wife wants more i make her happy

one day my wife tells me she wants to spice up our sex live and try new kinkyer things i said ok like what she says i'll surprise you tomorrow but you have to try what ever i think of at least once promise i said ok i promise excited about it the next day she comes home with a bag and tells me to get naked and lie on the bed she comes in and pulls out a bottle of anal ease i thought alright she's finally gonna let me fuck her in the ass and then she pulls out a big black strap on dildo and says i thought this would be fun to try now bend over honey you promised a said are you k**ding she says no and squirts some lube on her fingers and starts rubbing it in my ass hole then she puts on the dildo and slowly starts easing it in to my ass it hurt bad she said now you can feel how it is to be fucked and pushes the dildo all the way up my ass and holds it there it hurt real bad for a while and then not so much then she started pumping the strap on in and out of my ass slowly getting faster and faster she fucked me with it every night that week and then she said it's time to try something new i said oh great what now she said a 3 some i said ok me you and another girl she said no me and 2 other guys while you watch and do what i say. i said fuck you she said if you dont i'm gonna tell every one how you take it in the ass and that your gay so that friday i get home and theres 2 cars in the drive way i walk in to the bedroom and theres my wife fucking one black guy while stroking and sucking 2 mexican guys she see me and says come here and help me she pushes my head down to the mexicans 7-8in uncut cock and say start sucking once in my mouth he starts slowly face fucking my mouth till he explodes a huge load of cum she then tells me to swallow every last drop and lick him clean then she pushes my head to the other mexican and he almost intantly starts spraying strings or hot cum into my mouth with it oozzing out my mouth as im trying to swallow then i see the black guy she's fucking start to pump her pussy full of cum then she tells me to suck him clean he starts geting hard again and she tells him to fuck my ass while i'm cleaning the mess out of her pussy after that day we broke up i just couldnt do it any more
80% (11/3)
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3 years ago
I appreciate the effort in relating your story, but jeez man, a little puncuation would go a long way. Good premise, tho.
3 years ago
Hey you do what was good for you
3 years ago
3 years ago
Shit I wish my wife was like that dude, well not with too many guys though but a freak like her are hard to find.
3 years ago
Hot story. But I would have kept her, it's hard to find a woman like her, one that will bring home other men to share with you. But then I am Bi and love cock as well as pussy.
3 years ago
i agree with you but she would have been out with the dildo
3 years ago
Great, man you just can't do that,,go back in there