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If you have been following my stories (true) you will have noticed that i have a habit of going to car-parks, i move from the west of Scotland through to central / east side and found a few me "areas" to explore so here's a one from the Grangemouth area.
This car-park is near a canal but it has a main road right in front of it so not that private, most lunch times you will find a few cars parked that are looking for a bit "fun" so i was heading there about 3 times a week i would drive in and park along side of another car and see if they were open to a bit of cock fun, most days i would have on joggers with a small pair of my wifes knickers on with maybe hold-ups of real stockings with suspenders after sitting for a few mins and judging if the other car was ok i would wank my cock till i was semi-hard then with my cock sticking out i would get out and have a little walk round then maybe bend down near the guys window so that my joggers were down enought to let him see what was underneath, then i would go back into my car and tease him with pulling down the joggers so that i was sitting with stockings and small knickers that were just covering my cock, now if his car was on the same level he would find it hard to see in and i was always good fun watching guys trying to sit up as high as posible to see in this would get the better of them and they would get out to have a good look.
More teasing by me wuold be just letting the tip of my cock show from under the knickers then showing more as they came closer, if they came round to the window i would open it and let them wank me and rub there hands up and down my stocking legs, no remember this was very risky as i said the main road was about 15 / 20 yrds away and cars would come in and out all the time, some times i would get that worked up i would wank off as the guy watched or we would go along to another quite back road where we could wank and suck each other off.
This car-park was the place where i meet a cd one night, i was parked up around midnight and there were lots of cars parked but nobody was out having fun and was about to drive off, when this car came in and had to turn and go back out i left a min later and it was parked at the lay-by just up the raod so slowed down when i went past and touched the brake lights (you all know that sign) and it followed me so i wend up the back road and parked up it drove up and parked behind me so i got out and was adjusting my eyes to the dark when all i could see was this long blonde hair woman in the drivers seat but could not see anyone in the passengers seat anyway she look very very nice so went to her window and we chatted she said are you wanting some fun of course i said yes then and only then she said that she was a cd she was that good i would not have knowen till things had went down to her cock and did i mind not at all.
She got out the car nice top short(ish) skirt stockings and small panties and full make-up god she was nice, we started to kiss and touch each other till she had my cock out and was wanking me then i watched her still with her red lipstick go down and suck my cock after she had stopped i went down on her and sucked her very nice cock then we both wanked each others cock till we both shot lots of cum all over the road, one of the best times i have had at a car-park still gets me hard.
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8 months ago
1 year ago
I did try, no one was around!
2 years ago
I'd luv that to happen again for me!
2 years ago
Very good. So hot loved it. More please........