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Flashing HGV's

Hi, This happened yesterday afternoon and is as always true. I was travelling along the A1(dual carrageway) from Edinburgh heading home and as I always do while alone in the car I like to get my cock hard and rub it while passing the lorry's hoping that they look down and see me but always (well nearly) not showing just a bulge in my trousers. I was passing this lorry and rubbing my cock and the driver gave me a flash of his lights now being a ex HGV driver I know it was a sign that he liked what he saw so I went into the next lay by and let him pass then pulled out and got behind him again an... Continue»
Posted by funguy55 3 months ago

shop flashing true story

This happened over a year and a half ago and as always very true, most mornings on my way to work i would stop at my local corner shop the woman that ran it lets say big but always showed a lot of cleavage we always had a chat if it was quite and after a while it ventured to a sexy chat. Now I was getting a turn on with her sexy chat and made sure my trousers were tight and my underwear was under my cock and balls so it was showing, i did say to her a few times that the sexy chat was starting to get me a bit hard and she said that she had noticed so that was my green light next time it was jus... Continue»
Posted by funguy55 9 months ago

east lothian

anyone out their want to message me, into carpark fun & flashing would like a regular person / persons to chat with ladies and guys welcome.

Posted by funguy55 9 months ago

wanking for guys

Went into my local carpark, its good but very close to main road so can be to risky anyway parked between 2 cars both guys a good bit older than me so sat and just rubbed my cock through my trousers 1 guy was having a quick look to see but i was not showing anything the other guy wasn't looking so i rubbed so i had a hardon showing and got out for a little walk the guy that was looking in talked saying it was a bit quiet with nothing going on so i knew he was ok for a bit of fun that left the other guy so i walked past his car and had a look in he touched himself as i passed so though he maybe... Continue»
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D in Laws rabbit

was staying at my D in L for a couple of days and just had to have a look in her knicker drawer and try on a few, like the small thongs as they feel nice and tight over my cock and balls. As i was going through the drawer i spotted a red object in the back corner so i pulled it out and it was a nice size red rabbit so first thing was to smell it nothing so next pop it into my mouth for a taste again nothing a bit disapointed about that so next thing was to try it in my arse so just pressed it against my hole and it slipped in pushed it in so the "ears" were touching my balls and went to t... Continue»
Posted by funguy55 1 year ago

sucking cock

Been a while from last post, just a story (true) in fact all my stories are true, anyway went to local layby and was standing next to my car just rubbing my cock i did have on a very small thong when this car went past very slowly and parked down at the next layby i waited a few mins then went down and parked behind it i got out and walk into the path into the woodlands walk next i heard was his door closing so i knew he was following me i went along to the small path that leads of into a quite area i stoped and turned and he was about 20m away and was rubbing himself through his trousers... Continue»
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[Story] lay-by watching

Enjoy this true story
There was a lay-by (deadend road) that was situated just off a roundabout that i past everynight on my way home from work and was always good for a wank of bj from someone. Plus point was when dark you could see car lights coming but in day light you didnt get much of a warning.
This night on my way home a could see a car sitting down the road so feeling randy i turned in and drove down the road, when i went past there were a couple sitting in the car, now this could be 1 of 2 things 1 they were just sitting talking or 2 maybe some "fun", i went down to the bottom of th... Continue»
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[Story] s****r-in-Law fun

This night happened about 10yrs ago but it was the first & only time i have had any sexual encounter with my s****r in law, she was having a party for her husband my B in L and my wife and i were invited along with a few others, the party was a themed night but not anything daring as this was not her style as she is very prim.
The party was going great with all having a lot to drink and as everyone was leaving apart from my wife and i who were staying over, both my BinL and my wife were very d***k we both put our partners to bed. We both went back into the sitting room and had more drinks bot... Continue»
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[Story] car-park + cd

If you have been following my stories (true) you will have noticed that i have a habit of going to car-parks, i move from the west of Scotland through to central / east side and found a few me "areas" to explore so here's a one from the Grangemouth area.
This car-park is near a canal but it has a main road right in front of it so not that private, most lunch times you will find a few cars parked that are looking for a bit "fun" so i was heading there about 3 times a week i would drive in and park along side of another car and see if they were open to a bit of cock fun, most days i would have ... Continue»
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[Story] first time cock fun

Stopped at a local parking area or viewing point while sitting there i noticed a few guys parking and walking down the old road as there was a new by-pass opened, they would come back 15 / 20 mins later. This was getting to me why were they all heading off down a dead end road that was just all woods and bushes, so i thought i would go and check iot out myself i meet a couple of guys walking back as i went down and after a few mins i noticed a path through the trees so i followed it, it went round with a few little spurs that went off into hard to find areas, i followed the main path round til... Continue»
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[Story] How i got into showing my cock bulge

As i always say any of my stories are ALL true.

Back a good long time ago i was out for a drive with my then GF and we were both feeling randy so we stopped in a lay-by that was on a quite back road, i started to feel her tits getting her nipples nice and hard then she let me loosen of her bra and free her tits she had a very nice pair good size and loved to have them played with we progrest further with me rubbing my hands up and down her legs each time getting closer to her warm fanny.
After a lot of playing rubbing her through her knickers she let me take them of now remember we were si... Continue»
Posted by funguy55 2 years ago

at work

All, sitting here at work (shop) nice tight trousers that are pulled even tighter when sitting on my high stool, if you cum in there is a little bit of man toe showing.
Posted by funguy55 2 years ago

[Story] car park fun

This was a few years ago, was going to a great car-park just of the M8 near Port Glasgow, it was always busy cars in and out most people could have any fun they were looking for, this night drove in and there was only one car so parked up near it, after getting used to the light i could see a couple in the car the woman was bobbing up and down giving her man a nice BJ, i got out and went over to her window and she put it down they were both a bit older than me and asked what i like anything was my reply, so she said that she had just go him nice and hard and would i like to watch them fucking,... Continue»
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[Story] swapping

This happened a good few years ago but it is all true.
It starts one day in my house after a night out couple we were very freindly with on the way back home in the taxi i was in the back with my Mrs on one side and my mate wife on the other we all had a bit to drink and i had my arms round my mates wifes waist, we were all having a good time and i was rubbing her side when i touched the underside of her tit she never did anything so i left my hand there and with the movement of the taxi it kept touching her so i move it slightly up so i was rubbing more then i should have still she never mo... Continue»
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New Guy


Just new to this site and never done anything like this before so take care of me please.
Interest are varied from watching porn or looking at sexy photo's to having car-park "fun" can say that i am bi as love oral giving or having with men or women also sexy chat is always a turn on for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this as you can tell i am a virgin at this so if someone wants to give me a few tips please feel free.
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