Oral and foot sex with my cousin

So after our first encounter where I was able to "accidentally" cum in front of my cousin I really hoped we would be able to have more fun before she left. The night before she was leaving her parents and mine were going out to a fancy dinner and left us home to fend for ourselves with some pizza and snacks. The only snack I wanted was her however. I told her I was going to take a shower and then we could watch a movie in my bedroom when I was done.

When I finished my shower she was already in my room in her night time clothes which consisted of a tee shirt and some short shorts. I came in the room in my towel and was surprised she was already there. I asked her to leave for a second so I could get dressed, thinking that was the right thing to do. Luckily she said she didn't mind and I could get dressed in front of her since she had already seen me naked. I was shocked and happy to hear her say that. So I dropped my towel and went towards my dresser when she said "If you want, you can hang out without your clothes off for a little while. I will do the same if you want to be fair." Again, the forwardness was very surprising.

I jumped on the bed and she quickly removed her clothes too. I was trying to control myself and not get too hard too fast but it wasn't working. She said she was glad to see my boner again. She didn't know how I felt after our encounter the first time and was curious to see it again. I told her I really was turned on by her and when my cum hit her foot, and she willingly wiped it off and tasted it the first time. She seemed confused why I was turned on by it landing on her foot. I told her I liked girls feet and thought they were sexy. Especially hers. They were very skinny with long sexy toes. She was really surprised my comments. I told her that I liked to lick toes and have them rub against my dick.

This conversation led right where I wanted as she asked if I would like to do that to her so she could see what it was like. Of course I said yes and she laid back on my bed and I began one toe at a time, licking and sucking them. I spent about 10 minutes doing that and I could tell she liked it cause every now and again her hand would slide down to her pussy and she would touch herself a little. I was so turned on at this point that I asked her if I could lick a little higher.

She smiled and that was enough of a green light for me to slide up to her pussy and lick away. She was so wet and she tasted terrific. I spent about 10 minutes there too. Being that I was the first to have done this too her getting her to orgasm wasn't too hard. After the last one she asked me what she could do to return the favor.

Of course I wanted my dick sucked. I asked her if she didn't mind doing that. She seemed very eager to make me enjoy my time too. We switched spots and I guided her to what I liked as she began licking my cock up and down. It felt so good and I am not going to lie, it wasn't going to take me long before I came. I told her I liked the idea of her swallowing but understood if she couldn't being that she was a blowjob virgin. She said she would try and that comment was enought to make me burst. I told her it was cumming and she did her best and swallowed each blast as it came out of my cock. It was one of the best blow jobs I ever got. When she was done swallowing it all she hopped up next to me and we just laid there naked for a while, both completely happy and satisfied.

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Great story!