my BBW 2

Next adventure with my bbw fwb.
The next time we met was in a hotel.
I got tge room, had a shower, she got there a little bit later, jumped in the shower. When she came out in her thong I felt my cock stirring. She said your drier than I am so roll over. She climbed on the bed and started to rub my back. Really hot as she rubbed and licked my back. As she moved up and down my back I could feel her hard nipples on me. Again, hard as a rock.
She slid down and rubbed my legs and started to rub and lick on my ass.
She pushed my hips up, and started to slap her tits against my cheeks. That was a new one:) she then spread my cheeks apart and started to tounge my asshole. I never thought she would be up for that.
I had had almost enough. When she reached under and started to stroke my balls, I had to make her stop.
I laid her back and slid between her legs and got face first in her lovely pussy. As I fingered and tounged her she grabbed mu hair and really drove my face deepee. After 2 orgasms she relaxed enough that I could get 2 fingers wet with herjuices and started to work them into her asshole. The deeper I got the more she squirmed. Another orgasm for her and she begged me to stop.
she grabbed her lube and put a couple squirts between her tits and asked me if I wanted to fuck them. Of course I did! As I slid inand out of tgem she would lick the head and tell me harder.I couldn't take any more. So I stood up and suprise.....she twisted around with her head off the bed and said please fuck my throat! It took a little while but we finally got it right. So fucking hot to see her swallow all 7 inches. I was going crazy I could look anymore and was thinking about work so I wouldn't blow a load down her throat.
I told her time to fuck....she rolledover and grabbed her ankles....that shaven pussy was wide open. Of course I had tp tease her by using the head on her clit and just spreading her lipsopen
I lined up and slide balls deep in her as sge yelled I'm cumming already. Her pussy feels so good as it spasms around my shaft. So I put it to her good. Had my weight on her ankles and up on my toes and just plain out power fucked her!!!!! Her head was banging off th headboard as it banged against the wall.
The harder and faster I went tge more she wanted. She was telling me yes I can feel you hitting the back of my pussy, harder, harder. So I tried:)
She started to make some funny gasping noises....I could tell from the way her cunt grabbed me that she was cumming. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, as she started to take a breath it hit her again. I just kept stroking as hard as I could. Then sge came again. I could not take anymore and tol her to take my load, as I felt my first squirt of cum shoot in the back of her pussy she yelled yes and her legs straightened and she started shaking. So I kept stroking as I shot in hr again and again. As she relaxed I slammed all the way in her and felt her pussy grab my cock as she came again.
I collapsed on top of her.
One of the best fucks she ever had!
Then tge phone rang. It was the gorl in the next room asking us to keep it down or lether join!
Maybe y'all will her about that in part 3
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2 years ago
wow, what a horny adventure,
looking forward for part one with the girl next door ??