Alex and Emma Watson - and some shades of Grey II

Emma had laid her hands on the edge of the sink and her head on her hands. Her ass, her pussy and her gorgeous long legs were close in front of the face of her b*****r Alex, who was sitting at the edge of the bathtub behind her. He was massaging her ass cheeks with wonderfully scented body oil. For the first time he had spanked her hard with a wooden cook-spoon in the kitchen and now he wanted to do her aching ass something good.

Emma and Alex Watson, the two famous “Watson-siblings” were having a intimate affaire for some months now. Emma had taken the first step on a rainy evening in October and since then the two siblings fucked each other at every opportunity. There was no time to think about, what they were doing – pleasure, fun and incredible orgasms covered up any hint of remorse or regret so far.

Alex had spanked his s*s because she wanted to know how it would be to play Anastasia Steele, the leading lady in “50 Shades of Grey”. Until this afternoon she always rejected every offer or rumour that she was in question for the part. But after the punishment with the wooden spoon and the orgasm with Alex’s finger in her ass, she was starting thinking in a different way.

“Mmmmh, this is sooo good!” she moaned softly, when Alex again caressed her ass-cheeks tenderly with cool oil.

“I know, Ems, I know!” he said and could not get his eyes away from the perfect curves of her body. Alex was already a long time in a state of exception, because beeing able to do what he did with his s****r for months now was something, other men could only dream about. His eyes went down her ass-cheeks and stopped at her pussy. Hell, was she already wet again? Alex used two fingers to part Emmas pussy-lips a little. Her inner flesh looked pink, soft and moist. This little slut! In public she played the innocent little girl, not knowing what to do with a man, but in private, behind closed doors, she was a real slut, horny and wet the whole day.

“You love my ass-massage?” he asked and at the same moment he felt, that the whole thing had woken up his best friend, too.

“Mmmh, yes, you are soooo good!” said Emma again. She had closed her eyes and concentrated completely on the hands and the movements of her b*****r.

“Can I turn on the water? We wanted to have a bath together, remember?”. Alex tried to get his thoughts away from his s*s ass, but with not much effect.

“You are a good ‘on-turner’. First me, then the water….” Emma giggled. Alex opend the tap. The new bathtub was like a little ‘indoor-pool’ and it would take some time to fill it. In the meantime…..

He turned back to his s****rs ass. Emma didn’t move. Alex took another shoot of bodyoil, rubbed his hands and started again to caress his s****rs ass. This time he concentrated more on the space between her cheeks. His oily fingers found every inch of her skin there and when he moved from the top to the bottom again, he stopped at her rosebud. She was not so red there then befor, but pink and sooo inviting. He used his thumbs to part her cheeks at this point and he could see better now. It was not ugly, it was not disgusting, it was only – terribly horny.

“Hey, b*o, what are you doing?” asked Emma. She felt, that he was up to something. And she had nothing against it. She felt warm, excited and desired. And she did not care a second that it was her own b*****r.

“Your rosebud – what a amazing spot……” said Alex and parted the cheeks a little bit more. With a little noice the muscles, till then close together, parted a little. Alex felt, how the bl**d went down in his cock again.

“Sorry Ems, but……” he started and two seconds later his tongue was at her anus. It was nothing Alex had really decided for himself – it was more or less pure instinct, pure pleasure and lust.

"Ohohoho ....." Emma purred, “… you naughty boy. Don’t stop, do you hear me?”

Alex had not the intention to stop. His tongue wirrled over her rosebud, made it wet and tasty again. “It does not taste bad at all…” he thought to himself. Then he dived deep into that sensational feeling, liking his own s*s at this very private part of her body.
But the best was yet to come. Emma got more and more excited, and she relaxed more and more. Suddenly the muscles gave way to Alex tongue and – without that he did something to it – he penetrated her anus with his tongue.

“Aaaaaaaaaah, Alex, this is……. God, help me!” cried Emma and nearly bit herself in her arm. This feeling was incredible, indescribably beautiful and extraordinary. Never known feelings raced through her body and she had troubles to stay on her feet. Never before had she felt something like this.

