met me a squirter

I met this couple online, start chatting with the wife. We actually have a lot in common. They have not played for many years so she was nervous.
Her and starting discussing porn stories, we shared some of ours and started writing one together about her and I. ( will post my part here soon)
It gets to the point of her saying I want you withour hubby.
We met at lunch one day and we went to a sex shop to get her halloween costume. Had a long talk about behaving. Well we did behave.
nextvweek she is going to a party and her gf comes up with a story so the can stay out all night.
we plan to get a room, she shows up, shorts low cut top, sexy as hell!
We chat a bit, strip the bed down and start making out, I'm so ready from our chatting. Finally get her naked awesome d tits. She is amazed at my cock. Said wasn't planning on the length. Only 7' but not ashamed.
I got to my business of eating her pussy, she was loving it. Flopping around, grabbing my head, we had a bet that when she came she would push my cock out of her, so I really wanted to prove her wrong. As I slide my hard cock into her, I was so impressed that a 50 year old had such great pussy. After about 10 strokes her ass came off the bex and that wet pussy clamped down so hard, it really did push my dick right out. It flopped out and with a smack landed on her clit. She said one for me. I'm thinking ok girl. So I slid back in but this time grabbed her hips, really started going to town, about ten more strokes and I heard and felt her start to cum again. I pulled her hips towards me as hard as I could. This time she pushed most of me out but I kept the head inside her pussy lips. Honestly it was all I could do.....tjat is so hot to have a woman cum that hard on your cock, guys I hope you have a chance to feel it. Ladies just know there are guys that really enjoy seeing/making you cum that hard:)
I let her come down from that and pulled out, sliding down to taste her pussy again. What a wonderful experience she tastes sooooo good. I got in there good, licking her lips, inside her thighs, teasing her clit. I put my tounge as far inside her wet hole as I could, again with the flopping and moaning, I moved upwards, taking her clit in my lips I sucked on it and started flickint it with my tounge. Her ass came off the bed again, I hooked my arms under her legs and pushed her hipps down. Kept tounging on herhard clit.....barely able to understand her out! Then I felt it! WOW a stream of girl cum hit my chin, I let go and moved back down to shove my tounge insude her pussy, she was spraying my whole face!!!!!! She kept thrasing around, throwing pillows ans moaning, groaning. Hot as hell. As she calmed down a bit. I ent back at slid my cock back in her. She started laughing, what is girl? OMG your face is dripping. I just smiled and said I love it!
We kept fucking for two hours, stopping here and there for watervand change positions, at one time I had her legs over her ears, and stayed in her as she had multiple orgasms for 5 minutes straight! Can't put words to how fucking awesome it was to stay buried in her as her cunt would clamp down on my shaft. Honestly it took all I had to stay in her everytime she came.
Again, cannot put it into words that do it justice!!!
Finally I had to cum. We already knew she wanted me to cum deep in her awesome pussy. I asked her if she was ready for it. Yes baby, please cum in me! Ill try not to push you out. She lied :) I felt the first squirt shhot up and inside her and she came again, her pussy clamped down soool hard that I felt my second spurt stop halfway up my cock. Fuck me......I wanted her even more then, as her muscles relaxed my balls let go with the rest, I layed on top just fucking amazed....then told her, you know I have to eat that creampie? You have to share she says:). Rub some on my nipples. Get your fingers in therevand lets lick it of together. I kept her legs up and ran two fingers in, pulled them out covered in your cum, dripped some on one nipple then moved them to her lips, she licked one side as I licked the other. Erotic!!!! She pulled her nipple to her mouth and cleaned it off. As I went down to finish, she was saying this is a first, so hot you cleaning your hot cum from my cunt. Instant hard on! As I got all I could out and she came twice more. I slid in her again, aboit ten strokes and she startscumming more! I tried to keep stroking but could only wigglevaround. Thought she was done but she said I can't stop cumming, fuck I'm gonna squirt again. I really thought her squirting on my face was the hottest thing ever but no! Her juice spraying my cock and stomach, running down my balls made me cum again! I finished squirting in her, went to clean that cum and she used her safe word, well part of it as she could barely speak. She said this is a vicous circle and we will never stop fucking and cummming, true I agreed.
So glad I met her, now the issue is can. We pull off playing with her hubby? Find out Saturday!!!!!!
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