my new black bbw

I joined a free swingees website, as the "list" website covered up with BS people that don't really want to meet.
As I was looking through ads on there for mr lady friend and I. I came across an ad from a black girl, her pic has her from the back in a pair of panties, nice. Said she is 49( I'm 42)
I sent her a message with my email, got a emailed reply that afternoon.
Said she was 4'6 210#. Couple emails later we are texting. Talked about what I wanted, what sh wanted.....she was married for a long time, and had only had a mmf experience.
I told her some things I like to do, she talked about things she wants, (clit licked while beingfucked). After about three days, we finally get a chance to meet, she also said she had not been fucked in 2 months.
I got off work and headed to her house, she was waiting on the porch. Shorts, low cut top, very nice. Looked a lot sexier than her pics, nice set of tits peeking out of the top, lovely brown skin.
she invites me in and we go upstairs to her room. We sit down and talk a little more, then I reached over and started rubbingher leg. She said she was nervous, told her i was a little myself. So I stood up and pulled my shirt off. She was right behind me pulling hers off. I got naked and she had on a sexy pair of black lace panties. Her belly was a little large but WOW she a perfect shape and size ass! She went to put her dog in the cage, as she bent over I saw that thing lined up perfect, couldn't help it, reached out and smacked it. She liked that.....told her I could not help myself.
I laid her face down on the bed and started rubbing, feet, legs, ass, back, arms, neck. Just all over a few nice licks around the back of her knees, ass, neck, she was starting to squirm a bit. I told her to roll over. Started at her shoulders rubbed everything but her nipples, and her pussy. As I got down to her feet and started back up I saw she was already rubbing herself through her pantues. So it was time, slide up and slid them down. Oh boy! She had the top of her lips pierced! Right above her clit! I started to lick all around it, nibbling her thighs, all around the outside of her lips, and watched her clit slowly slide on out to see me.
I really strated on it then with my tounge, up, down, left, right, when I heard her gasp I took it between my teeth and really started to tounge it good. Reached for her nipples and her thighs clamped around my head! I love that.
As she came down I pulled her to the edge of tbe bed.... all time I was eating her I was leakig precum down my leg, so the head was already slick enough to slid between her lips. I stopped with just the head in and she said already had 4 I don't think I can handle that many more.
It took about 8-10 strokes to get all the way in her, I then belived it HAD been 2 months without any. Her pussy felt so good as I slow stroked her from my head to the base. She was so tight....when she reached down and grabbed her knees, I looked down and the sight of my white cock sliding in and out of her chocalate lips, with the piercing, was so erotic. I had to pull out. I slide down between her thighs again. This time I used my fingers along witj my tounge. I put 2 fingers in her my thumb on her clit and ran my tounge as far up her asshole as I could. As her ass raised off th bed, I knew that was a new one for her.
I then stuck my middle finger inside looking for her gspot. As I felt tge right place I started tounging her clit again. All I heard from her was fuck, don't stop! So I didn't tell I head her moaning and she stopped spasming around my finger.
I laid down beside her and starting rubbing her ass, breasts belly. She told me almost squirted as she felt a rush.
I gave her a little bit to calm down then she went to roll over, as I saw her ass poked in the air, I grabbed her hips and slid behind her. She looked over her shoulder and said you can't handle it from behind. Of I took that as a challenge. I started to slide in her and she took over sliding back and forth on me!!!! So wet and tight, as she pushed. Back and foryh riding the length of my shaft she woukd wiggle het ass. Feeling it and seeing it was too much.....I stated to really pound her, she kept on with the wiggling, my only thought was fuck her hard enough so she couldn't wiggle like fail!!! I made about 4 strokes and felt it cumming out. I came so hard as she is telling me to fiil her with it! I rolled her over and started licking my seed fro her pretty pink pussy she was telling me how hot that is. I used two fingers to scoop some out and put them across her lips, ee both licked them clean together.
Then I laid her down and gave her sweaty body down
We both agreed to do this again. And she wants my other fwb to join us so stay tuned.
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1 year ago
That story is so hot and erotic.... It will get any one eroused. It got me!!!!! Rated 10