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MWM, posted an ad on cl, iso a bbw. Was answered by a 52 year old married lady. We chatted awhile. She finally came over while the wife was out of town.
Sitting on the couch having a beer and chatting she finally says"your a nice guy...where shall we doe this?" I told her the bedroom. She excused her self to go to restroom.
She is about 30-35# overweight. Great big titties, short reddishbrown hair.
I laid on the bed in my boxers. Sorry....I'm 42 6' 220.
She came out in a loose top and shorts. I had her lay face down and started rubbing. She was tellng me how her hubby is a 222 man...2 inches, 2 licks, and 2 minutes. How she had never cheated or been with anyone but him. I kept rubbing, stroking and licking. Got the top off. Rubbing her inner thighs and ass. Very hot!
I rolled her over and slid her shorts off, fully shaved pussy! Big fat lips, very impressed! Of course I dived in face first. Licking her lips and thighs till she squirmed.then I got busy tounge as far in her as I could, then wrapped my lips around her clit and tounged it as she came twice! I eased up and licked everything else for a few minutes as she calmed down. I ate her to two more orgasms.
Told her to turn over, she got on all fours and asked me if I was clean... of course I am as I'm married. She told me no condom. I spit on my hand and lubed the head of my thick seven inch dick. I slowly worked it in her very tight puzsy. Got about halfway in and she got sooooo tight. Finally after about 20 short strokes I grabbed her big sexy hips and slid balls deep in her. Her head flew back and she hollered "FUCK! this is what I have been missing!) I almost filled her with cum right then.
It was all I could do not to so I just held myself balls deep and wiggled, she aid she was cumming on me. I have never felt a pussy squeeze my cock like she did. Then I went to town. Fucked her with full strokes for about 5 minutes then flipped her over and licked her to 2-3 orgasms. By then she is putty. Told me she alwys wanted to be bent over the bed and fucked hard. She stood up and grabbed the sheets....I slid back in her and pounded away. After another few orgasms, she asked if I had beer pussy before. Sent me after a bootle of beerfrom the fridge. Slid the neck in her and poured some in....told me to lick away! Very nice I thought as she came a couple more times!
then I rolled her legs up behind her ears climbed on top and began to fuck her as hard as I could... the whole time her head is thrashing back and forth as she tells me I'm cumming, I'm cumming. After about ten minutes I told her I'm about to cum. She says please cum inside me. About three strokes later I buried my cock as far in her as I could and cam so hard. Shot after shot of cum hit the back of her pussy. She was saying fuck, fuck, fuck and shaking. As she stopped orgasming, again!! I held her legs up and started to eat my cum from her pussy, as soon as my lips hit hers she said oh my god that's fucking hot! And started to cum Afterwards she sad you need a reward...she used her tityies to give me such an awesome bj. Never in my life had I had such as good one.
that was round one. They only get better as we have been fwb's for about a year now. More to cum!!!
BTW first story and done on my phone......

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2 years ago
hot, bro
2 years ago
Nice!! I love this one.. more pls!
2 years ago we do her together next time?
2 years ago
nice im Next