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A day at home and your now 50 today

Hello it was a wonderful day so far I brought my honey to work did some chores and sat down at my computer to have some fun!

I looked at the new pictures and see what was hot and the new videos but the stories got me so honey and hot I had to relieve my self I was doing laundry I found some of my honeys used panties and started to play with them I sniffed them and thought of her hot wet pussy and then I started rubbing the underside of my cock with them. Thinking of there soft sexy feeling as they were giving me ! I held my cock too with them as I stroked and felt it building up and making bl**d start to boil in my body I was enjoying this way too much as I felt my cum getting ready to explode and feeling it fly as it did and it landed on my clean shirt that I had just folded before this and it was well worth it.
I hope you all enjoy this I sure did enjoy what I did and will do as I finish this wonderful birthday !
Have a good day and let me know if you enjoyed my first submission.

Posted by fulltimeflirt 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Hi Mark, yes, good writing. Good story line.
I did that with a lady's swim suit I found at work. It had some hard pussy cum on the panty part, it was fun....