Ok, Hal likes us to write stories about our first experiences and here's one that I'll always remember.
Hal and I have been fuck buddies for several years now and one of my favorite things to do is let him fuck me in my ass bareback! I like feeling his cum shoot in me and then I like to pull my legs back over my head and he and I will take pix and video of his sperm spilling out and running down the crack of my ass. He usually scoops it up and feeds it to me and somestimes, even uses a spoon to do it!
I know you Hamster readers have seen my anal fuck pix and the size of Hals cock and until this night, it was the only one.
One day, Hal and I had been drinking pretty heavily and I was feeling really good, horny and buzzed! Hal had about 10 guys over there from a fishing trip he had gone on and all the guys had stopped by his house to have a few beers and maybe get some pussy from me or a couple of the other girls that were over that day.
Hal almost always has a few girls hanging around to fuck or play with him and/or his friends.
Hal, being the slut he is decided to put on one of his porno tapes that featured me getting ass fucked by him. The vid had me drinking his cum, letting his sperm spill from my asshole and him feeding it to me and me squirting cum from my pussy. The guys really liked the vid and they were asking me all sorts of questions about it.
I told them that Hal was the only guy I allowed to ass fuck me and thats when they started making bets that I would do whatever Hal told me to do and they were RIGHT!
Hal knew I had never had an anal gangbang before and when he looked at me and grinned, I knew right then that was was gonna have a very SORE asshole in the morning!
Hal took me upstairs to the bedroom and told me to get naked and ger ready for lots of cum and more cock than I had ever had pushed in my ass. I stripped down naked and lay back with my legs apart so my pussy was in plain view and partly open. Hal leaned over and kissed my pussy lips, then my nipples and told me to suck everybodys cock first to warm them up and that if anyone wanted to eat my pussy or ass, to let them do it.
I was happy and eager to please so I starting sucking cock one by one as the guys lined up. A couple of them came in my mouth so naturally I swallowed that cream down and a couple of the guys got off eating my now wet pussy and licking my ass!
Hal told me to roll over and get on all fours. I did as asked and dropped my shoulders down so my ass was sticking way up in the air! This is Hals favorite position for me because he can watch his cock slide in and out of my butt and he can still pull out of my asshole and plunge his cock in my pussy from behind. He likes to do that alot and bust his nut in my pussy after he's ass fucked me.
Hal got down behind me and starting licking my asshole and sticking his tongue inside me. I love when he does that and swirls his tongue around. After I was wet and juicy, Hal raised up and told the guys to go for it. The first cock stuck in me wasn't too bad, he was a little smaller and it kinda felt good. He came pretty quick in my butt and when he pulled out, Hal had me suck it clean and lick his balls so that none of my ass juice was left. The second guy then slammed his dick in me really hard. His cock was bigger than Hals and I screamed when that one went in! He pumped my ass really hard and asked Hal if he could cum in my mouth. Hal told me to roll over and do it and he finished cumming and filled my mouth! I swished his jism around while Hal took pix and I swallowed it all down. I rolled back over and took the next 7 or 8 cocks one after another! Nearly all the guys had cum in my ass by now and their jism was runnning out everywhere! Hal called Julia into the room (she had been standing in the doorway) and told her to suck my ass out and to clean me up with her tongue. She sucked my hole with a slurping sound and I could her the cum squishing around as she sucked. It felt really good and when she had a big mouthful, Hal had her lean over my face and spit it all into my mouth! I swallowed it down, cum, assjuice and all and it really tasted good too! I love cum anyway so why not my own ass juice too!..LOL
Hal slapped me on the ass and told me that I had been awesome and that he wanted me to do just ONE or TWO other little things..!
I had to eat every guys ass that wanted it and 9 of them did. The guys bent over on the bed and I licked and sucked every ass in the room and was also sure to make sure I licked from their hole all the way up to thier ball sacks! I love balls and have a ball fetish anyway!
I finished up with everybody and we had a few more drinks, sucked a few more cocks and the boys even had the girls and I lick each others pussies, suck toes and do long kisses while the guys jerked off. When they would cum, one of the other girls or I would go over to them and let the guy cum in our mouths! Later that night, I had a special request..I wanted all the guys to piss on me! It had always been a fetish of mine and even though I had swallowed Hals piss before, I wanted to let all of them do this. Hal took me to the shower stall in his bathroom, I laid back on the floor, spread my legs and let every guy piss on any part of me they wanted. I even opened my mouth for several of them and let their piss fill my mouth and spray in my pussy which I held open with both hands so they would have a clear shot of my slut hole! I actually had an orgasm while they did this! It was great and after they all left the bathroom, I showered off, cleaned up and got ready to fuck Hal all night long when we were all alone!
All in all it was a very FUN night and as always, we have FUN at Hals place everytime we go there!!

51% (37/35)
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1 month ago
very hot story!!
1 year ago
Loved the story, brought back a fond memory from my past.
1 year ago
Super Sexy Story.
1 year ago
OMG,so DAMN HOTT and SEXY,YOU LUCKY SEXY SLUT,love to be used like this,anal sex,with anal cream pie,golden nectar,yummy pee,,so AWESOME SEXY,sweetie!
1 year ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
talk about a good wife , she's a keeper
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot storie
2 years ago
2 years ago
I have a fetish for eating fam farts out of a ganbanged asshole
2 years ago
I need to join in at one of Hals parties. Anal piss sluts are just my type.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Lucky HAL!
2 years ago
Hot, hot, hot!
2 years ago
Fucking hot. Wish I had been there to fuck you up the ass after everyone had cum in your rear fuckhole. I would have gladly licked all the ass juice and cum out then spit it your mouth or up up one of the guys ass so you could lick it out of him.