Roomates May Surprise You

I joined this site to fill a void of sexual excitement in my life, and I intend to make the most of the opportunity. I'm approaching 40 and I've been in a sexually repressed relationship for most of my adult life, but that is in the past and I'm temporarily living with my buddy, Kyle, a friend from work.

I met you on this site and your openness to trying new things immediately excited me. We made a connection, shared a few emails and decided we should meet. Being prudent, we meet in a local pub for a few drinks. I arrive first and get us a quiet table in which we can talk. I order myself a beer and wait for you. When you walk in I have to admit that I am dazzled; you are sexier and more beautiful than I imagined from the pictures that I'd seen of you. You are wearing a tight fitting dress that accentuates your incredible curves and your lips look so delicious, I want to taste them the moment I see them. You are wearing boots that scream sexuality, 3 inch heels that thrust your ass out and they go past your knee, which leaves an intoxicating 2 inches of skin visible before your skirt obscures my view.

I slide out of the booth to greet you and I'm happy to see my appearance is equally exciting to you. I am 6'3" and about 230 pounds. I have blue eyes and short hair and I too have lips made for kissing. I'm wearing jeans (which are barely concealing my erection) and a fitted shirt. We smile and greet each other with a warm hug, the electricity of contact is intense, but we resist our urges further as we slide into the booth opposite one another.

We order you a drink and settle into conversation. I am getting so turned on as we talk. As we met on a sex site, our conversation is charged with sexual tension. We don't talk much about what we do or other mundane things, but rather the conversation turns to fantasies. I admit to the typical male fantasy of a threesome with 2 women and I'm pleased to hear you say that it's one of yours as well. I ask you for one of your fantasies and you tell me that you like the idea of a mmf threesome. The way you bite your lip as you tell me this is driving me crazy and so I let it slip that the thought of another man has crossed my mind as well.

"I don't think I'd be able to kiss another man, but I'm excited by the prospect of a hard cock to lick." The time for inhibitions is clearly gone now.

I ask you, "Do you see any prospects here?"

"Men or women?" you ask

"Whatever turns you on."

"Actually, I'd like to get to know you better before adding others." you reply with a smile. The look in your eye is unmistakable.

"I live close by. Want to take a walk?"

"Sounds nice." you purr.

We settle our bill and head out of the pub. I hold the door open for you and enjoy the view of your breasts as you pass close to me. It's a warm summer evening so neither of us has brought a coat. I live along the river and there's a nice boardwalk that leads there. We chat as we walk and simultaneously we reach for each other's hand. Your touch is warm and soft and the sensations it brings are electric. This moment has struck both of us into silence. I want to know more of you right now. There are a few people about, so it isn't comfortable to act on these urges. We pass a bush that provides a shadow from the street-lamp. I take a step into this slight depression and pull you close to me. You willingly follow, pressing your body into mine. You feel my erection against your tummy as I feel your breasts pressed into mine. You cock your head, your arms around me. I take your head in my hands and we kiss, long and deep. we separate, breathing heavily. I take your hand again and we walk on. No words are exchanged now and none are needed. Desire for each other is consuming us and when another shadowy opportunity arises we take it. This time there is some exploration; you grab my ass to pull our torsos tight together and I reach down to do the same as we kiss again. I reach up with my right hand to feel your breast as you take your right hand to feel my cock.

"I live close now. We can be alone," I whisper, gazing into your eyes.

We kiss again, then set off with more urgency.

We reach the apartment and I scan my fob. It's a low-rise apartment so we don't have to wait long for the elevator. Once inside, I press the floor button, then press you against the elevator wall with another passionate kiss. Clearly there is only one thought now. We kiss our way down the hall to the door, leaning against it. I open it and am surprised to find Kyle on the couch in full view of us in the entryway.

"Sorry, that's my roommate, Kyle. He's not supposed to be home."

"That's OK," you say with a sly smile.

"Wait here for a minute."

