a perfect afternoon

She told him to get on the bed on all fours facing away from her. His grin told her he was ready to comply. She began by slipping under him so she could suck and taste the wonderful cock above her head. She used her tongue to lick the length of him and then used a gentle suck on the head of his cock. Her tongue began to circle under the head of his cock, making him groan and begin humping. While she paid exquisite attention with her mouth on his cock, her fingers started exploring his balls, he was sensitive and she enjoyed the jerking caused by her nails scr****g gently over his balls. She moved down and began to suck each ball gently while replacing her tongue on his cock which was swollen and enjoying the attention.

Around and around each ball her tongue went, while her hand stoked his cock up and down and circled the head of his cock. His hips were jerking, but gently so as to not dislodge the wonderful attention cock and balls were receiving.

She slowly began to tongue the area between his balls and his asshole, putting pressure along the vein buried within that tender skin. He began to moan louder and she knew that she had found a wonderful spot which she preceded to give much attention.

His hips were moving in a slow humping pattern, trying to move his ass into a closer position to that warm and wet tongue. She got the hint, but chose to change positions in order to give the neglected orifice the attention she knew he wanted.

She made him lower his upper body to the bed and spread his legs further apart. She massaged his butt and started the slow kisses which covered his butt and circled around and around his asshole. He began to squirm and she decided he has waited long enough. Her tongue stroked the opening with gentle pushes, then began the harder stroked into his asshole making him groan with pleasure. She continued for awhile and decided that additional stimulation was needed.

While she continued to tongue his ass, she picked up the toy she had brought and lubed it well. Before he could protest, she slid the dildo into his ass. There was a little jerk at the intrusion but it was followed by a moan of pleasure.

As she worked the dildo in and out of his ass, she repositioned herself so that she could lick and suck his cock with the other hand gently fondling his balls.

He began to pump with the triple stimulation – gently at first then faster, which urged her on to pump the dildo in his ass faster, sucking alittle harder and gently squeezing his balls. After awhile she felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to come. She began to butt fuck at a quicker pace and used her tongue to add pressure to the underside of the head of his cock. She felt the cum shoot out of his cock into her mouth and she swallowed it all, gradually slowing the pace of the dildo until he told her he was going to collapse, which he did after allowing her to slide out from under his body.

She used her hands to gently stoke his body until she was sure he had taken every bit of pleasure for the orgasm.

Next, her turn, too be continued….

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