TRUE STORY sub. fantasy turns reality how it happe

FRIDAY SUB. DAY 1. I started having gay thoughts and fantasys about gay sex at 18 i fantasised about being f***ed and controlled by a hung dominant top who made me his submissive bottom bitch. When i was 25 i started looking on dating personal sites and made a profile just for fantasy thinking that it would never happen. till i started emailing a guy off one of the sites he told me he was a total dominant top who was gonna make me his sub bitch he sent me pics of his huge cock it was about 8" long and thick and i decided to go for it. He sent me a long email explaining his rules it said this #1 I dont do pain,bl**d,or s**t and that i have to feel save around him and that he was just tested and std/hiv clean which was good.#2 you will have to fully submit to me you will have no say durring sex or when were together and you must do what i say.#3 You will be my sex slave I might f***e you to service other men in front of me and be there sex slave also you will eat my cum your cum and any other geusts cum in what ever way i choose to feed it to you. and it went on and on. Then we set up to meet one weekend he told me i was his bitch till noon on sunday. He picked me up on friday at a deli and drove me to his house I realised I was about to have gay sex for first time and was so nervous. he was very dominant and vocal from the start i just did exactly what he told me and played my role. we got to his house and he made me get naked instantly he said bend over now i did very scared he started to rub lube all over my ass hole and up my ass with his fingers then he pulled out a smaller dildo and slowly worked up my ass till my ass got use to it then he stuck a bigger butt plug in and left it there. he ordered me to turn around and he started rubbing his cock in my face and smacking me with it being very vocaly agressive he said suck my balls slut and i did they were very sweaty and stunk he said he didnt shower in 2 days just for me after a couple of mins. he said suck my cock so i put as much as i could fit in my mouth and started sucking his sweaty smelly cock after about 5 mins he started to pump my mouth and f***e his cock further down my thoat making me gag. he said hold my cum in your mouth and dont swallow till i say so then he got a pace going fucking my face faster&faster till he started to tense up and blew spurt after spurt of hot cum in my mouth i tried to hold it all in my mouth was full of cum and it tasted horible the longer it was in their the worst it tasted. then he took a picture of it in my mouth and told me to swish and swallow. then he ordered me into the kitchen and told me to make us tuna sandwiches with pickles and lots of mayo while making the sandwiches the after taste of the cum in my mouth tasted so bad i just wanted to leave i asked him for somthing to drink to get the taste out of my mouth and he said ok bitch and ordered me to lay down in the bath tub and then started pissing all over my face aiming mostly at my lips he told me to open up bitch and started pissing in my mouth with a long after sex piss my mouth was overflowing with piss it tasted diferent but not much better then the cum. Then we took a shower and he fucked me up the ass with a dildo a little smaller then his cock for a while. then he had me suck him hard again and jack my self off on a plate while he eats his sandwich blew my load on the plate quick and he made me eat it and lick the plate clean then continued to suck him till he finished his sandwich. Then he told me to bend over doggy style and eat my sandwich then he started to lube my ass again and slowly started to ease his cock up my ass it still hurt alot even though he had been getting my ass ready for it all night. once his cock was all the way up my ass he held it there for a min. then slowly started to pump it in and out faster&faster till he was pound my ass hard slaming his big hard cock up my ass over and over again he lasted for what seemed like ever then he pulled out fast and told me to open up and again filled my mouth full of cum made me swish it around for a min. then swallow it by then i was hard again he made me jack off again while he started to work a huge dildo up my ass it made his big cock look small. my ass was hurting bad but starting to stretch out and get use to it. i came fast again and eat my cum of the plate and he finaly gave me a glass of water i swished around and drank it but still couldnt get the nasty cum taste out my mouth. then he said time for bed and locked me in a empty room naked with nothing but a blanket. TOO BE CONTINUED LOOK FOR LOOK FOR SATURDAY SUB DAY 2. THIS IS A 100% TRUE STORY THE BEST I CAN TELL IT WITH LOTS OF DETAIL AND THINGS LEFT OUT TO SHORTEN A LONG STORY IT ALL HAPPENEND AND SOME!
73% (4/2)
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