I go to talk to Kyle while you wait in the kitchen. We are visible to you and when I look towards you I can see you looking at both of us. Kyle is also a big athletic guy. He's 5 years younger than me, 6'4", about 200 pounds of muscle and very attractive. He looks like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and Cristiano Ronaldo (google them if you don't know them and you'll get a good image - btw Ryan Reynolds has been called the sexiest man alive). It turns out he has had a fight with his on again/off again girlfriend and decided to stay in that night. He was having a drink and watching a game. He's OK with me bringing you over so I introduce you.

I come over to you, "We're good, come meet Kyle." I remember our 'fantasies' conversation from earlier in the evening as you smile at me and walk over to say hello.

"Kyle, this is Jenny. Jenny, this is my roommate, Kyle."

"Nice to meet you, Kyle." you say seductively, looking at him through your eyelashes.

"Nice to meet you too. Can I get you a drink?" Kyle replies obliviously.

"What do you have?"

"Name it, we probably have it," Kyle laughs.

"White wine?" you inquire.

"We can do that. How about you, Jay?"

"Kilkenny sounds good. Thanks bud"

We settle onto the couch that Kyle has vacated, I'm on the right side and you sit next to me. Our thighs are touching and I can feel the warmth you exude. We gaze longingly at each other and my hand slides onto your thigh as you do the same to me. The fire that kind of died at discovering Kyle at home is quickly being rekindled. I don't think your fire died at all...

"Should I leave you two alone?" Kyle says with a laugh, setting our drinks on the table.

"No, please stay," you purr, patting the couch to your left.

Kyle hesitates and looks at me.

"Stay and have a drink with us," I say.

Kyle takes his place on the couch a little away from you, being discrete. He grabs the remotes and manipulates them to play some music and turn off the TV. While he's doing that you slip a little closer to him, almost touching. I follow and slide tight to you again. Conversation is innocent as we take a few sips of our drinks. Kyle excuses himself to use the bathroom. When he's gone you turn to me and kiss me, bringing your left hand up to hold my head down towards you. I turn my body towards you and slide my right hand up your thigh along your tummy to your breast, gently pinching your nipple.

"Do you think Kyle would join us?" you ask, pulling back and looking into my eyes.

"I don't know. Test him, flirt with him. I'm open to it, but I don't know if he is."

You slide the skirt of your dress up so your panties are just barely visible and adjust your top to expose your cleavage. "How do I look?"

My reply is take your head in my left hand and kiss your delicious lips and slide my right hand between your thighs separating them and pressing against your moist panties. "I want you so badly," I whisper as Kyle comes back.

Kyle looks a little startled at the change that has come over the scene he left just a few minutes before. We can tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he is getting as excited by you as I am.

"Please come sit," you smile and reach out your hand to him.

I have mixed feelings, but I know this is your fantasy and I want you even if I have to share you this time. I smile at Kyle and he accepts your hand and comes back to the couch. You take his left hand and press it to your breast, tilt your head up to him and sweetly whisper, "kiss me." The two of you kiss as Kyle massages your breasts. You put a hand on each of our rigid cocks and stroke them. My hand is still between your legs and I push against your clit and I kiss your neck.

Your skin is sweet and your hand massaging my cock is driving me crazy. I disengage from you to unzip and remove my pants and underwear. This accomplished your hand comes back to find I'm rock hard and thick, waiting for your attention. With that, you stop kissing Kyle and turn your attention toward my throbbing 8" member, taking it in your left hand now. You kiss me and then bend over to kiss my cock. Kyle undoes the top of your dress and removes your bra, exposing your delicious tits. he reaches around you with his right hand and grabs your right breast and with his left hand he pulls your leg over his and slides his hand down your inner thigh to your soaking panties.

