Standing O(vation)

Standing behind her he kissed her neck; slowly tenderly making each kiss matter. He used his tongue at the end on a few to slowly lick the spot he just kissed. Little by little she melted. So entranced was she in his seduction that she did not notice his fingers unbuttoning her blouse; before she knew it she felt a breeze on her breasts, and one lone rivulet of sweat trickled down her cleavage.

Tilting her head back she released a soft moan; she felt his hands pull her blouse off her shoulders and off her arms. His lips were now kissing her neck and shoulders, molding themselves to her body and lingering on her skin. He tasted the perspiration and she could sense him smiling.

Feeling his fingers tracing her spine she put her head down and forward, sweeping the hair from back there she offered him her neck again and he kissed it and then sucked with a little biting action...definitely a 'hickey' would be left. He stopped at her bra and she knew he would either end this now or go on. The snaps were opened in the blink of an eye and she shrugged the bra off her leaving her in just her short sexy skirt and flip-flops that she had put on after work.

He 'attacked' her neck and shoulders again with his mouth and tongue; showering kisses nibbles and licks on her. Tossing her hair back she began breathing heavy as his hands fondled her massive breasts and began playing with her now turgid nipples. One hand move lower caressing her thigh and then pulling up the skirt to her waist. She offered no resistance, she was in the moment. His rough hands pushed the now soaked lacy boy shorts to the side and began playing with the small tuft of hair that was her neatly trimmed bush.

Turning her head she found his mouth and kissed him passionately, her tongue probing in a tangible demonstration of how much she enjoyed this ravaging. Leaning back onto him she reached behind and found the top of his pants; thankfully they were a bit loose as she pushed her hand inside and began massaging his thick cockflesh through the soft cotton of his boxers.

Feeling the outline of his cock through the material made her hornier. He loved the way her hand gripped his hardening manhood especially the way the cotton felt against it and the way her hand was massaging it. Growing stiffer and thicker in her hands she wondered how it would feel deep inside her. She wanted to climb on him and milk every last drop of cum out of him, but she was hesitant. He loved the way she held him in her hand; tight and firm with a purpose and with a desire.

His middle finger probed her wetness first, followed by the index finger and then the ring finger disappeared behind the soft folds of her steaming cleft which was now like a tap turned on with no chance of being stopped. The kisses grew wilder, her strokes grew harder and quicker; his thrusts were determined and deeper as her muscles closed in around those fingers wishing that it were what she was fondling.

She sensed it, it was in his breathing...shallower and deeper more like a dog panting. "C'mon baby...give it to me..that sweet nut mine" the guttural tones came from deep within her. "

“Oh yeah dirty want it don’t you???..." he encouraged her breathlessly. The moment came...he was first...she felt the throbbing, the pulsing of the veins in that thick cock she was holding. She felt the warm ooze of his cum through the cool cotton and she squeezed...making sure every last drop was indeed out of him.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt his thrust become faster, his thumb was strumming her clit and she leaned back into him. Extracting her hand from his pants she put her hand on the one he was using on her and drove it deeper into her sex. "More baby...more...oh…God MOOOOORE" she shrieked and like a possessed rutting a****l she shook her head as her hair tussled. She grabbed a light fixture on the wall to steady herself as the first one rolled though her. Holding his fingers in her with the muscles that contracted around them he felt her warmth ooze over his hand, her clit now hard as a pebble twitching as she did and with her mouth closed tightly to stifle the scream building in her she grunted out the last of her body crashing orgasms.

They fixed themselves quickly and kissed, she looked in his gray eyes and he look admiringly at her curvaceous figure. Her smile was impish and belied her appreciation for what they had just done.

"My name is Dan, I trade mortgage bonds at Bear Stearns, or I use to anyway".

"I'm Carrie, a paralegal at McGrath, Keller and Ottman"

Their parting kiss was soulful and long; neither wanted it to end. She had a baby shower to get back to and he had to go back to the alcohol-laden “wake” marking the demise of one of Wall Street’s most venerable firms.

As they left the storeroom where they had snuck into they turned and gave each other one last look…almost simultaneously they licked each other's taste off their hands and with wicked winks turned and went back to their parties.

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2 years ago
I loved that story!
3 years ago
what an erotic meeting
4 years ago
Well written!