Maria across the road.

This afternoon I arrived home from work feeling both horny and tired - at the same time.My wife was interstate.

I quickly undressed, and dived into the pool. After swimming around for a while, I moved to the spa at the end of the pool, turned it on and lay back relaxing with the beer I had placed beside the spa earlier.

I started stroking my cock - with a number of fantasies in mind. It was soon hard. However, I must have fallen asl**p, because the next thing I knew the lady across the road was standing at the gate trying to wake me up - to see if I wanted some of her freshly cooked lasagne.

I said thanks. I said just put it in the kitchen please - I am naked so I cannot really get out of the spa.

She put the lasagne in the kitchen - and then came over to the spa.

Her husband had died only a couple of months ago, and her daughter (about 40) had finally moved out of the f****y home.

I had always fancied her Mediterranean body:her slightly olive skin; her large breasts; her wide hips; her hairy arm pits (and I always imagined a full bush hairy pussy.

She asked. Are you really naked? I replied. Of course I am always naked in my own pool - why would I wear clothes in the water?

She agreed, but said she had never been skinny-dipping, but had always wanted to.

I said. Well please feel free to go right ahead here and now.

By now my cock was as a hard as a rock.

Could I just start with my underwear - my bra and panty - and see how I feel, she asked.

Yes, of course - just do what you feel comfortable with, I replied.

With this, she immediately removed her top - exposing her huge, heavy-duty white bra and beautiful cleavage. She knew I was enjoying this.

Then she removed her long skirt (as often worn by women in Mediterranean countries)- revealing a very up-market, also white and matching her bra (sexy and expensive)full-cut control panty - the Lycra elasticized type that curvey women sometimes wear to make them look less curvey.

I could already see the darkness of her full bush through the material, as well as a large number of pubic hairs poking out the extremities of her panties. Her thighs were magnificent, her large round ass so beautiful, her hips wide and generous and her belly so utterly feminine. It was so exciting, so breathtakingly erotic.Beyond words.

She looked slightly embarrassed - but still horny, judging by her erect nipples. I smiled reassuringly as she moved to get into the spa.

At first she sat about 2-3 feet away, but in no time had moved closer.

I apologized for not getting her a drink, and asked: Would you like a drink? She said yes.

There was no going back now. I stood up with my hard cock within about 2 feet of her face and moved past her as I got out of the spa. She looked up with a cheeky, but approving look on her face.

My cock is only about 6" long, but thicker than most - and circumcised. It looks quite handsome - at least in my opinion. It appears Maria also liked the look of it.

I gave it a little "adjustment" as I walked away. She was watching. I could see in the window of the house.

I returned with the glass of wine for Maria, and placed it beside her, before re-entering the spa - my cock still hard as I moved past her.

I asked: Do you like this? She relied: Oh yes! But I can see what you mean - without clothing would be much better.

Yes it is, I replied.

With that she turned her back to me and asked me to unfasten her heavy-duty bra (with about 5 clips). Eventually I had removed the bra - whilst rubbing my hard cock against her back in the process.

Her breasts were absolutely magnificent for a woman of almost 70 years. Large areola, quite long nipples and a lovely mature sag. A truly wonderful sight.

She then removed her panties after firstly standing up - showing me her glorious full bush pussy - right before my eyes.Some grey, but mostly black, but thick and luxuriant.

Her pussy was at eye level,and I just had to bury my face in it. She did not flinch letting out a slight sigh only as I made contact with large clitoris.

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1 year ago
Wonderful story very interesting women. I also hope there is a part 2
1 year ago
You should tell more.
2 years ago
I do hope there's a Part 2 - at least. Maybe more episodes as well!
3 years ago
Man, WTF?! lol Where's the rest of this fascinating story?!