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Stopped at a local parking area or viewing point while sitting there i noticed a few guys parking and walking down the old road as there was a new by-pass opened, they would come back 15 / 20 mins later. This was getting to me why were they all heading off down a dead end road that was just all woods and bushes, so i thought i would go and check iot out myself i meet a couple of guys walking back as i went down and after a few mins i noticed a path through the trees so i followed it, it went round with a few little spurs that went off into hard to find areas, i followed the main path round till i found another path that went off into the wood this went on about 20 yrds till it opened out and this is when my eyes were opened to the "fun" of playing and sucking cock for in the clearing there was maybe 10 / 12 guys in a circle with there trousers down and hard cocks sticking out a couple pulled theres up and left when i walked in as i found out later because i was a stranger in there area, back to the cock fun the guys that stayed were having there cock suck be one guy who was going round everyone and sucking them, i started to get hard while watching and though why not so i got my cock out and joined in, when the guy came round to me i felt for the first time another man sucking my cock and it was great.
This went on for a few mins more then most of the guys went off there was a couple who stayed behind still with there hard cocks on show so i decided to sample my first hard cock in my mouth, it was nice and felt very hard with some pre cum leaking witch i enjoyed but he never came, that would be a first some other time.
I visited this park every chance i got, with many a suck and wank some times it was in a car or down at the woods, 1 guy used to love wanking my cock in his car while he talked about how he would like to see me fuck her while he watched this always made me extra hard while he wanked me off.
More true stories to cum if you want more.
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5 months ago
one day when i was still in pre school i used to write without using any form of punctuation this irritated the shit out of my teacher and she used to make me stand in the corner although this a lot of fun for me at first i soon got bored with standing in the corner so i asked her if i could try agian but to no avail i soon got back into my dirty habits of not using punctauation to form my strories whilst i wrote this lead to her sending me to the head masters office where he told me to bend over and shove my head under his desk he then took his cane and proceeded to give me three hard smacks to my buttocks and then i suddenly realised that although my arse was on fire i also had an erection....quite interesting to read but also very irritating at the same time is it not? try placing some commas and a few paragraphs into your story, so that people like me can also understand what you are trying to write about....
2 years ago
I really luv your stories!
2 years ago
love the dogging stories. Have sucked a lot of cocks that way , more please
2 years ago
Very good, more please.