Your mouth feels so good on my cock. You take more and more, at times choking a little on my girth. Kyle slides a finger under your g-string to your clit and down into your wet pussy. You groan onto my cock as he finds your opening and massages up to your clit. We continue, you sucking, Kyle fingering your pussy and clit for a few minutes. I remove my shirt then pull you up off my cock so I can kiss your delicious mouth. You moan into my mouth as Kyle pushes a second finger inside you. He slides off the couch and kneels between your legs and removes your panties. your hand is still on my erect penis but has stopped moving with all the other movement going on. Surprisingly, Kyle reaches over and takes your hand and my cock and pumps it. He is now kneel between your legs, grasping my cock and licking you clit, his right hand sliding on your inner thigh. We continue kissing, my hand exploring your exposed breasts and we are both breathing heavily with Kyle's attentions.

I kiss down your chin to your neck. I kiss all around it, enjoying your gasps. Kyle explores your opening as he licks and sucks your clit. Your orgasm is building as I kiss down to your nipples. I take each in turn into my mouth, licking sucking and gently nibbling them. Your chest is flushed and you are breathing fast now. Kyle is finger fucking you and licking and sucking hard as you cum convulsively.

Kyle stays kneeling, lightly kissing you until the shudders running through you lessen. He kisses up you tummy to your left breast while I kiss the right, then he kneels up and kisses you deeply.

"Stand up," you gasp to him, "you are wearing too many clothes.

Kyle rises between your legs. He removes his t-shirt and the Ronaldo/Reynolds comparison is complete. Kyle likes to workout and is in great shape. You slide your ass off the couch to squat with your lower back resting against it. You place your hands on Kyle's chest and grab the the flap of material which covers his fly with your teeth. You run your hands down his abs to undo his pants. While you are doing this, I slide to kneeling beside you. You release his jeans from your teeth and undo his zipper. I help you pull his jeans down and Kyle steps out of them. You hungrily grab the top of his underwear and pull it down exposing his cock. I again help you to remove these while you kiss his cock, grabbing it at the base. I slide my right hand between his legs and pull myself up beside his cock, ready to share it with you. You move to Kyle's right side and we both kiss along the side of his erect shaft until we reach the tip and kiss each other. Breaking our kiss, you take the head of Kyle's cock in your mouth and he gasps appreciatively. You slide his rock-hard shaft from your mouth and I take a turn, surprised at how big it feels in my mouth. Kyle gasps again.

I want to taste you now so I turn Kyle back to his spot on the couch and you go with him, never losing your grasp on his cock. I raise you up so that you are kneeling on the couch, your ass aimed to my place. You have an incredible ass and pussy and my cock twitches in admiration and anticipation of the fun yet to come. Your dress is still d****d around you and I slide it up to give me an unobstructed view. You arch your back and thrust yourself back towards me. You temporarily stop sucking Kyle long enough to you say to me, "my pussy is aching for you. Fuck me, Jason"

Instead of complying with your injunction, I kiss all around your ass, grabbing your soft skin in my teeth. You growl with pleasure onto Kyle's cock as I lick your asshole. I let my tongue slide down to open your pussy with the tip. Your juices are tangy and delicious and I push my tongue deeper into your opening. I pull your right leg closer to the edge of the couch to open your pussy wider then let my tongue, wet with saliva and pussy juices, slide down your slit to your clit. my nose digs into you and it gets wet with your juices too. My tongue wanders back up and finds your asshole once again. All this time you are kissing, licking and sucking Kyle. Licking his balls and shaft

I slide back onto the couch and sit on the arm which allows access to your perfect ass and pussy with both of my hands. I put my left hand on your lower back, my right covering your pussy. Your clit slides between my middle and ring fingers and my thumb opens your pussy. I lick your asshole and with my left hand I open it with my thumb. I alternately lick and push on your asshole with my thumb.

"Relax for me"

Your ass is tight and is resistant to my probing. I patiently massage the opening and you relax enough to allow my thumb to enter.

"Oh god, yessss," you exhale.

"I think we should move to my bed," Kyle manages to get out.

With that we all get up and Kyle and I remove the dress d****d around you. Kyle leads us into the adjacent room. It is sparsely furnished, but it has a king-sized bed.

