.

So…hopefully, now you understand what I mean when I say, “Screw it, it feels too good to quit now or to care!” On with the main story! I know it was quite a divergence, but it was a turn on for me to tell you about it. I’ve been wiping a steady stream of precum the entire time!

Anyways…I walked all the way around the block, TWICE! By now my cock was drooling precum at a pretty steady rate and it was time to move on to the next step. I finally ended up at my truck and grabbed my snack and drink along with a few copies of Penthouse and of course, a tube of lube. Once I was back in the house, I opened up the magazines to some “appropriate pages” and distributed them up the staircase. Then I went to the bottom of the stairs. I removed my boots because I wanted to be TOTALLY naked. Standing in front of the first step, I lubed up my raging hard cock and started stroking. I was so turned on from my moonlight stroll that it didn’t take long before my sperm was creeping up my shaft and pushing out more precum, which I promptly tasted. I slowed to a “turtles pace” and brought myself right to the edge. This time it wasn’t the edge of the cliff, but the edge of the step. I stopped the motion, waited for the contractions to cease and moved up one step. Then I started to stroke once again which, after a couple of minutes, brought me back to that edge again. Up another step! You guessed it…this pattern continued all the way up the staircase, one step at a time. The challenge here was not the worry that someone would catch me, but was the fact that this house had ten foot ceilings which makes for 17 steps. My goal was to edge on every step.

By the time I got to the fifteenth step it was only taking two super-slow-motion strokes to bring me to the next stopping point. When I reached the next to the last step my cock started to pulse and my asshole started to pucker in and out. I thought for sure I was going to lose my load right before I could make it to the top. I froze, held my breath and stood like a statue. I knew just the vibration of breathing could send me over the edge.

Slowly I raised one foot up onto the upper level floor and my cock started to twitch. I waited until all was calm and slowly brought my other foot up and planted it on the floor. I squeezed my ass-cheeks together and made my cock jump and immediately a large amount of precum ran out of the tip of my cock and made a string to the floor. When I saw this I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I reversed my right hand, back-handing my cock, (my favorite grip) and tugged on my beautifully engorged cock-head as fast as my arm could move while my left hand stroked up and down on my shaft. The explosion almost brought me to my knees! My cum shot out with a powerful blast which carried about five feet, followed by four or five more squirts that splattered all over the floor. I must have cum a bucket load because both of my hands were also covered, which I promptly licked clean!

After my heart rate settled down, I turned and walked down the stairs. My cock was still throbbing and bobbing up and down with each step. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I grabbed my cookies and snapped open my soda. This was a well deserved break from a long day and night. Sitting bare-assed on the bottom step, I proceeded to milk remnants of my sperm from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my cock, letting it drip out onto my cookies, YUM!

“Did I return to work?” you may ask. HELL NO. I was so spent I hardly had enough energy to drive home. As I crawled into bed my wife rolled over into my shoulder and asked how my day was. “Well…I conquered the staircase today. I guess tomorrow I’ll start working on the different rooms one at a time!”

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