Too alike to be different

It began as something to pass the time, to have fun , flirt and maybe play . After so many years of being alone and empty inside I found this site through a friend.. Ther were a number of woman to whom I was sexually attracted to and would love to have an encounter or two with. Then , accidentally I stumbled along this profile , she quoted I'm here for the porn , don't cam and won't meet . If you don't like this then delete me. Wow, I thought her photos were so sexy, and the girl has spunk... I like that .. So I sent her a friend request .she accepted .I was one of 300+ guys many far better looking bigger cocks and better fit than myself.
We started to chat , once a day , twice , a minute here a minute there .. But something intrigued me about this girl from WV .. The more we chatted the more I felt this connection ..we chatted about sex , fantasies , and kink ... But there was so much more we found out about each other . Our life's are similar , we live for our c***dren we stay and cope for their sakes .. We sacrifice being degraded, talked down to. And more .. So some may ask why is this titled to alike to be different .
This is why , .... In every part of the world people are different , some differences are overwhelming some are minute . I grew up in the suburbs of NYC this radiant girl with the glow in her face lived in the back woods , we had different lifestyles that would normally never intertwine .. For some reason they did via this site , as time went on and our conversations became more diverse I realized that we may talk differently , live differently ,(after all I can't skin a deer ) that we were actually even more similar than I hoped for .we both think we are less than we are , both , have spouses who put us down and both care more about our c***dren than anything else In the world..
As our chatting escalated both in time and content. I realized to myself , this is the ideal woman ,
I revel at her sincerity, her beauty, the love and compassion she has for everybody she knows and here sheer genuine nature .this vision of beauty that is so blinded by her insecurities that she can't see what I do about how totally amazing she is.
The chats shifted from discovering our sexual desires and similarities to what our c***dren would be for Halloween and what types of roses we have in our gardens ..what a paradyime shift .
I began to realize how insignificant the sexual content and discussions really were to me
While I am 100 percent sexually attracted to this goddess I has no bearing on why I feel this way about this country girl from WV
Though , I still have the burning desires to experiment with her sexually , to share both the tenderness and warmth of her skin next to mine , I also feel that I have met my soulmate.
Someone, I can share the good and the bad with , who will be there for me as I will be for her .. Forever , she will be a part of me with a place in my heart . Though, there are so many things that keep us a part in life . My country girl lives within my heart . As my feelings grow by the day for this girl who is different in so many ways, I sence a feeling we will forever hold a love for each other which can never be told
So, yes we are different as many would say ,but this girl from the country makes me smile each day

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