Laying Out

I worked as a consultant for a major well-known firm. Because of this I was sent on assignments of up to six months or more in various parts of the country. One such assignment was in Colorado and lasted from May through December (prime summer and ski season).

During that time I lived in an apartment complex where my next door neighbor was a young woman named Brandy who loved to show off her perky hard nippled A-cup titties. We became “buddies” if you get my meaning and this is what happened one blissful summer day.

Brandy was sunning herself topless in a part of the complex that was kind of secluded but of which I had a prime view from one of my bedroom windows. She was wearing bikini bottoms that left little to the imagination, a piece of cloth in the shape of a diamond with two thin straps that curved around her hips and met at a g-string in the back. It was definitely a cock hardener.

By her side a bottle of baby oil that had been warmed by the hot summer sun. The boom box she had with her was blasting some “most excellent” classic rock and when Def Lepard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” came on I felt that was my cue to join her.

She sensed my arrival as I must have cast a shadow over her. Looking up at me, she smiled and said "Hey you….whatcha doin'?" Grinning I said I came up to join her. She noticed the tent in my boxer shorts. "MMMM looks like you need some help there sweetie" she came back as she very sexily licked her lips

I couldn’t keep my eyes off those beautiful nipples, realizing my desire she asked "Could you be a love and rub oil on me?" The question came with a sexy look on her face, the pleading one some women get which is punctuated by a slight enticing bite of the lower lip.

Taking the bottle of baby oil I told her to sit up and I sat behind her. I poured some on her shoulders, the warm oil felt sensual and her pale freckled skin and she let out a soft sigh as I caressed her shoulders and began working in the slippery liquid down her back running my finger tips down her spine. She shivered as that move always had that effect on her.

Maneuvering around her I told her "Lay down, titties up..." Smiling she complied. Squeezing the bottle I drizzled it all over her hard nipples, belly (and what a sexy belly she had and thighs. “MMMM that is soooo nice the warm oil, love the way it feels on me” she purred. Kneeling down she felt my rough callous hands rubbing across her tits, every so often pinching, pulling and tweaking her nipples nice and hard (Brandy was a bit of a freak in the sheets and loved nipple pain).

"Ooooh yesss..damn Danny.. fuck're making me wet..." she moaned out.

I just smiled and let my open palm drift down to her belly. Caressing around her navel I moved further 'south' and teasingly 'nudge' the edge of her bikini bottom. Toying with the edge she began to squirm; breathing was getting shallow and every so often a little gasp escaped her wondrous lips. Slowly I slid hand into her bottoms but I did not yet touch her sopping wet pussy. I wanted to prolong the agony, the anticipation.

She slid her hand through the opening in my boxers and began stroking me. My hand slid into her bottoms, my fingers, coated with the warm oil, found her swollen lips and begins probing. She intensified her pumping of my now almost rigid cock. I slide in one, then two the three fingers (I have 'meaty' hands) which are now stretching her pussy out as she pushed her hips against my hand 'humping' it.

"Maybe we should get these off you?" I asked. "Yeah baby…and let's do it right here, so the neighbors can see us and be jealous." She laughed. Easing them down to her thighs she drew up her legs and I slip them down to her ankles. Using her feet she tried and remove them but somehow they got tangled up in you’re her toes so I help tug then down more and she kicked them off. But not before dangling them sexily on her arched feet.

"Lay on your back" she told me me. Pulling over her bag of tricks she retrieved a cock ring and a nipple noose…a piece of braided leather with nooses on the ends to fit over her nipples

My hard cock sprung out of my boxers, and she decided she wanted to make sure it wass plenty hard. Taking me in her mouth, her lips and tongue worked my cock flesh until it was like rebar reinf***ed concrete. At that point she grabbed the cock ring, slipped it on and secured it. "MMMM all mine" she purred licking her sweet young lips.

Reaching for the baby oil she took a good size dollop in her left hand and then began working it into the palms of both hands. Starting with the head and moving up and down the shaft, the in that corkscrew motion she made sure I was properly lubed up.

Straddling me she lowered herself onto my hardness. Well she actually impaled herself on me tossing back her hair and releasing a loud moan of pleasure.

Soon she was riding me like a bull in the PBR; leaning forward I grabbed those perkies again pinched hard, real hard then pulled them stretching them, followed by tweaking and slapping them. That was when I slipped the nipple nooses on her, tightening the openings until she felt pain.

"Yeah baby… that's what Brandy likes….hurt me baby hurt me bad you dirty old man". On that note I gave the string a pull and she shrieked "FUCK YEAH" and after a few seconds "Again baby tug 'em...tug 'em hard". I jerk it and her face snarled as she let loose "OH FUCK MEEEE YES YES YES BABY.. FUCKING AWESOME"

Her breathing slowed and was shallow as she started her ride. My cock was nothing more than her toy and I was her fucktoy. Using me to cum, to be her personal real life dildo. Bearing down with each thrust I become harder and harder

"Oh yeah baby, oh yeah, right there oh god that's my sweetie...yeah Danny FUCK ME FUCK ME FUUUUCK MEEE! She was bouncing up and down on my cock which has now swollen inside her pussy. "That's it Brandy ride me baby, take my dick take it...TAAAKE ITTTT!"

Now I'm lifting up slightly to thrust into her as she fucks me with all the power of a possessed woman.

I give the leather braid three successive quick jerking tugs. She cries out something incoherent and I clutch her hips for more control.

Placing her hands on my chest she takes me deeper and deeper, soon I feel as though I am knocking on her hot young g-spot and the moans grow louder. The braid is now dangling in front of my mouth...grabbing it I start really tugging and hard.

"Oh yeah baby oh yeah that's gonna put me in orbit..keep doing that". And I do.

Soon we reach the PNR (point of no return) as her pace quickened my swollen cock is ready to burst. Reaching behind me she cupped my balls and squeezed them gently.

I leaned my head back and gritted my teeth arching up slightly to make sure I hit her cervix. And I did. Brandy decided that turnabout is fair play and she plays with my nipples and actually sucking on my left one (I swear I nearly shot at the ceiling when she did).

This is all I can take; my balls draw up and my hard swollen cock can’t hold back…it explodes inside her releasing an mega eruption of sticky white molten baby batter into her sweet hot wet waiting young cunt.

Going into overdrive she smashed herself down on me, with each successive down movement brings clit gets closer to my pelvic bone and on the final "impale" her clit hits the base of my cock.

"Ohhhhh FUUUUUCK!!! FUUUUCK!! FUUUCK!!!" Brandy screams like a bitch in heat falling forward and bracing herself my chest. I feel the warm girly goo cover my cock; its amazing and feels so good.

Sliding off me, she lays at my side. I slip off the cock ring and my dick starts to recover.

Looking at each other we smile. Leaning in I kiss her letting her tongue probe my mouth as mine probes hers. Pulling her close she close your eyes and asks, "Go again in a few?"

"You bet" I reply. "Out here?" her voice asks “Yeah why not they haven't heard us in Fort Collins"

We bust out laughing. I kiss her again wondering what other sexual adventures this day will bring.

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