“Don’t stop, for heavens sake, Alex. Don’t stop!”

Alex was in a very special position. His face burried between his s****rs buttcheeks he had his tongue deep in her anus, moving her in and out like a cock. Her rosebud was now really open and he thought for a moment, that it would be the right time to put his hard 7 inch cock into that pleasure-hole. After some minutes she was ready to come again.

“Alex, what do you do to me. I cannot stand it, I…. coooooooome!”

She had never been so loud before during sex. She screamed her whole pleasure out from deep of her climaxing soul. Alex felt that her pussy was delivering fresh hot juices, but he had no chance to lick them, because her anus has tightend around his tongue and for a few seconds he was a prisoner of her arse. Emma climaxed for quite a while, still standing at the sink. When her muscles relaxed again he was able to go with his tongue over her pussy to taste some of her juices. It was the same good flavour as ever, but this time with a little hint of rosé. The body oil……

Emma was still bent forward and was shaking all over. Only slowly her nerves and muscles came to rest after this climax.

She turned around to her b*****r. “Heaven, what your you doing…… I never thought that…… oooh, Alex!” Her emotions overcome her and she hugged him.

“So it was good?” he asked and of course, he knew the answer.

“It was unbelievable. Why is it so good with you and why can no other man satisfy me in this way?” she asked. Alex put some bath-essences in the bathtub.

“No idea. Good for me – bad for them…” he smiled.

They kissed. “Thank you, little b*****r!” she said and her brown eyes met his green ones.

“My pleasure. Now come, the water is ready!” Alex lit a few candles and switched off the main light. “Something to drink? I think there is champagne in the fridge….” When Emma refurbished the bathroom, she did not forget a little fridge for drinks.

Emma went into the tub. Alex sat down on the other side. They looked at each other with deep emotions. Non of them said a word for quite a time.

“Where will this end?” asked Alex. Emma, who felt very comfortable in the warm water, shrugged her shoulders. "No idea. Currently, it is so perfect .....". She moaned silently.

"But we are b*****r and s****r!" Alex replied.

"I know. But I think it's so cool, to do something really naughty. During all these years I was only the good girl, the brightest witch of her generation. While everyone else was fucking around on set, even Daniel and Rupert, I had to play the untouchable rolemodel. I really love you, Alex, and you are showing me new ways of having fun. You are the only man in this world, who treats me like a real woman, no, like the horny bitch, I am sometimes. For all the other guys I am only the star, the actress, not easy to approach and to be handled only with care. Please, let us go on……”

“No problem with that. You are the fuck of the century. To be honest, I could be for hours between your legs, eating you out. You are so delicious. So hot. So unbelievable good. I think, every mentaly sane man must want to fuck you – even if he is your b*****r….”

Emma smiled. “I’ll do my best…….. But, you are right. So, let’s say what have to be said. And tell me afterwards, if you agree.”

Alex nodded.

“It will go on as long as it should. Maybe there comes a day, when one of us must say: ‘it’s over’. In this case the other one will accept this without discussion. We will go back to our old life without trying to seduce the other again. Maybe I will leave London for a year then to help things calm down. If it comes to an end, I will arrange a last weekend for us. Somewhere in the world. There we two will have furious sex for the last time in our life. The other thing is – it is our personal secret. Nobody should know. So, also in the future we will ony fuck each other when it is perfectly safe to do so. No mentioning of our little secret in e-mails, no texting or speaking about on our mobiles. The mediapeople are out there, you know….. I think we learned in the past when it is possible to fuck without beeing cought and my house is a good place for that. So, Alex, what do you think…..”

Alex looked at his s****r. She had never spoken so much about their i****tuous relationship since she came naked in his room some months ago.

“You are my older s****r, so I have to obey orders!” he smiled.

“Good!” said Emma and looked at him. “Now, boy, my nipples want to be sucked!” Alex moved over to her and took gently one of her fully errect nipples between his lips. He felt like a baby when he was sucking her tits, but it was a wonderful and intimate thing.

