The Dance

This is one of my first stories, its actually a serial piece I and a woman I know on-line wrote. It may be a bit clumsy but I like it so here it is...Enjoy

As the dance begins let me set the atmosphere; one week earlier on the computer their usually innocent internet chats developed into something a bit more risqué.

Amy and Mark work for a major telecomm company but are also on-line social networking friends; Mark is the Managing Director of the Mid-West region and Amy is the Treasurer and Regional CFO for the Chicago, which has not been meeting budget.

It began like this and once they met their most passionate desires for one another were fulfilled…

Mark: Hope you have a great day, if you get the chance check out my profile...I made a change that could make you smile (hint: you'll hear it)

Amy: You mean Patsy Cline’s "Crazy" I Looooooove it!

Mark: Wanna dance?

Amy: I would love to....

Mark: Thank you pretty lady...let me take you in my arms and you put your head on my shoulder....

Amy: How very nice of you but I thought you were thinking more along the lines of dirty dancing....*wink*

…and the dance begins…

“Dip me...” she says as they slowly dance together around the conference room table. The blinds drawn, and the overhead lights off, they looked to be sure everyone had left for lunch and that it was just the two of them. They had waited some time now to meet and actually be alone. During the morning meeting their eyes met several times revealing tempting seduction and wanting. Now as they begin to dance to the music that Amy is humming from their internet chat a few days ago Mark dips her and kisses her softly on her lips.

“Mmm”, a sound that Mark hoped to hear, “...sensual lips...nice”, Amy admits. With that kiss Mark takes full advantage of dancing his tongue with hers. With pleasure Amy accepts Marks advances and her heart races. Mark takes a breath, “ those wondrous lips on mine. I may just have to bring you up from the dip and let my hands roam a little. Especially that cute butt I kinda saw in the lizard pic...”

Coming up from Mark’s "dip" his kiss still lingering upon her lips, he seizes her arms and pulls her in for an even more intimate lashing with his tongue. As they kiss he moves off her lips and began to kiss her neck slowly with determination using his tongue. His left hand moving up, firmly cups her left breast sending a chill across her breasts arousing her now round stiff nipples.

Amy reacts and takes his hand bringing his fingers to her lips and swirls her tongue around his index finger enveloping it with her warm moistened lips then slowly pulled it out. She drags his hand down to his ravenous mouth and her falls back; a gentle moan escapes her plump lips. Leaning in he kisses her and unbuttons her blouse.

Now her breasts revealed although encased in her lacy red bra, he runs his hand over them; nice sweet 38Cs the nipples perking up as the lace excites them.

Amy moans even more and runs her long manicured fingers roughly through his hair. She whispers his name in a deep voice that’s telling him she likes what’s being done to her.

Her breasts now vulnerable to his ministrations, she runs her fingers through his hair once again, grabbing his salt-and-pepper hair roughly with both hands and pulling him up toward her awaiting mouth. She is ravenous for his mouth again. Their lips meet and once again the passion ignites fueling their lust

Kissing each other, their tongues probing with fervor, his hands glide over her body, each curve touched and explored. Her hair is tussled and she looks so desirable; so sexy. He marvels at her beauty as her lips draw his in yet again for one more dirty kiss.

His heart pounds. Marks hands wander lower, before passing her hardened nipples he gives each one a little tug and pinch, rolling each one between his thumb and finger, he moves past her stomach, caressing her sides and lower back. Grabbing her plump hot young ass, he pulls her into him, thrusting his hips to meet hers. She can feel his rigid cock through his pants. Her breath escapes past her lips warming his ear, moaning softly. Their bodies lock together with yet another firey kiss.

Her warm breath on his ear excites him and he hardens even more; she takes her right hand and runs it over his crotch feeling his stiffening shaft. Her lips invite him back to her wanton mouth as her hand kneads his hardness. She enjoys the effect she has on him and pushes her tongue into his mouth again. Releasing him and that wicked tongue f his Amy’s mouth wanders to his neck and ears. She flickers her tongue around his lobes and trace the outside of his ears with the tongue’s tip. She kisses and nibbles on his neck while unfastening his belt and pants with her other hand.

Once she had his pants open he leans forward to whisper in her ear, “I want you to feel me, how hard you’ve made me.” With that he slowly guides her hand sliding it past the waistband of his black silk boxers and to his rock hard shaft.

Mark turns his attention to her skirt; unzipping it, the tailored grey flannel t crumples and falls to the floor revealing her amazing legs encased in sheer black thigh high stockings. Her black silk lace panties make her look ravishing and he moves back up to kiss her as he toys with the waistband of those sexy La Perlas she is wearing.

he understands where he plans on going next. Her moans of pleasure tell him he’d be welcome if he went there. She presses her body into his and she starts caressing him firmly but gently; moving her hand up and down his hard cock.

