When I was in highschool, my granny use to come over all the time and visit with the f****y. She was a big time church goer and she didn't drink, smoke or do ANYTHING that I thought was fun.
She would attend church several times a week and usually had her bible with her everywhere she went.
She was a pillar of the community and everybody in town knew and respected her alot.
One day, she asked me to come over to her house and help her clean out the garage and attic and to toss out some old boxes, furniture, etc. and told me to pile everything up in the driveway for the trash guys to collect and throw out.
After spending several hours in the hot sun doing this, she gave me a glass of tea and then she left with my aunt to go to the church for some kind of prayer meeting.
I got pretty bored after a couple of hours and I started going through her trash and old boxes that were sitting outside by the garage door. I figured there might be something worth keeping. I found an old scrap book and an old cigar box that I though was kinda cool. I opened the box first and I was stunned at what I saw inside. She had stacks of old porno pix that must have been made in the forties. It showed women eating pussy, sucking cock, taking it up the ass and even having cum on their faces. I thought I had hit the jackpot with some new (albeit OLD) porn and I quickly gathered it all up and put it in my car. Then, I checked out the scrap book and it was also full to the brim with old porn and pix and I even found some old 16 mm film in several cans. I loaded that up as well and when she got home, I never told her that I had swiped what I thought was my late grandfathers porn stash.
A day or two passed and I hadn't had the chance to look at any of my new stuff until my mom left for the afternoon. I took the porn into my bedroom, locked the door and started going through the stuff. To my total amazement, I recognized one of the girls in the was my own grandmother back when she was about 20!!..LOL
I was really freaked out about it and started looking at each one more closely. She was a babe back then from what I saw and not only that but a HUGE slut too! There were pics of her doing everything from eating ass to swallowing cum, taking it up the ass and even getting pissed on while she lay in a bathtub! I wanted to see the 16mm film too but had no projector. I looked through the stuff for several days and then saw something that REALLY freaked me out. There was my granny with what looked like my aunt (her s****r) doing a guy at the same time!! I thought this was cool because she has always been so prim and proper and I had no idea that she did all this back in the early 40's! My own granny and my aunt had been CUM SLUTS!!
I told my best friend about it and he got a 16mm projector from his dads office and we finally got to watch the film. It was my granny sucking off several sailors and then bending over and letting them fuck her doggie style and then a few of them fucked her in the ass. They had a close-up of the cream pouring from both her holes and although there was no sound with the movie, you could tell she was laughing it up and really enjoying being a slut for these guys. We watched her suck cock, swallow loads and even my aunt was in one of them doing some kind of goofy naked dance while sveral guys stood around and jerked off.
After seeing all this, I put the stuff away where no one could find it and I knew my mom would freak out if she ever saw it!
I never looked at my granny the same way again, knowing that she was a secret slut ,but I have always wondered if she was still fucking everybody. ...Who Knows???
90% (62/7)
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1 year ago
1 year ago
very nice i bet the pics were hot
1 year ago
a fucking awesome story loved it.
2 years ago
discrestion is a small part of a happy grandma & way better presents
2 years ago
To bad you didn't get the chance to fuck her.
3 years ago
If it had been my grandmother and I knew all this I would have blackmailed her into being my personal blowjob bitch.I would have been over at grandma's house every day getting my cock sucked unlees she wanted all the good church people to see what kind of slut she was!