“Aaaah, this is so wonderful!” moaned Emma and closed her eyes. Alex was happy, that she had only breasts, fitting well in a B-cup. Not to big, but very firm and delicious to suck and eat. He took more of her breast into his mouth and enjoyed it. “Emma thinks very rationally about the whole thing!” he thought for himself. Emma moaned silently. His tongue wirrled around her nipple and with his teeth he bit it gently….. “She is so hot!” he thought by himself again and changed to the other, eagerly waiting breast of his s****r.

Later, when he had explored her breasts enough, they kissed. Emma was a very good kisser and Alex loved it to feel her tongue meeting his tongue. They had both closed their eyes and concentated on the feelings, their tongues gave them.

Emma’s hand was slowly wandering over her b*****rs body. She loved his muscles, his sixpack and his strong arms. From his bellybutton a strip of very masculine hair let her hand down to his cock. Alex felt, what she wanted, and he parted his feet a little bit more, to give her access. But her hand remaind on his tight, caressing his skin in the warm water. They were still kissing and it was no sign, that the kiss should end soon. Emma moved her hand up and down his tights now, but she tried not to touch his cock. Alex best friend was fully errect again and 7 inches of hot meat were waiting for coming attractions. But Emma tried not to touch him. Instead her hand dived deeper and started to massage his balls. “Heavy!” she thought and squeezed them very, very gently.

“Moaaah, Emma!” Alex moved away from her mouth to let his feelings out. Her hand at his balls was something….

“Good, little b*****r?” she asked and looked at him.

“Yes. If you put one of your finger between my testicles, the feeling is even better…” he said.

“You are a real gourmet!” Emma laughed.

“Year. Your hand and fingers at my balls – only you know, what to do….” He kissed her again, f***efully, intense, wet.

When they broke the kiss again, Emma smiled. “I have still to do you a favour for stopping spanking me. Any special wishes?”

“Fucking you in your ass!” Alex thought, but he was not sure if this was the right moment for that wish. It should be a special thing. So he shook his head.

“No, not yet….”

“Can I offer you something? You will not regret it….” Emma smiled lustfully. Something had come in her mind and it would satisfy her b*****r as well as her couriosity.

“Well. Why not. What shall I do?”
Emma didn’t say a word. With her hand, still at his balls, she moved upwards and gripped his cock hard. Alex couldn’t help it and moanded.


“Be a good b*****r and turn around for me. I want to see your ass today….” said Emma and massaged his cock.


”Turn around. Make a nice doggy-position for your s*s!” said Emma and smiled. Alex was for a moment uncertain, then he did as it was told to him.

“You have a nice ass, too!” said Emma and and licked her lips. This could be something awesome.

Alex was now in a doggy-style position in front of his s****r. His cock and 2/3 of his balls were under water, the rest, including the most of bis butt-cheeks and his anus, were just out of the water. Emma rubbed her hands.

“Now I see, this view is really something…..” she smiled, then she bent down and kissed his butt-cheeks. Alex shivered. It felt, good, indeed.

Emma had her eyes on the backside of her b*o. Alex butt was very masculine, muscles, strong, not to much fat at all. And he was a little hairy. A fine layer of hair stretched across his ass cheeks. Between his ass cheeks, the hair seemed to be dense, but Emma did not mind. She reached behind her and took the bottle with the oil. For what she had in mind Alex had the right position. Befor she took some oil on her hands she reached again below the water, grabbed his cock and wanked him f***efully. With the other hand she took his balls and massaged them, as well. She wanted him horny and ready.

“Aaaaah, Emma. This is not bad at all……” Alex moaned and tried to get into a better position by parting his feet a little bit more.

“You like it?”

“Yes, but not too much, s*s. Otherwise I will get off soon like a rocket!”

Emma stopped wanking his cock and came back to the massage oil. She put a lot of it into her hands and started to massage his back and the parts of his ass, which were out of the water. With two of her delocious slender fingers she parted his cheeks and now she was for the first time able to see his anus. His rosebud was also very tempting, surrounded by little black hairs. She moved a third finger in and scratched with her fingernail softly over the pink skin.