“I love the way you rake your nails over me”, Mark panted. She is pleased that he is just the perfect size. He whispers in her ear, “I want to taste your nectar.” Stepping back he kisses her down her lovely body, slowly to prolong her agony.. When he comes to her navel he takes the tip of his tongue and runs a line from it to the waistband of her panties. Taking the waistband between his teeth he pulls them off of her slowly as she lets out a deep soft, smoky moan that is laden with sexual desire.

Anticipation of what is about to happen hardens Amy’s clit and she feels his warm breath upon her stomach. Sitting back on the edge of the conference table, she props herself up with her hands and leans back letting him do his “work”.

As he continues to lick her soft well timed mound, his tongue begins to probe deeper into her wetness. He knows he has found a spot as her breath becomes shallower and intermittent, her eyes close and her head tosses back. Her clit growing harder and more swollen with each soft slow full lick, she lets her knees rest on his shoulders as he legs fall over them and onto his back.

His tongue plunges in and out of her wetness; alternately coming back up to pay attention to her clit. She feels tingling through her whole body and moans quietly trying to remember where they are.

She looks down and their eyes meet. She closes her eyes once again and moans deeply letting him know how good he feels. He tastes her and it intoxicates him, her body is wonderful as it yields to his workings. He starts to lick a little faster and comes up to tease her clit more often making it harder. Some soft “yeses” escape her lips. With his hand he caresses her calf and the outside of her thigh. Then taking both hands he spreads her open more and uses the tip of his tongue to go deeper into her wet pussy, which is now flowing with hot sweet juices.

Pressing herself into his face, wanting to feel more of him inside her wet hole, her breath becomes shallower. She can tell how excited she’s making him by writhing under his pleasing touches. She sits up, running her fingers through his hair, to the back of his neck, to his shoulders and she pushes his head into her and he moans.

Mark press his tongue deeper into Amy, meeting her thrust, he looks up and see those smoldering eyes again takes one hand and reaches down and begins stroking hi hard shaft, he moans with pleasure thinking of Amy riding it, my tongue is now flicking your hard clit and your juices have soaked my face. "Yes baby yes" she coos “Oh fuck yes baby…”

Amy feels as if she’s going to explode but doesn’t want to stop this yet. She pulls Mark to her, kissing him wildly; she tastes herself on his lips. She stands up pushing him slightly back into the high back leather office chair that is behind him. Still kissing him she whispers, “It’s your turn.” She works her way down his neck nibbling and licking while stroking his rock hard cock. Not being able to wait nay longer she brings her mouth down to the tip of his manliness and envelopes it with her warm wet wanting lips, swirling her mouth around the head. With each swirl he lips move down further on his shaft. He slides himself further down into the chair. Amy massages his balls as her mouth glides up and down the length of his cock.

He starts to squirm as she moves up and down on his shaft. He’s breathing heavier now and her warm wet mouth feels so good. She looks up at him and sees the effect that she has on him and smiles as more and more of his cock disappears into her mouth and her hand twists around it making it difficult to concentrate. Not wanting him to cum yet, she moves herself up leaving him hanging in the moment.

She stands in front of him d****d in nothing but her bra and unbuttoned white blouse. She leans in to kiss his lips and gently positions herself over his throbbing cock tickling his head with her pussy. Putting pressure on the tip she rubs her wet hot pussy on his shaft, coming back up she lets just the head penetrate her. She gyrates her hips in a circular motion around the head of his cock. He grabs her breasts squeezing the soft hangers and she moans approval.

Taking small dips with her hips to take him in, she comes down on him hard and deep. Together they exhale, moaning in unison as the pleasure they both just felt is only about to get better…

Mark grabs her hips and helps Amy move up and down his rigid shaft; all of Amy’s ministrations with her mouth have made his engorged cock slick, that and her wet pussy allow Mark move her easily up and down his rigid shaft. Amy braces herself on the back of the chair as she moves and grinds on Mark, her breath now coming in pants and deep exhales as she bucks on his manliness which seems to be getting harder with each stroke. He’s perfect for her, not too small but not too big, he’s thick and fills the walls of her vagina letting her feel every bump and vein and ridge that give her so much pleasure.

She continues to ride him, Mark looks up at her, his look is one of appreciating the beauty that is before him. He traces the gentle curves of Amy’s body with his eyes and with his hands he runs them over her sides around to her lower back and again down to her hips and then to her outer thighs which he caresses with firm determined touches. Amy is now writhing and looks into his eyes.

