A cock in the hands worth two in the bush

One day whilst working (I'm a Gardener)I was feeling really hot and sweaty due to the summer heatwave. After 3 hours of solid rubble removing and digging trenches for a new decking to be laid, I was ready for a rest. As the owners of the house were out I decided to take off my top and lie down on the grass for a while. As I lay there trying to cool down I got one of those untimely and unexpected erections. As I was lay down and hot and sure I was alone I decided to take my shorts off to let my cock out in the fresh air.

As i'm sure any guy would tell you, lying naked outside alone with an erection is impossible to not play with it. And play I did. For almost half an hour I was stroking, pulling and beating my meat, getting closer and closer to cumming. Just as I was ready to explode I hear a loud gasp and rolled over to see the daughter and her friend of the couple who hired me, standing in shock at the sight of me.

I immediately jummped up and put my shorts on but it couldnt hide my hard on. Expecing to get abuse and the police called I ashamedly appologised and began to leave but to my amazement the girls said with a wry smile "arn't you going to finish?" One of them came towards me and took my now semi cock out my shorts and started to slowly suck it, whilst the other girl began to suck my balls and lick my ass. I couldn't even last a full 5 minutes before I was pumping a huge load of sticky sweet cum all over both their faces.

We spent the next hour all three of us naked in the garden fucking luckily stopping 5 minutes before the parents returned. I had to work late that day to catch up with my work but as the girls continued to give me a secret show from their bedroom window, I was only to happy to work overtime.
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3 years ago
Hot story!!!