How i got into showing my cock bulge

As i always say any of my stories are ALL true.

Back a good long time ago i was out for a drive with my then GF and we were both feeling randy so we stopped in a lay-by that was on a quite back road, i started to feel her tits getting her nipples nice and hard then she let me loosen of her bra and free her tits she had a very nice pair good size and loved to have them played with we progrest further with me rubbing my hands up and down her legs each time getting closer to her warm fanny.
After a lot of playing rubbing her through her knickers she let me take them of now remember we were sitting at the side of a road with the odd car going past so she still had her skirt on so she could cover up if anyone past, i spent ages fingering her super wet fanny till she said that her arse was soaking, now this was back when most cars didnt have coth seats mine was vinyl or alike and when she got out the car there was a big wet puddle in the seat she had cum that much, we tidied up and went on our way.
While driving back home i was still randy and touching her legs and knickers, she spotted a petrol station and ask me to get her a drink, so i pulled up jumped out and went in a picked up a coke for her then went back to the car, when i got in she said "thats pronographic" i said what are you taking about she pointed to my cock that was still very hard and was showing in all its glory in my very tight trousers there was nothing left to anyones imaganation if they had noticed my shaft was hard and you could even see the ridges of my cock head i was that hard and the trousers were that tight.
So thinking back that was the first time i got a buss with the though of someone seeing me and i still do this most days when out, best times are at shopping centres i try to wear my mrs small knickers so that when we are walking about and i start to get semi hard i can hook them under ny balls and free my cock to start getting hard some times i have to tuck it back in because it is so noticable, so if you are ever in a shopping centre near Edinburgh give me a smile if you see me, male or female i am happy with both lol.

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