This is what she had dreamed of the night they signed off after the “conversation” had turned from friendly to downright sexy. She now had him, inside her fulfilling every dirty wish she had had about him. Mark took his hand and gliding off Amy’s wonderful hips went up and over her pelvic area and around to once again cup that plump ass in his hands. Biting her lower lip, Amy let out a sigh realizing how much she was desired by him and how his body was telling her this. Mark leaned in and kissed her breasts again which now hung in front of him as they sat on top of Amy’s bra.

Using a trick he learned in college Mark reaches up and with a snap of his fingers he undoes the front closing bar allowing Amy’s tits to be free. Once they are, he begins to lick them all over, particularly the underside which aroused Amy beyond belief and caused her to drive her self harder on his rock hard cock.

Matching her downward movements with his upward thrusts, Mark pushes himself deeper into Amy; she feels him all the way to her cervix and her moans are getting louder. Fearing getting caught, Mark f***es his mouth onto hers and let her release her moans into him. Between moans, Mark’s tongue playfully danced with Amy’s again as she marveled at his stamina and his f***e. Never had she expected something like this. Moving away from her mouth Mark turned his attention to her neck. There is a spot all women have on their neck, when its kissed they melt like ice cream on hot Texas asphalt in August. Mark found it and kissed Amy there, applying some suction and some tongue. At that moment Amy lost herself in Mark and bore down on his rigidness in short hard strokes.

Sensing that she could be coming Mark dialed it back just a little; his upward thrusts got slower and longer. “Yes baby” Amy cooed “that’s what I need, nice, slow and deep.” Her brunette tresses all mangled and tussled made Amy look wild; Marked loved the fact that this was his handiwork and pushed deeper into Amy’s soaking pussy. Again hungry, ravenous lips found each other as they kissed and held in the moment; her tongue felt so good in his mouth, and Mark welcomed it over and over again. This time Amy moved her mouth off his and kissed him down to his neck. Men have a soft spot too; for Mark it was that place where the collarbone meets the neck, Amy kissed him there. Mark let out a deep low moan and Amy smiled; returning to that spot she applied her lips with suction remembering how to give a hickey. Mark moaned once more and as she released him she smiled; in her panting breath she said “That’s going to be one helluva hickie.”

Mark’s long strokes began to take their toll on Amy; their eyes locked and she nodded her head. Mark slid down a bit more in the chair; Amy adjusted her position and then pushed her hips down harder onto him. He was hard as a rock and she was soaking wet; as Mark built up the speed, Amy pushed down harder now steadying herself on the arms of the chair. As his thrusts became more pounding and quicker Amy’s clit got harder and harder; she knew that at the “moment” she would bear down and he would go deep burying his cock to its base and that would hit her swollen and aching clit making her explode.

As Marks plunges came quicker, Amy’s breath became shallower; she was there at the point of no return, her hips bucked wildly against Mark’s and her panting breath signaled that the wave of orgasm would soon hit with a tsunami-like f***e. Mark poured it on as his last few thrusts were like an out of control jack hammer. “Yes, Mark OH YES YES YESSSSSS FUCK YESSSSS OH FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!….” Amy’s voice shuddered as she tensed tossing her head back and letting the first tremor take her. She sensed Mark was not too far behind her as he pushed deep and held there. She needed one more thrust to hit her swollen clit, and he must have sensed it. Pushing up into Amy the f***e of his final glide lifted them off the chair as Amy sunk herself down on his throbbing cock and its base hit her clit at the right spot. Wrapping his arms around her Mark watched as Amy convulsed and he felt her wetness release on his manhood. A split second after that, his torrent of sticky wet cum pulsed into Amy as she counted three, no four eruptions deep within her. He held her tightly as a few aftershocks rolled through her and she shivered a few more times before nestling into him with a Cheshire cat grin and a long deep “MMMMMM” rising from her throat.

Laughing like two k**s who had just done it for the first time on prom night Mark kept Amy in his arms. He never wanted to let her go. But reality soon set in and they needed to clean up before the next meeting would start. As they left Amy asked what time Mark’s flight was in the morning.

“8:30 AM” he replied “Will you be my wake up call?” he asked. “No, I plan on rolling over and saying ‘Good morning sweetheart’” she replied. Smiling at her, Mark knew he was going to be coming back to Chicago as it seemed this office would need more attention than most.
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4 years ago
hhhhhhhhhhvggi lik it
4 years ago
hhhhhhhhhhvggi lik it
4 years ago
Und ne Geile Zeit hier im Netz!
Schau mal vorbei!
4 years ago
excellent very hot & sexy