Suzie and I when we were young and horny

Our lives have always been hot and sexy we use to do some hot strange things from instant pictures to tying up each other ! I loved being tied up and it was funny when we would be somewhat alone we could play and make some noise so the k**s did not know . In my earlier story I told of our exciting adventure on the washing machine that one horny return for patrol so now it will get hot from now as I tell you about when we would make love 4 or more times a day after I was back cause I always wanted to be in her panties and trying to get in that sweet pussy . she always loved when I was in her or even licking her hot wet and sweet pussy it was always the best to taste as far as I was concerned.

She was a wonderful lady I made love as always on the couch one the kitchen table and even on the table next to the back windows so someone may have seen us at it there .

I love the hot sexy blow jobs as she would suckle and lick my hard cock and feel its hardness and how it would explode on her wonderful tits. She always had me so hot and so horny.The last time I think we were watching over her younger b*****rs because her mom and dad were away we did it on the kitchen floor and had some wonderful hot sexy knowing her b*****rs could come down and find us.
She was not so much a adventurer but she loved to play we never did it in front of anyone but the sexy thoughts were there.
I love my sexy honey and can only say it has been a wonderufl sexy pleasure the past almost 30 years and I look forward to many more but just very lass frequent in how it was before
Thanks and have a wonderful day
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2 years ago
Great story I too remember doing it on the our dining room table but we broke it LOL. Thank you for inspiring her to write another story OMG you will love it.

Maxx and Skye