"Get up there in in the middle" Kyle says to me, putting his hand on my ass and pushing me towards the bed.

I slide up facing you both sitting in the middle of the headboard. You come on my right while Kyle comes in my left. You both have your heads about my crotch level, Kyle above my cock and you below it. You take my shaft in your right hand, cupping my balls and kiss my thigh. Kyle licks up from the base of my shaft to the tip and takes the tip into his mouth.

"Oh god, that feels good," escapes my lips.

You take your turn, licking the underside of my cock and then taking the tip into your mouth. You slide your lips down, taking a couple of inches into your mouth, then slide off and you kiss Kyle around my cock-head. You trade off and Kyle takes more of my member into his mouth. He pumps his head up and down driving deeper with each thrust. I feels good and I want more. Kyle lets go and you take his place. Kyle comes around to your side of the bed and reaches his right hand between your warm thighs.

You acquiesce to his urging and pull yourself up to a kneeling position and resume giving my cock your attention. Kyle kneels behind you (this requires a little adjustment on the bed - I slide to the
left so we are more or less diagonal across the bed and you move further onto it). He slides his cock between your legs guiding it with his hand to push against your clit, then slides it back up, opening you as he goes. When he gets to your wet opening he slides his cock slowly inside. You are tight, but so well lubed that he slides in easily. You moan onto my cock, vibrating it as Kyle drives his cock as deeply as he can into your perfect pussy. He starts moving, starting slowly but
quickly accelerating. He starts to pound you harder. I want to help so I slide myself between your legs so I can lick you as Kyle fucks you.

You lick my cock between gasps as our mutual attentions gives you new sensations. I lick hungrily at you and Kyle. When he feels this, he pulls out of you and presents his cock for me. He alternates driving into you and my mouth at intervals, getting more aggressive as his arousal increases.

"It's my turn" I exclaim sliding out from between your legs and again resting against the headboard.

You crawl forward, sliding Kyle's cock out. You kiss me as you pull your right leg over my body. You push your pussy against the top side of my cock and arch your back to press your sweaty body onto mine. Kyle kneels behind you and grasps my cock from between your legs and slides the tip inside you. You let out a shuddering groan as you slide down my thick shaft. You arch your back as you start to ride me putting your tits in my face. Kyle comes closer behind you and rubs your back with his hands, down your ass to your thighs as you move up and down on my cock. You sit up more erect and Kyle draws his hands up to your breasts and kisses your neck.

I take over the rhythm as you say to Kyle, "Fuck my ass."

Without saying anything, Kyle releases your breasts and slides down to kiss your ass cheeks. He slides a finger down to your asshole, discovering you are relaxed and ready for his attention there. He grabs some lube from the bedside table and lubes his fingers. He slides two of his fingers into your ass and you release a gasp of pure pleasure. You lay yourself on top of my chest to open your ass for him. With my hands on your thighs I push into you harder and faster now. Satisifed that you sufficiently ready, Kyle takes his fingers from your ass and I stop moving. He pushes the head of his cock in and not meeting resistance, he pushes all the way in. Slowly he pumps you and I start to move as well. You start to groan and scream loudly now. The mutual attention is driving you to another orgasm. Your arousal is driving all of us to climax. Harder and faster we move. Kyle slips
from your ass and his cum showers your ass with a groan. You continue for a another minute and I lose control cumming deep inside you and you orgasm too. You collapse onto me breathing heavily, my cock softening but still inside you.

Kyle slips up to the pillow and you roll off of me into the space between us. You look up at him and kiss him, then turn back to me and kiss me too. We collapse into a happy mass of flesh

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6 months ago
We'd have a lot of fun together ;)
6 months ago
It definitely is... Maybe we can make one of these stories come true ;)
6 months ago
Is that an invite? Lol
6 months ago
Mmmmmmmmmm ;) shower?
7 months ago
Thanks! Kisses to you too ;-*
7 months ago
mmmmmmmmmm, I love it kisses doll xo