Blame It on the Rain

Blame It on the Rain

Lea hated thunderstorms; positively hated them. Growing up in the Midwest they were portends of tornados and those were bad. Even on Long Island they could be harbingers of Nor'easters and of crashing waves, floods and damage.

It was a hot night in July, the television had warned of a possible thunderstorm, luckily Lea's 18-y.o. daughter Beth was at lacrosse camp in Connecticut; Beth hated storms as much as her mom and would be freaking out. Lucky also her son Dan had decided to stay home and not go out. No doubt he'd be cybering with some slut on the internet or downloading porn to jerk off to later. Lea chuckled, he was such typical man; 23 fresh out of college, working and being a good son, well almost good.

She laughed; and then her thoughts turned downright indecent. She had walked by his room one night, the door was open a little she saw him, naked, masturbating. At first she looked away but then she peeked and she was surprised...he really had a decent cock and his stocky body wasn't all that bad.

Standing out of his line of sight she watched as he stroked his hard cock; the velvety head glistening with pre-cum, and his face in that grimace of pain, pleasure and concentration. She lifted her skirt and slid her hand into her panties where the opening for her right leg was. She was beyond wet, the panties were loose enough to allow her the ability to maneuver her hand to her clit. Lea was playing catch up; she wanted to time her orgasm with that of her son. Looking into his room she saw what was making him so horny…three mature women ravaging a young teen girl. That made her even hornier and speeding up the pace she was there at a second before he came.

The strands of cum flew from his cock and she gasped at how much of it there was. What a waste, so much yummy cum and she would have gobbled every drop not caring that it came from her son's cock or that sucking it clean would be the ultimate taboo. Or better yet taking a warm protein facial…MMMMM son's cum on mom's face…oh yes baby give mommy your seed!!!

But that was two weeks ago and today there was trouble brewing. On top of the storm threat, the central air was acting up. It was blowing very low cool on a hot humid day. The fix was simple but PC Richards didn't have the part and the repairman would be there tomorrow. At about 11:00 PM Lea called "good night" to her son and went to bed. "Night mom..sweet dreams" Danny called back. "Oh they would be pornographic if I had your baby-maker deep in my womb, lover" she said under her breath.

The night dragged on...she was hot, her skin was damp with sweat…she had shed her nightie and was now only in her panties. In a few minutes those would be gone too. She was on her bed naked and horny.

Laughing to herself, she thought she would go to his room and ask "Hey Danny sweetie, got some hot porn for mom to look at while she plays?" He probably would have hooked her up. Or he would have thrown her on the bed and fucked her. MMMMMM there's a thought. The idea of him penetrating her made her wet, even wetter was the thought of feeling all that sweet hot nut cream in her. Lea's head swam with desire for her sweet, sexy, chubby son. She hadn't been with a man since the divorce and she needed a real live flesh and bl**d cock in her and soon. Curling up she grabbed a pillow and sobbed…wishing she could do the unthinkable and fuck her horny young son.

"BOOOM" the first thunder clap woke her, it was 2:47 AM..."BOOOM BOOM" two more. Then the lightening, strobe lights flashing in the window as she turned away a flash lit up the room and she saw herself in the mirror her nipples hard body glistening and a wave of passion and lust came over her.

The next sets of lightening strikes were too much to handle. Lea made her way down the hall and stood at the door of Dan's room. She gently pushed the door in and beheld an amazing sight...her son on his back, naked with the biggest hardon she had ever seen on him. Storm be damned, she wanted to suck that cock and then take him in her small tight cunt like a real wanton cougar whore.

Tiptoeing into the room Lea, in all her nakedness, lay down next to her son gingerly placing her arm around him she felt safe. Just as she did he turned...and woke up. "Mom?" he asked "uh Mom you're naked" was the next statement. "Yes baby and so are you" Lea's impish grin was visible in the light of a small camping lantern on his night stand. "Well its not like we haven't seen each other naked" Danny continued. A crash of thunder and a few bolts of lightening broke the mood. Lea buried herself in her son's chest and trembled. "OK mom, its alright, Danny's one or anything will harm you"

She lifted her face and at just that moment, their lips met. The kiss was far from motherly, in fact Danny wished he had made a move on is hot mom sooner. When they finished. the look on her face and the one on his spoke it all. Lea reached down and took her son's cock in her hand. Slow strokes brought it back to full erection, at the same time Dan had pushed his mom's legs open and shoved two fingers into her then damp and now totally flowing cunt. Smiling at each other, they knew what would happen.

