f***ed cant believe it happaned true first time

I was 24 at the time and have never been atracted to men or gay sex this is a true story of how i was blackmailed/f***ed into it I had recently started hanging out with a guy from work he was married and had 2 k**s i would hang out at his house and have a few beers with him after work all the time. I was at his house one night after work on friday his wife was out of town with the k**s. we were just sitting their drinking and bullshitting when he put on a porn out of no where after 5 mins of watching he looks at me and say I bet you can suck a dick like that. thinking he was joking i said yeah right then he pulled his dick out of his pants and said come here and suck my dick now. I said no what the fuck is wrong with you put your dick away. then i got up to leave and he pushed me back down on the couch and said if you dont suck my cock and do what I say. I'm going to tell everyone at work and around town that your gay and make up stories about it. now i hadent had a girlfriend in a few years so alot of people thought i might be gay already even though i was completly straight so i said what the fuck dude stop it you have a wife. then he grabed the back of my head and pulled it torwards his cock i hesitated then opened my mouth i didnt want rumers going around about me being gay. he started fucking my mouth with his cock making me gag his dick tasted really sweaty and salty and stunk reall bad of sweat he had worked all day and hadent showered yet. he pulled his dirty cock out of my mouth and told me to suck his balls so i did for a while then he stuck his dirty cock back in my mouth told me to swallow and started face fucking me again till he blew a huge warm load of cum in my mouth i started to gag as i tryed to swollow fast it tasted horrible and oozed out my mouth cause i coudnt swallow it all. then he told me to make him a tuna sandwich with pickles and lots of mayonnaise. i brought him the sandwich and he told me to suck him hard again while he ate it so i did and he was hard in seconds i sucked him till he finished his sandwich then he told me to bend over and he started rubbing lube in my ass then he started to slowly push his cock up my ass till it was all the way in it hurt reall bad and i let him know he stoped and just held his cock all the way up my ass for a second till the pain eased up then he slowy started pumping his cock in and out after a few mins. the pain wasnt so bad and he started to speed up till he was pounding my ass with his cock. he butt fucked me for what seemed like forever till finaly he pulled his cock out and shot his second load of cum in my mouth and made me swallow about five mins later i asked if i could get dressed and go home he said not yet not with out a shower then he told me to lay down in the shower and he started pissing all over my face mainly aiming his piss at my mouth with the stream bouncing of my lips. then he told me to go home i was completly ashamed i had a horrible taste of cum stuck in my mouth my ass hurt bad and i my face was covered in piss and cum it was a bad day to say the least and i never wanted to see him again
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