Alex and Emma Watson - and some shades of Grey

“In here. Immediately!”

Alex's voice was demanding, determined, loud. Emma was standing in the lobby of her house, still with the handbag over her shoulder. She had returned from a photo-shooting in the city and was surprised about her b*****r’s wellcome. But without delay she put her bag down and went into the kitchen. Alex closed the door.

“Stay here. And not a word!”

He loved it to see his older s****r usure about what was happening. Because Emma didn’t move, he pushed her to the big kitchen-table. Now she was standing there in her thin white summer dress that ended just above her knees.

Alex was standing behind her. His voice was – what? Emma could not decide, what she should think.

“You little bitch. I am waiting here for over an hour. What do you think who you are? Do you think, you can keep me waiting?”

And before Emma could say a word, a powerful blow landed on her right butt-cheek.

“Outsch!” said Emma and made a face. She was surprised about her b*****r.

“Can you answer my question? Where have you been?” asked Alex again.

“The shooting was delayed!” said Emma.

The next powerful blow, this time on her left cheek.

“What?” asked Alex.

“The shooting was delayed, SIR!” answered Emma.

“So. And this is a excuse for not calling, for not apologizing? What do you think….” Alex loved the situation.

“I forgot my mobile, Sir!” said Emma and felt the breath of her b*****r in her neck.

This time both butt-cheeks were served by Alex’s strong hands.

“Do not tell stories here. You never forget your mobile. You are married to it. I think, I will have to teach you how to behave. Just because you are a slightly successful actress, you have not the right to keep me and my cock waiting. Bend over. NOW!”

Emma did as it was told to her and she bent over the kitchen table. The table was made to measure, so it had the perfect high.

“I am so sorry…..” she started again.

“Shut up, bitch. It is too late now!” Alex was now very excited because for the first time he had full control over his s****r. Ok, they fucked for several month now and the situation was exciting and unique, but it was mostly Emma who was in charge of the situation. She had made the first step and he was so happy that he was able to fuck this georgeous young woman whenever it was possible, that he did not ask too much.

With a quick movement he lifted her dress and now he had a clear view of her beautiful ass and her beautiful and endless legs. Her butt cheeks were sooooo tempting. Alex confessed to himself that over the last months he had put too less attention to Emma’s back side. Something, he would change today. Emma wore a white thong and the prospect of this little piece of cloth disappearing between her ass cheeks, left his cock grow fast.

“Nice ass, bitch. But what did I tell you last time about underwear?”

He let follow four quick blows to her ass cheeks. Without the fabric of the dress they hurt a little more. Emma squealed. Alex saw his handprints on her ass. God, that was cool!

“You told me, Sir, not to wear thongs but normal white panties. They are looking hotter and……”

“And why did you not obey my orders? Why? Just because you are a former c***dstar with millions of male fans out there, wanting to fuck you senseless? Remember, I am the only one who is allowed to fuck you so no need to dress up for others. I think, I have to remind you on that!”

He grabbed the string at her hips and ripped it from her with one powerful move. For a moment he stopped and looked over her body.

“Get off that dress, then bend over again. And not a word, bitch!”

Emma did as it was told her by her younger b*****r. She felt, that she was already wet between her thights, although he had done nothing really erotically to her. While she slipt out of the dress and placed it on a chair, Alex opened one of the drawers and pulled out an old wooden cooking spoon. When Emma turned around to get back to her place at the table, their eyes locked for a moment.

“This nice little instrument will help me now to explain to you my desire for white panties and my desire that you obey my orders!”

Emma was unsure. Was he going too far?

“Come on, bend over, bitch. Hands on your back and not a word!”

Alex voice was so incredible to Emma and she felt a sensational feeling between excitement and fear in her belly. Slowly she did what he had told her and when she put her hands on her back, he was standing again behind her, looking at her ass and her tights. Alex had his feelings, too. Never he could have imagined in the years before to be in such a situation.

“Will it hurt?” asked Emma in a very soft tone.

“Yes. It should. Bitches like you demanding a good spanking. Don’t cry, don’t move, don’t swear, then it will be over soon.”

Alex let his left hand wandering over her arse. She was such a dish! And while other man only could wank over bad pictures of her, he was able to put his cock deep into that sensation. And not enough with that. Today he had the oportunity to dominate her in a complety new way. His hand went deeper and he checked her pussy.

