Crossdresser to cock slut PT.2

Continued from Crossdresser to cock slut PT.1

I started back to were i had gotten dressed thinking it was time to try some thing else on but as i got to the small clearing were my things were i stopped dead in my tracks.
Were my male clothes and dress up things should have been there was no nothing.
Panic took over me and i started to run around looking for my things but sure i had left them in the clearing.
I was lost, what was i going to do i mean there was no way i could walk back home dressed as i was yes i couldn't stay here either.
I went back to the clearing again to think what to do but as i got there in front of me was the old guy from 2 doors down.
He was sitting on a fallen branch and on the floor at his feet was the bags with my dress up things in them.
At first i didn't know what to say or do i was just frozen to the spot unable to move or do anything.
I stood for what seemed like ages but was probably only a few seconds before i fully understood what was happening, i was standing in front of the old guy who lived near me dressed in panties bra and tights and nothing else.

As my sences returned and i could see him looking at me with a big smile on his face i jumped behind some of the high bushes that surrounded the clearing.
After a few seconds he called out that it was no good hiding as he had seen me and what i had on.
I shouted for my clothes but he told me they was safe for now and not to worry about them just yet, when i asked what did he mean he just laughed and said it depended on me as to what happened to them and when i got them back.
I was getting worried now, there i was dressed in nothing but women's undergarments with an old guy looking at me telling me i was supposed to do some thing to get my male clothes back.
He called again telling me to come out from behind the bushes but i said no, it wasn't till he said that if i didn't do as he told me he would collect up my things and leave that i really started to understand what was happening.
He told me to come out again and that he would count to 5 then leave.
I had no choice so slowly and trying to cover my self as best i could with my arms i stepped out from the bush straight into his gaze.
He told me to move closer to him so i took a few steps forward, he was looking me up and down that grin still on his face.
I was just a few feet from him when he stood up and walked behind me, i went to turn to see him but he told me to keep facing the way i was.
I looked straight ahead wondering what was going to happen next when i first felt something slap the cheek of my ass and then what i new must have been his hands grope both my ass cheeks.
My worst fear was coming true but at the same time i felt a tingle in my body as he squeezed my cheeks a few times.
I turned to face him trying to look angry at what he had done but before i could utter a word he laughed out loud and said don't act so shocked you little bitch, you cant go round dressed like that and not want a real man to take you then look so surprised when one tries.
With that he turned me to face away from him again and once again i felt his hands on my ass squeezing and rubbing my cheeks hard.
In my head i was screaming to run away but my legs wouldn't respond and as his hands continued to play with my ass i new i was starting to like how it felt.

To be continued

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looking forward to more
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good start cant wait for more