A cuckold comes home

I come home to find the house quite and dark. I hear soft moans coming from the back of the house and notice a light under the bedroom door. I slowly creep my way back to it, listening intently to your moans. I wonder if you are playing with the new toy that I got you. I am hoping that you have being fucked by a large cock. I contemplate about opening the door, afraid that if you are getting fucked that it will scare him off. I hear you moaning, “yes, that’s the spot. Suck my clit harder. Oh yes, like that.” I slowly open the door trying not to make a sound and see you on our bed in your “fuck me” bra and nothing else. You are on your back with him between your legs. He is much taller and fitter then me. You can see ever muscle on his back and his arms are as big around as my legs. You are both so connected to each other that neither of you noticed me come in. I quietly remove my pants and take my seat in the corner in order to watch you enjoy this new guy. This is not the first time that I have sat in the corner jerking off while you fucked another man, and I am sure it will not be the last. I hear you moans getting more intense. You reach down and pull his face deeper into your pussy, trying to get him to lick you even harder as you start to orgasm. You entwine your fingers in his hair and start bucking your hips into him, grinding against his face. As your orgasm passes your grip on his head relaxes and he kisses his way up your stomach, pausing at your nipples to suckle each for a moment, up to your mouth where you two exchange an extremely passionate kiss. While he is kissing you, you feel his cock press against your dripping wet and sensitive pussy. You involuntarily grind your hips into it, wanting his huge member deep inside your tight little hole. That is all the persuasion he needs. He reaches down and lines the head of his dick up with your opening and starts gently pushing it into you. The width of his dick is unbelievable and is almost more then you can handle. Once the head pops into you, you ask him to wait for a second so you can get accustomed to his size. He slowly stokes about an inch of his shaft in and out of you while you get used to how big he is. It is the biggest cock you have ever had before and makes mine looks like a toothpick.

As your pussy starts to get used to how big his dick is, he starts to fuck you. Pushing two inches in f***efully, then pulling back an inch before pushing two more in. every thrust he puts his weight behind and every thrust has you moaning out loud in both pleasure and a little bit of pain. Once he gets eight inches of his massive eleven-inch dick into you he puts all of he weight behind a final thrust and buries the whole thing deep into your pussy. You scream loudly, but he does not pull out, just pins you to the bed and f***es you to accept that his dick is buried deep inside you. As the pain subsides and your pussy starts to adjust to his massive member he begins pound you into the bed. Pulling out all the way the head of his dick and shoving it in to the hilt in one hard thrust. While he is fucking you, he grabs both of your tits in his massive hands and grips them tightly, pulling on them to help get his dick deeper into you with each thrust. You are overcome with pleasure and pain. You tilt your head back and your eyes roll into the back of your head as another massive orgasm approaches. There is nothing you can do to stop it so you accept it. You reach around him and grab his ass. Digging your nails in, you pull him deeper into you as your body is racked with your second orgasm of the night, screaming and bucking your hips into your new lover.
As I watch, I know that your pussy will never be the same. I know that when I slide into you for the next week, you will hardly be able to feel my tiny dick. The thought of him filling your unprotected pussy has me cumming in my hand. I can not wait to see your pussy stretched out and pouring his cum onto our bed.

As your orgasm subsides, he slides out of you and orders you onto your knees. You can do nothing but comply as you desire his cock more now then ever before. You get up to you knees and bend over, exposing your perfect ass to him. He rewards you with a hard swat across it leaving a large red hand print and you screaming in pain. He lines his cock up for its next invasion of your pussy, slides the tip in and then grabs a handful of hair. He yanks you back onto his cock by your hair. The sensations are so extreme you don’t know weather to moan or cry. You realize that now is not about your pleasure but rather that now is his time to use you as a fuck toy until he cums. He continues to pound away, pulling your hair for leverage and reaching around to pinch and twist your nipples and to play with your clit now and then. As you begin to feel as though you cannot handle him fucking you any longer when you feel his body start to tense up and his thrust more erratic. You know this can mean only one thing, that he is about to cum. You try to scream out that he can not cum in you because you are not on the pill, but he does not care. He slaps you hard across the ass and tells you to be quite. He shoves his cock as deep as he can get it and begins shoot a massive load into your waiting womb. You can feel each massive jet of cum as it fills ever crevice inside you. He thrusts hard a few more times, looks over and me and orders me to the bedside. As he slides out of your pussy, he grabs my head and shoves his cock into my mouth, forcing me to lick it clean.

As soon as I am finished cleaning his cock he grabs his cloths and leave without another word. You have fallen onto your tummy in exhaustion and I am left with the taste of cum and pussy in my mouth next to the bed. You look at me and tell me that you are sorry. With a kiss I tell you that there is nothing to be sorry for and you ask me to lay on the bed. You say you are not sorry for letting that man fuck you, or for letting him cum inside you, but for this. You roll over and knell above my face, placing your extremely loose pussy in my face. You reach behind you, grabbing my hair and pull my face up into the sloppy mess. At first I resist but soon realize that it is useless. I lovingly lick your hole gently to not cause you pain until all of the cum has been licked out. You roll off me, give me a kiss and say thank you before you laydown and pass out for the rest of the night.

Thank you for the experience my love. I hope there are many more to come.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot story guys
3 years ago
Hott story
3 years ago
thats awesome, i love the ending you get to enjoy the fruits of your wife's labour excellent cumin in your mouth
3 years ago