Because the Night

The air-conditioning failed on the hottest day of summer. Lindsey, my sexy hot curvy girlfriend, and I are in a third floor walkup of a brownstone in
Brooklyn. I’m sitting on the bed, propped up and watching a very hot lesbian video, something I downloaded off the internet and burned onto a DVD. She comes in, her body still glistening from the sweat of our latest wonderful “round” in bed.

In her hand she has a bottle of Corona, perspiring like she is as the cold reacts to the heat causing condensation. It’s cold and inviting. She is so damn sexy. She is 10 years younger than I am and she has a gorgeous body, beautiful curves everywhere and tits to die for pair of natural 38C tits, her belly is so round and sexy, her navel is pierced, her legs are beautifully shaped and her ample butt is perfect - round and plump. Her hair is styled in a short shag cut which makes her look smoldering and much younger than her 43 years. Her eyes are a deep emerald green and her lips are full and pouty.

I slowly begin stroking myself, and she smiles. “You have to be the horniest man on the planet,” she giggles.

“I didn’t hear any complaints an hour ago did I?” I reply.

She walks over and kisses me, passionately and hard. Her tongue probes my mouth, the scent and taste of the beer on her breath is arousing and I respond by letting my tongue probe into that hot, lovely mouth of hers. She offers me some beer and holds the bottle as I chug down two gulps.

Turning her attention to the television, she sees what I’m watching. Three very hot ladies are doing each other; all are blonde MILFs, one is on the edge of a bed her legs are wide open she is being ravaged by her “friend” wearing a strap-on. The third one is kneeling on the bed behind her and keeps kissing her and playing with her nipples. Miss “getting ravaged” looks like she is enjoying all the attention she is getting.

“I take it you like this kind of stuff?” she asks.

“Yes I do, it’s just so hot!”

Laurie smiles because it turns her on too. Placing the remaining beer on the night table she gets in bed; crawling over me and settling herself against the footboard. My gaze shifts from the women on the screen to her and then back to the television set; all this is getting me harder. She notices.

With a wry look on her face she opens those super sexy legs of hers revealing her totally bald pussy; she runs her hands on the inside of her thighs and licks her luscious, full, pouting lips.

“MMMM baby, you’re starting to get me all UHMMM again,” she moans. I smile as I keep stroking my shaft which has now grown to its nearly fully engorged state.

“You’re so damn hot sweetie,” I respond. Keeping her soulful green eyes locked on me she takes her left hand and cups her beautiful right tit, pushing it up to her hot, wet mouth. With the tip of her pointed tongue she gently pushes her dark swollen nipple. I close my eyes and let out moan.

“You like that don’t you Mr. Perv?” her sultry voice intones.

“UMMH yeah, baby; I love watching a woman pleasure herself, you know it’s one of my all time favorite things!”

A raspy “HMMM” comes out of her and I now lock my eyes with hers. Again she moves her hands to the inside of her thighs and rubs them, once more revealing her stunning, wet pussy. Closing her eyes for a moment she licks the finger tips of her right hand; slowly starting at just below her belly button her hand glides downward towards her kitty. Opening her eyes she has this sexy look on her face as she runs the tip of her tongue across her upper teeth.

“So baby, you’d like to walk in on me and my girlfriends someday?”

“Oh you know it…but would there be ‘room’ for me?”

“Always, sweetie and I’d make sure they would treat you extra special.” I nod and smile tongue in check and she just chuckles in a way that makes even something that simple oh so arousing.

With a smoldering look, she slides the middle finger of her right hand into her pussy; closing her eyes she lets out a soft but deep sigh. I’ve slowed myself down a little so I can enjoy the show.

Licking her lips and tilting back her head back, she slides in the ring finger and begins to move both in and out slowly. Moving her left hand up to her left breast she pinches and twists her left nipple and aureole; curling her lower lip into her mouth. I’ve seen this look before and it has always had an effect on me.

From the television we hear the sounds of orgasm. Lindsey turns to look at the action, she smiles as she comments, “Yeah, that’s it baby do her… do her hard you slut! Make that little whore cum! Turn her out; make that fucking MILF your bitch nooow!!!”

I’m stunned by her dirtiness and get even more turned on. Her gaze hits me and we lock eyes again. Her breathing is now a series of pants and low groans. It’s obvious that the video has had an affect on my little sex pot.

