continued kinky wife story How I changed my hubby

The next day we both went to work and tony started texting me at work. He asked me to stop by his house after I got off work. I said ok I got off at about 5pm and was at his house about 10mins later. Tony worked with john and they both got off at 2:30pm. Tony was just getting out of the shower when I showed up.

I asked him how work went, he said good but that he was hungry. So I told him I would make him a sandwich. I was spreading mayonnaise on the bread when tony walked up, grabbed my ass, and say whoa girl easy on the mayo. I said sorry I love mayonnaise so I always put it on pretty thick. I brought him his sandwich and sat next to him on the couch. Then I started playing with his cock with in a couple minutes I was sucking his cock while he ate his sandwich.

Shortly after I started sucking tony john started texting and calling me wondering where I was at. I just kept sucking tony till he started filling my mouth with cum. I swallowed it all and licked him clean. I have never really liked the taste of cum and rarely let john even cum in my mouth not alone swallow. But sucking off a guy other then my husband and swallowing his load when I don't my husbands. really turns me on for some reason.

After that I went home with the taste of tony's cum in my mouth. When I got home I was horny as hell and so was john as he tried to have sex with me but I turned him down anyway. He started begging and I told him ok but only if he eats his own cum out of my pussy afterwards. He say your a sick bitch and gets pissed off and starts calling me names and causes a fight. I got pissed and just left I was going to go to tony's but decided to go to the bar instead.

Very heated I started drinking my drink and started checking guys out. I started thinking about what it would be like to suck off different guys and what there cum might taste like. It started making me very horny and a guy walked up and asked me to dance I said sure. We started dancing and he started grinding his cock on my ass. I was grinding my ass back on his cock and then I turned around and put my hand on his crotch and felt his cock. He smiled and said what you doing later I smiled back and whispered in his ear any one but my husband.

He laughs and takes me to his car I waste know time and I pull his cock out. It's a nice cut 6"- 7" cock and I start sucking it for all its worth. He quickly cums in my mouth and I swallow. I realize all guys cum taste a little different and I'm starting to like the taste more. I then go back home john is already asl**p so I sl**p on the couch. That Friday I decide to go out to the club and have a girls night out. I dress very sexy and tell john I'm leaving he's mad about it but I don't care.

I get to the club and instantly have to guys start dancing with me I start grinding with both of them and showing them attention. I can tell they are both getting horny and I start brushing my hands on there crotches. Then one of them invites me to his apartment. We hang out for a little bit and I sit between them on the couch and put one hand on each of there cocks and start rubbing I can feel them getting hard through there jeans. I quickly start undoing there pant and start sucking his cock while jacking off his friend. I switch back and forth sucking and jacking them both off.

Then I bend over the arm of the couch and start sucking the guy while the other one fucks me. I let them both cum in my pussy and I go home. John is up waiting and trying to be nice I say if you want some you have to eat me before and after he says fine. He fucks me and cums quick I quickly get up and sit on his face making him eat my cummy pussy. Then I turned around and ordered him to eat my ass out he did and it felt good.

I asked him if I could have a 3 he said oh yeah with a girl. I said no with 2 other guys and you can watch if you want. He said what I told him he has 2 choices he can either go with it and do what ever I say. Or I'm gonna divorce him, take everything you have, and tell every one I left because you were gay. John gets pissed and we start argueing and again go our separate ways.

I start posting personal adds for a couple guys to have a 3 some with and I set something up with 2 sets of guys at the same time thinking that some of them might flake and not show up. I sexually convince john to let me tie him up and blindfold him with a blowjob. I tie him to a chair so he can't move and then the guys start showing up. They all end up showing up on time I couldn't believe it now I have to fuck 4 guys. I took them all to the room and got them naked. I took the blindfold of john and showed him all the guys. TO BE CONTINUED LOOK FOR. "HOW I CHANGED MY HUBBY 3" TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.
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