SATUERDAY SUB.DAY 2 continued The next morning he wakes me up and tells me to go lay down in the bath now! i hurry in to the bathroom take a quik piss and then lay down in the tub he comes in stands over me with his cock and says open wide bitch i open my mouth and he startes spraying a powerful stream of piss straight in my mouth causing me to gag which causes it to start going down my throat choking me as i have no choice but to swallow some as its pouring in my mouth it was his first morning piss and he pissed for ever when he was finaly done i rinsed reall quik then he had me suck his cock for awhile then he bent me over lubed my very sore ass and slid his cock up it and started to pound my ass for a while then he pulled out blew another huge load of cum in my mouth made me swish it around for awhile then swallow again. then he ordered me to make him eggs and bacon for breakfast and then told me to cum in a bowl and mix tuna and mayo with it and thats what i got to eat he made me eat the tuna mayo cum out of the bowl like a dog while he fucked my ass with the huge dildo again. a few hours later he fucks my ass and cums in my mouth 1 more time then theres a knock at the door and 2 guys come in my master then tells me i am gonna fully service them now. then he says get on your knees and start sucking there cocks like the slut you are one of them was a mexican with about a 7 inch uncut cock and the other guy was white with about a 6 and half inch cut cock. I grabed a dick in each hand and started taking turns sucking them then the white guy put on a condom and started to fuck my ass while the mexican was fucking my mouth. the white guy was pounding my ass till he exploded in the condom deep in my ass then he pulled out and the mexican started fucking my ass. then the white guy pulled the condom off full of cum and turned inside out in my mouth telling me to eat it all and then sticking his dick in my mouth and having me suck it clean then the mexican pulled out real quik took off his condom and shoved his cock in my mouth till he started shoot cum down my throat i swallowed licked him clean and then my master who had just been whatching was ready to go again and i sucked him and got fucked up the ass till he fed me another load of cum. then i was put back i the tub where all 3 of them pissed in my mouth one at a time with no choice but to swallow a little of each one. they all ended up fucking my ass and cumming in my mouth a couple more times that night and then i was locked in the room again to sl**p. Sunday morning he woke me up again had his morning piss in my mouth and they all three fucked my ass and mouth again fed me more of my cum and theirs and at the end the all cummed all over my face and my master drove me back to the deli he picked me up at and dropped me off covered in cum and piss and my ass was so sore and hurt so bad i was walking funny. THATS THE END OFF MY VERY FIRST GAY EXP. IT WAS ALL TRUE EXCEPT DETIALS AND OTHER THINGS ABOUT HOW IT ALL HAPPENED I LEFT OUT TO SHORTEN THE STORY.
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