s****r-in-Law fun

This night happened about 10yrs ago but it was the first & only time i have had any sexual encounter with my s****r in law, she was having a party for her husband my B in L and my wife and i were invited along with a few others, the party was a themed night but not anything daring as this was not her style as she is very prim.
The party was going great with all having a lot to drink and as everyone was leaving apart from my wife and i who were staying over, both my BinL and my wife were very d***k we both put our partners to bed. We both went back into the sitting room and had more drinks both of us were very merry by this time and started to play a board game (dont know why) anyway she was sitting on the floor next to me with her legs under her body and showing a lot of thigh, so i turned the game into something a bit more sexual saying if i win can i rub your legs she said ok, i won and gave her legs a nice rub not going to far as i wasnt sure of the bounders, we played a few more games with me winning and rubbing more of her legs and getting high every time, i said that i could see her white panties because her skirt was getting higher but she never pulled it down so i stopped playing the game and just kept rubbing her legs then m oved up till i was rubbing her knickers and feelling her hot fanny underneath, i must have rubbed her for a good 10mins but never had my fingers inside her knickers then and i still dont know how this happened but my trousers were down and she was giving me a blow job, remember this was my SinL who was all prime and proper with her mouth round my cock and sucking me great style then i just came in her mouth not even having time to tell her she was about to get a mouth full of cum, i remember her licking her lips to catch what was coming out of her mouth then she kissed me full on the lip[s and i tasted my own cum for the first time and have wanked off into my hand a few times and swallow the lot and i noticed some on her hair and i came to my senses and thought i havent even felt her wet fanny so i laid her on her back and pulled her knickers down and licked her very wet fanny till she came on my face mmm we both tided up and went to bed.
I laid next to my wife in bed and went over in my head what had just happened and i got hard again and while licking my lips still with the taste of my SinL on them wanked off again, i went down stairs in the morning and it was like nothing had happened but when i sat down on the chair i fould her knickers down the side, she still is very prime but i know she sucks cock !!
80% (10/3)
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2 years ago
that is something ive been dreaming about...read my stories, you will see !
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice mmmm