Her right hand is now moving a bit faster and I can hear how wet and slippery she is just from the sounds coming from her mouth and between her thighs. Her left hand is still working her left boob and she’s getting a little less gentle with her hardening nipple.

“MMM like this baby? Like your little ‘toy’? That’s what I want to be … your hot little fucktoy,” She moans

“I like it very much baby…I want you…I want to fuck you hard baby,” my voice raspes.

“Yeah well I want you bad…oh so bad,” she replies.

I’ve increased my stroking pace and she can hear my gasping and panting breath; her movements have become faster and her breathing more labored and intense.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum baby,” she asks. “


“Because… I want you in my mouth when you explode.”

At this point Lindsey crawls over to me, all the while her fingers still working her pussy. She keeps her fingers moving in and out as her palm keeps hitting her hardening clit; “MMMM MMMM MMMM,” she moans. With her left hand she grabs my hair and pulls me in for a long languid kiss; we then kiss open mouth flicking our tongues together.

I decide to give her pretty, dark, hard nipples some attention with my free hand; and then I take her right one in my mouth sucking on it, stretching it and then giving it a playful pull with my teeth.

That is when the first flutter of orgasm surged through her. Her face had that inimitable look I have seen many times before and her mouth opens to form an “O” but no sound comes out. She catches her breath as the second swell of lust rolls over her blushing body; she starts shaking. Taking her free hand she keeps herself up. I keep looking at that gorgeous face and luscious body and I see that what has been building insde her is now ready to be released.
“Yes baby….yes… yes… yes… oh my godddddd!!! I’m cummming – FUCK YEAH! I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD!!!” Her eyes open wide and she beams a smile as the last spasm of desire rumbles through her like a wave.

All this has caused me to become so aroused that I’m at the edge. She senses it too and with a sexy yet innocent little look lowers her mouth around my hard shaft. The warmth and wetness of her mouth envelopes my hard cock. Her tongue traces the bumps, ridges and veins of my engorged shaft. With that she breaks the last barrier as I tense and tried to hold back but I couldn’t. I begin to feel a warm sensation come over me and I feel that all too familiar welling rising in my balls.

She sucks on my rock hard cock urging me, "Yeah baby be nasty, soak my tits, treat my mouth like a fucking cunt..FUCK MY MOUTH BABY...FUCK IT!!"

Soon I am pushing myself into her mouth fucking it as she takes me to the base of my hard pole. My throbbing hardness is about to let loose the pent up tension from the show she gave me with her wonderful little performance and what we watched on the DVD. She's jacking my cock with that pornstar corkscrew motion and flicking the head with her large, wild, pierced tongue

As I release the first wave I can tell she’s swallowing every drop. A second spasm rips through me sending what seems like a flood of nectar even deeper down her throat; as if I didn’t think I had anything left a third and final convulsion sends the last load into her sensuous mouth.

She can’t contain all I’ve given her so some of it seeps out the side of her mouth and drips down her chin; some falls on her magnificent tits. Scooping up the excess, Lindsey licks her fingers clean. She then takes my slowly deflating cock into her mouth to suck out anything that may be left.

“MMM that was so, so hot baby” her sexy voice calls. Licking her lips like she had just had a lavish meal.

“Oh yeah it was darling, it sure was.” We are both even more sweated now than we were when we started and yet she looks radiant and alluring as the lights from outside cause the her sweat covered skin to glisten and it arouses me again.

Getting up she reaches for the beer on the night table and swigs down the remainder of the now warm brew. She climbs over and lies next to me. Measuring me up and down, she’s biting her lower lip. That look tells me she’s happy.

“So, not bad for an ‘old’ man huh?” I asked playfully.

“Hon, I don’t think that anyone younger could have done any better,” she replies with a smile.

Outside a crash of thunder rolls through and the rain begins to pour; a car alarm goes off and a fire engine’s siren cuts through the night’s silence.

“Your guys?” she asks.

“Yup, Ladder 165 Greenpoint – FDNY Polish Honor” I reply proudly.

I put my arm around her and pull her towards me. She closes her eyes, turns her head and gives me one more soft sexy kiss goodnight.

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3 years ago
I felt as if i were on the side of the bed watching, almost a feeling of intruding on a special moment. Although I'm sure they wouldn't have minded at all, but would approve.
4 years ago
I enjoyed it. I've never done anyone over thirty but I did have my first milf experience a while back.
4 years ago
excellent story well written
4 years ago
Love it when she takes his cock and cum.