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I have been a Mistress for nearly 2 years. We were on vacation to celebrate my then husbands birthday. On the last day he suggested we buy a Cb 6000 chastity cage that we had seen at a toy store we had been to a few days earlier. I was a bit surprised but I agreed and we went and purchased it. When we got back to the hotel room he put it on. I liked the shine as we bought the chrome plated one and the look was exciting. We went down to the bar and had drinks with him wearing it. Later that night we ended up taking it off and had sex. At the time I thought this cage was just a temporary thing that would end up in the drawer after a couple of weeks.

The next day when we got home my then husband suggested he put the cage on at 9:00 p.m. and he was going to wear it for 3 days without taking it off. After dinner he went to the garage to play with himself one last time before being locked up. He came into the bedroom and put the cage on and had me put the lock on and close it. He put the key on my key change and told me to hide the spare. I wasn't a Mistress yet but he opened the door.

After the three days we took him out and there was no probelms. He said he enjoyed not being able to touch himself. He loved going to work knowing he was wearing a cage wondering if someone would notice. That weekend we had sex like we normally would do except when we were done he would put the cage back on. My then husband suggested we use the cage as a way to control him not only from playing with himself but also for drinking, smoking, and spending money. He Wanted me to control all of these areas.

For the next three months our new lifestyle continued with him wearing the cage most of the time and I really wasn't sure if this would continue so I guess part of me was holding back a bit. His habits were getting better meaning he went from 10 packs of cigarettes down to 7. He was not allowed to drink during the week and was becoming a bit more attentive than he was before. One thing I defintely noticed is when we had sex he would always cum and there was alot more than before. We talked about that and he mentioned sometimes he would cum 4 or 5 times a day so when we had sex he would sometimes not be able to perform as well.

Right before Christmas my then husband suggested until the end of the year he would clean the house and do the laundry every week. He also wanted to buy some womens panties and have to wear them all the time even to work. We went to the store and I had him pick out 5 pairs of panties all thong type. He is 6-4 and fit so the panties look good on him. That Saturday I had to work all day so he cleaned the house. I gave him 5 cigarettes and told him no drinking until I got home. When I came home I was surprised at how well he had done cleaning. He said it took him over 6 hours to clean. All the clothes were put away and everything just had a clean feel to it. Quite honestly he had done a better job than what I would do. His height made it easy for him to clean ceiling fans,above doors, our mirrors, stuff I would use a chair to do.

At the first of the year my then husband suggested we continue him cleaning the house and doing laundry. He also enjoyed wearing panties all the time. He had found a website that had a dice game and we decided to try and that would be how long he continued doing the chores and wearing panties.
I chose the highest roll which was about 35 days. This was the start of our contract. Now I was starting to feel a bit more in control but even though we had been in this lifestyle for 4 months it still felt like one day would be the end of it so even though I was controlling more I was not quite a Mistress yet.

In May another of our mini dice game contracts was up and it was time to roll again. This time I chose the total of all rolls which extended the contract until Dec. 26. This was the moment where I became a true Mistress and he became a slave. My house and laundry had been done every week for 6 months and we had added other parts to the contract. My slave was required to make my bed every morning and make the coffee every night. I had him throw away all of his underwear and by now he had about 10 pairs of panties which my slave wore at all times. I had taken over conrol of his manhood. I refered to it as my toy and he was not allowed to play with or even touch it. My slave was locked up all the time unless I wanted to use my toy. In our contract I was able to be with anyone I wanted. My slave was no longer in control at all. I purchased an anklet with a key on it which is on my avatar. My slave puts that on each day so he knows who the keyholder is.

Having more than six months on our contract I added many things during that time. In June my slave was required to do my nails each week, massage my feet, bathe me, and massage my body whenever I wanted. Our freinds when they come over comment how clean my house is. Of course I take the credit because I am the Mistress. I still control his smoking and drinking and his bed time is 10:30 during work days. He must keep his face shaved everyday. I took away all his credit cards and he no longer has a checking account.

In Dec. I rolled the dice again and the date is July 11, 2014 so our contract is coming up for renewal however now it is no longer relevant as he has no choice anymore. I also started having sex with my personal trainer. He comes over 2-3 times a week and has been fucking me. His dick is bigger than my slaves by about 2-3 inches. When I am with my trainer my slave is required to go outside and watch thru the window. When we are done my slave comes in and cleans up my pussy. While he is outside of course he is locked up and wearing panties. Now my slave satisfies me and I no longer care if he cums.

My slave makes sure my house is picked everyday before I get home. His body is shaved twice a week and he paints his nails the same color as mine each week. I work out everyday and my slaves sets my workout clothes out for me each day. Laces on my shoes must be untied and water, towels, and gloves are put in my bag. Recently I took him to the store and made him try on a pair of womens shoes. His nails were a bright pink and yes we did buy them now he must wear them at home always. A few months ago I purchased a collar for him and a chain runs from the collar down to his cage and is hooked on. Along with the panties this is his outfit that he must wear when I get home. He wears his outfit at all times even when he goes outside to smoke. So he has to be careful of our neighbors seeing him which means he doesn't always get to smoke. His smoking is now done only in the shed which is at the back of our property. He now addresses me as Mistress always.

Lately I am having fun making him go out in public with his womens shoes on. On Sundays he puts gas in my car so he wears them. Takes my car to the hand car wash and he wears them. Yesterday we sat on our front porch and he had them on. I have also made him walk to the store with his shoes on. I am not interested in him dressing like a women as his slave outfit I find appealing.

So what started as a fantasy for my slave has become the reality for me. I love being in control and being a Mistress. I now come up with ideas and he must obey. Now my slave cannot go back and it is only going to get better for me. Women if your husband or boyfriend asks you to lock them up do not pass it up. Give it time and you will love it.

Mistress E

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2 months ago
Very great story!
I would have loved to be him and be at your service for those 2 years!
6 months ago
i love to be that slave Mistress
grate story :)