“You are wet. You little bitch are really wet!” he said and his surprise was not played. When he touched her cunt Emma moaned silently.

“This little bith is really horny. Now, wait……”

He let the cooking spoon wandering over her ass. Then – smack – the first blow landed on her ass.

“Autsch, that hurts!” cried Emma.

“Shut up. You will get 10, but when you are talking, I will start allover again. So be silent!”

Emma tried to be silent, but it was not easy. Alex was now highly aroused and each blow let his cock grow a little more. Emma squirmend at the kitchen table, but she did her best to be a good girl. After the six blow first tears came out of her eyes. Now it really hurt. Alex made a little break and looked at his work. Both her butt cheeks were red now, but in very seductive way. The spoon did his work very well. And his s****r – she was in his hands now and this feeling was soooo good. Again he let his hand wandering between her cheeks and he felt, that she was more wet then before.

“What a slut!” he thought by himself.

“You will get the last four now, bitch. But I warn you. They will be heavy. Don’t cry, understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” said Emma, but tears where running down her cheeks now.

“Stop crying. You are a star, not a little girl from next door!” said Alex and prepeared for the last four. She got them and he tried to hit her as hard as possible. She stood two of the four silent, but then she cried out loud.

“Stop it, you idiot. Stop it. It hurts so much. I am your s****r, remember!”

“I know. But as I told you, I will start allover again, if you talk…..”

“No, please, no. I cannot stand much more. My ass is burning like fire. Make an end of it, please….”. She was pleading now, and her tear-stained eyes were so lovely. Alex nearly felt sorry for her. What a girl, what a fuck!

“O, but what do I get instead? You know you have to be punished.”

“I do everything, but please, stop it after ten…..” she begged.

“I will remember you on that. But, because it is the first day of your education, I will stop after two more. But remember: you do everything for me I want!”

“Yes, Alex, yes…” Emma said.


“Yes, Sir!”

He put her back in the right position and Emma received duly the last two blows. Heavy ones. Inwardly Alex was happy, that it was over. Because it was his first time, too, in such a situation, and he felt that he had troubles to keep himself back. Spanking a girl was something very special and he decided to try it with other women too, in the future.

“Stand up and face me!” he said and Emma slowly moved up from the kitchen table and faced her b*****r. Her face was georgeous. Pain, excitement, wet from her tears – unfortunatly he had no camera at hand but he decided to keep this picture in his heart.

“Kiss me!” he said and his and Emma’s lips met. She was a very good kisser and their tongues melted over the next minutes into one. When he broke the kiss, he looked at her.

“My cock want’s some fresh air. On your knees, bitch, and do your duty!”

Emma was surprised. So it was not over. So it was going on.

She went down on her knees and opend the button and the zip of his trouser. She knew his 7-inch cock and up to this day she had always loved it to give him a nice blowjob. She even loved it to let her b*****r come into her mouth and she swallowed every drop like it was champagne, but this time….. Had he something else in mind? She could not do deep throat, because, well, you know, but what if he f***ed his prick into her? She was unsure.

She pulled down his trouser and his boxers and Alex 7 inch piece sprung into the fresh air of the kitchen. He stepped out of his trousers and looked down at the young woman, kneeling in front of him. His cock was already nearly in her mouth.

“Blowjob, bitch. Slowly and soulful. Take your time. Your performance now decide on your further punishment!”

Emma did her best to please him. She did all the things, she knew he liked. Liking his cockhead, sucking at his balls, taking him into her mouth with a swift move, licking his shaft and a gentle nibble at the top. Emma felt that she was doing it good, because Alex relaxed against the kitchen table and enjoyed her work. She could feel that he was very excited. Little drops of pre-cum touched her tongue when she went over his cockhead and his moaning was also a clear sign.

Alex was indeed very near to explode. But he tried to extend the situation a little bit longer. At least, he knew what he wanted.

“Stop it. Good, bitch. I see, you remember what I teached you over the last months. But now it's time that I pump my sperm in your vagina. Stand up and bend over again…..”

From behind? Emma was surprised. Normally they only did facing positions, 69 was the only exotic position she and Alex did. But in this situation she was not in the position to make a statement. She stood up. Alex kissed her f***ely.

“Your education is not over, s****r. We are starting today. Remember that!”

She nodded, then she turned around and bent over the kitchen table again. Her red ass faced Alex and he knew, that it was now time to to the right thing.