Lea went under and Dan on top…she wrapped her long sexy legs around him and he rose up ready to slide into his mom's womb. Lea guided him in; he penetrated her with ease as she was so amazingly wet. The strokes were gentle and determined, deep and long. Then speed began to build. Lea moaned like the whore she was, and raked her fingernails on her son's arms. "YESSS DANNY!!! FUCK YOUR SLUTTY MOM!!" she shrieked. "YEAH MOM FUCK YEAH YOU LIKE YOU SON'S HOT COCK DON'T YOU MY LITTLE FUCKSLUT" giving back as good as he got. The pace intensified and Lea lifted her legs opened wide and stuck her feet in the air. "FUCK ME DANNY BABY FUCK MOMMY HARD!!!" Lifting up his mom's hot round ass Danny shoved a pillow beneath her…"Good boy baby…go deep" she panted resting her ankles on his shoulders.

His cock may not have been big but it was thick and it was hitting her where she needed it. "That's it baby" she encouraged him "deep inside mommy cum in mommy, baby mommy needs your cum…mommy needs to be a woman again..." Smiling at him she noticed a change in his face…determined and grunting she knew that look; closing her eyes she let go of the last barrier of this taboo…her cunt muscles tightened around his shaft as each vein bump and ridge rubbed her and brought her closer to extasy. Grabbing the corners of the pillow she was laying on Lea screamed "OH FUCK ME I'M CUMMING....IIIIIMMMMM CUMMMMING!!! YOUR MOMMY'S CUMMMING LIKE A SLUT!!!!" Grunting Lea leaned forward in an almost sit-up position, she felt his cock plunge deeper in her as the bone at its base hit her throbbing clit which exploded like a sexual M80 charge. The release was exquisite as wave after wave after wave of warmth flowed over her body. Her tits and neck assumed the long dormant blush of what so many called "afterglow." No man had ever made her cum like her own son did; no one.

He was not too far behind her; as her pussy milked his cock, Danny let his mind see not just his hot mom but a woman so in need of being shown how sexy beautiful alluring and amazing she is. He remembered when he saw her naked a few months ago and how hot she looked then. His balls drew up and his breathing shallower. His last grunt announced it; the torrent of molten sperm flew into Lea's cunt in what seemed like endless buckets. Strand after strand of stick white cum...enough to knock up three women. Rolling off his sweaty mom Danny lay there catching his breath.

Lea cuddled up to her son. "You know what we did?" she asked in a plaintive voice. "Yeah want to do it again" he responded full of bravado and confidence. Lea smiled and smacked him with a pillow. They laughed, but then she got serious, "If we become lovers, you can never tell anyone, promise?" "Yes" Dan replied in a low serious voice.

They got up and straightened the bed, Lea hugged him dr****g herself around his neck. Turning they saw their reflections in his dresser mirror. "Look at you mom! You're gorgeous" he said, "Look at your body…you've been making me hard since I was 17 mom, god what a women you are" Lea swallowed hard. "Tonight you move into my bedroom, you sl**p in my bed not as my son but as my lover" she told him looking into his blue/gray eyes.

The next thing he said made Lea tear up "Mom, this may sound weird but… I want to have a baby with you" She hugged him again and held on. Being fucked was one thing being impregnated by your own son was a whole other level of taboo and she loved it. "What about Beth?" Lea asked, with a wicked grin Dan replied, "About that mom.." Shaking her head she slapped his naked ass. "Well at least it’s you and not some Guido wannabe’ she chuckled “So how is she in bed?” Dan was stunned at the question but in light of what they had done the answer came easy…”she’s an absolute freak! She’s into porn and toys and dirty talk…what a little slut in training” Lea rolled her eyes "Well maybe she will want a baby too...she is 18 and a few of her skank friends are knocked up."

They held each other, and kissed. They knew that her having a baby at 42 was a long shot - but her friend Patty Sullivan had a c***d at 45 and the baby was fine, so it wasn’t impossible. The thought of being pregnant by her loving son, and of her belly growing her tits swelling, filling with milk dark distended nipples and leathery areoles, aroused her more. And Danny telling her of his pregnant and lactation fetishes sealed it.

Besides if they were lucky Beth and she could be pregnant together raging horniness fighting over Danny's cock, hands, mouth and tongue. She'd tell Danny later of the i****tuous lesbian fantasies she had had about Beth and how she and her princess had showered together before Beth left for camp and how Beth had tasted her first pussy..

Right now she needed to find a calendar and chart her cycle...then make sure Danny had enough vacation days for 24/7 breeding on her most fertile days. Lea smiled, storms aren't so bad after all.

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3 years ago
4 years ago
Very fucking HOT!!! As a Mom without a son this story wants me to have a son to fuck and fuck and to let him fuck his sweet sisters!!!
4 years ago
That was incredible!! So hot and nasty!! I'd love to be in his shoes fucking and impregnating his mom and sis!! Sure hope you write more
4 years ago
so fucking hot i want her to have me a son