“Moah, woman, what are you doing?” Alex felt for the first time, what it was to be touched there.

“I am massaging your asshole. Your anus. Your backdoor. Something like that. If you have your finger and maybe sometimes more in my ass, why should I not put my finger in your ass…..”

“You naughty little bitch. But please, be carefull. It’s the first time for me…..”

“Don’t be such a girl!” thought Emma, but she said instead: “I will. Relax!.

She spent some minutes to prepear him for his first anal penetration, but he loved it, and she loved it, too. Then, finally, the first part of her finger disappeared in his rosebud. “Oh heaven” thought Emma, “I am getting an orgasm by just seeing this. How exciting and horny can life be…..” She felt, that her pussy was very wet, and it was not the water from the tube. Alex holt perfectly still, so she went a little bit deeper with her finger. With the other hand she caressed his ass cheeks. Deeper and deeper went her finger. Alex moaned. This was incredible. Not only the feeling of a finger in his rectum, but also the imagination, that it was his s*s Emma who placed the finger there. He could not see her, but his imagination supported his excitement.

Slowly Emma pulled the finger back and she felt, that he moved easily. So she started to fuck her b*****r with her finger in his ass. She could not believe what she was doing! It was so horny…… Automatically her free hand went down to her pussy and she needed only a few sconds to come. Again she screamed her pleasure out and Alex, who was not able to see hear, could only hear her orgasm this time. She was bringing herself off, but at the same time she was still finger-fucking her b*****r.

When she came down from her climax, she said nothing and went on to pleasure her lover in the big bathtub. She was happy that she bought the big one when refubishing the house, because it seemed the right place to……

Her thoughts came back to her finger in his b*****rs ass and at this time she went curious like all women. “Should I try a second finger?” she was asking herself and the next moment she penetrated her b*o with two of her slimm fingers. Alex, deep in thoughts in the middle of these incredible feelings, felt it and moaned. Emma continued. She bent her fingers a little, then, suddenly…..

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarh, what the ……. Ooooooooh, this is……. Emmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Without knowing it, Emma had for quite a time massaged Alex prostate and when she moved in with her second finger she triggered a prostate-directed climax. Many men are saying, that this sort of orgasm is the best you can get as a man, and obviously this was right. Alex felt the little sensation first, the some never known impulses raced through his body. His cock, still 7 inches and rock-hart, seemed to grow. In his balls he could feel the semen wandring trough the spermatic cords to his cock and then he exploded like never before. His cock shot 7 or 8 heavy loads of semen into the water and the whole area of his abdomen seemed to explode. He saw dancing lights in front of his eyes and he had troubles to remain in the doggy-position he was in. Emma, on the other hand, was surprised too. Of course, she had wanted to finger his ass, but she knew nothing about the erotic possibilities. So she watched with open mouth how her b*****r climaxed in front of her.

Both needed some time to calm down. Absent minded, Emma was still caressing her b*****rs ass and her two fingers were still there. Finally she came back to reality.

“So sorry!” she said and moved her fingers slowly out of her b*****rs ass.

“Are you k**ding? This was the best thing I ever got. What was it, for heavens sake?”
He turned around and he kissed her. Damn, why was this girl his s****r. He would have married her on the spot.

“I don’t know. But the water is full of your sperm now. Time to get out.” Emma was again the practical girl and she stepped out of the bathtub and into the shower. “Please, honey, clean the tub, the housekeeper is coming tomorrow…..”

Alex was still a little bit disorientated, but of course, he did as it was said to him. He cleaned the tub, then he too went under the shower. He decided to mark this day red in his calendar for years to come……

Later both siblings were sitting in their pyjamas in the living room. They have had a light dinner and BBC showed a old movie with Kathrine Hepburn, Emma’s favourite.

Suddenly, they heart a voice in the lobby. “Emma, Alex, are you there?”

Emma looked scared. “Damn, I forgot that Mum has a key for the house. Have to change that for future adventures….”. She could not say more, because her mother was standing in the door. “How nice, b*****r and s****r peacefully together on the couch………”

Alex and Emma smiled like little cats.

To be continued.

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