“Enjoy!” he said and lined up his cock against her pussy. He could see from his position, that Emma was wet. No, not only wet. A small stream of her pussy-juices went down her innter thights. The picture was really – horny.

Normally, Alex allways took his time when entering his s****r. He gave her time to let her pussy get familiar with his 7 inch-friend and she was used to a sensual fucking of her b*****r. But this time, it was different. Alex entered his s****r from behind and with one swift thrust he was belly-flat in her.

“Oooouuuuchhhh! Alex! What are you…. Ooough….”

Emma hadn’t expected to get entered that way, so her outcry was half pain, half excitement.
Alex was now fully in her wet pussy and he stopped for a moment. Again he looked down on his s****r, who allowed him to fuck her some month ago. He felt her movements around his cock and he started to fuck her. Slowly first, then with more power. Emma had closed her eyes. Her ass was still burning and the cock of her b*****r deep inside her did, what he could do best: leading her to another sensational orgasm.

Alex looked down at the red cheeks of his s****r and could not resist to gave her two more blows. Softer this time, but she was sensitive.

“Ouch, Alex. Fuck, don’t spank!” Emma moaned.

He bent down to her ear. “You will not tell me how I have to use you. Remember, I am in charge her!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“So, come down with your hands and spread you ass cheeks for me. NOW!”

Emma could not understand first, why this command get her nearly to a orgasm. The hot cock in her cunt, the burning fire at her butt-cheeks and not this command of her b*****r was nearly too much. But she did as he said and spread her cheeks for him. Alex slowed down. He was able to see now not only his cock, disappearing in her wet pussy, but also her wonderful rosebut. He had never played with it, because he didn’t know how Emma would react on that. But today it was different.

“I think, your backdoor needs some attention!” said Alex and put a hand to her mouth. “Lick it!” he said. Emma was speechless and the sensations in her body prevented her from doing something against it. She put his index-finger into her mouth and liked it with emotion.

“Enough, bitch!”

He put his finger out of her mouth and smeared her salvia over her rosebut. But it was not enough, so he added a little bit of his own, too.


He started again to fuck her deep in her pussy, but this time his finger started to went into her anus, too. For a second, Emma hold her breath. She had feared that it would hurt, but it was only – sensational. Alex finger in her ass was the icing of this cake of pain and submission and she knew, that she could not hold much longer.

“My god, Alex, fuuuuuck. I come! I come……”

She had one of her most powerful orgasms ever. She moved in front of her b*****r and when her pussy tightend around his cock and – much better – he felt like her muscles tightend around his finger in her ass, it triggered his own, long awaited orgasm….

“Emma, I come too. You bitch. You fuck of the century. I fill you up, you……”

She was in the middle of her own climax, when he came, too. With long and powerful shots he pumped his sperm into her wet pussy, filling her up completly. His index-finger, still into her ass, started to hurt, because she was so tight now in her ass. It was a never experienced sensation and Emma and her b*****r climaxed together for 20 seconds. Then there was silence for a minute. They could only hear their own heavy breathing.

Alex stepted back from her and went on his knees. He touched her ass-cheeks gently and parted them. He could see her pussy. His own sperm leaked out and droppend on the kitchen table. Her rosebud was intense red now, but it seems, that she had liked this special treatment. To be honest, they both found out later, that she was very sensitive in this region and that her anus was the key to many unforgettable orgasms.

Emma got up from the table and stood in front of her b*****r. Again the kissed slowly and with pashion. Then she said to him: “Alohomora!”

He steped back from her. “You use the safeword?” he asked her. Emma smiled. She was happy.

“Yes, b*****r, I think it is enough for today. But thank you so much. I know now a little bit better, what the part is about….. They want me to play Anastasia Steele, but I had no idea……. To be submissive is interesting…..”

“I still cannot understand why you allowed me to treat you that way. I hope it was not too bad…..” said Alex and looked at his naked s****r.

“No, it was…. Interesting. In fact, I think we should do it again sometimes. Especially the thing with the finger in my ass. Completely new experience. Great orgasm.”


Alex was surprised. Sometimes his s****r Emma was – simply a horny young woman.

“What now?” asked Alex.

“Well, my ass needs some oil and maintenance. And I still have to do you a favour for stopping spanking me. So I think, a bath together in our new bathtube upstairs would be great. I love, you, b*****r. Come one!”

She kissed him again, stroke softly over his cock and then the two siblings disappeared upstairs…...

To be continued.

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