Our Cruise

WEll aftef 11 years of being wonderfully married, my wife and i finally get our long awaited for cruise avacation. As we are driving to the landing, we discuss some fo hte things we would like to while on this vacaion.
As we crossed the gangblank loading the ship, we tell dry land goodbye for 7 nights and 8 days.
After finding our state room, which seened like it took two days to do, the porter finally got there with our luggage, we took our time putting this away, merrily getting ready for our first night on the open seas to, no-where important anyway,as we ger ready to shower, we take time for a quickie fuck cession, then finally get into the shower, dress and head out to explore the vastness of our boat and find me a few drinks and a plave to gamble some money away.
On the third day of our cruise, we are out an one of hte decks, out by one of the pools having a drink at the bar,we had been there about an hour or so when this gentleman in his mid to late thirties come down and gets int the pool, after a few minutes, of swim time, he gets out of the pool and walks over to the bar and orders himself a makersmark and coke, like the one i am having,and we start idle chit chat about the boat and the different plaves we had seen since leaving the coast of Florida on our journey. As we talk, we discover that he is on the same floor as we are and only 4 doors dow, we talk for another few minutes and i went to get into the pool, he and my wife continued to chat, after a few minutes,she joined me in the pool,it ws then that she told me tht she had invited our new friend to join us for dinner at 7, only 5 hours away. Well after a healthy swim and a message from one of the best looking women on the boat(my wife being the best looking) we retired to our state room to get ready.
Dinner wes from 7 pm til about 9 pm, or alittle after, at which time, we had seafood and all the trimmings, and a few more drinks, After dinner and a short walk around the boat and a 30 minute swim,in the beautiful moon light, we invited our new friend to our babin for a few more drinks and some card playing, he accepted and excused himsefl to his cabin to put on something a little more comfortable as we did also. He came back, about 20 minutes later in a nie looking pair of wide leg shorts and a to big tank top, but he was comfortable, after we frxed drinks and looking for a plave to sit, we chose the floor, it was the only plave big enough for the three of us to be at the same time.So with drinks in hand, we start playing five card stud, nice game if all know how too play, we had been playing and drinking for over an hour when i leaned over and told my wife that our friend wasn't wearing any undies with his shorts, and i preceeded to tell here that his cock was slowly warking its way out of the leg of his shorts, at which time i mentioned to him, "do you knowthat your cock is coming out your shorts?" he says,"oh, reachesin grabs it, pulls it out of his shorts lig,and pushes his shorts leg back up, 6 inches of soft cock looking at us,my wife and myself both said "DAMN", he let it pass ike it was nothing mew and continued to play cards, after about the forth game, it was already late, and her said that the wimmer of the next game, gets his dick sucked or pussy eatin by the other two, he and i cheated my wife won the gam, emmediatly, we atarted to undress my wife, and it wasn't hard to do, i might add, i could tell she wanted that viking ships main mast,it didnt take long before she was naked and being fondled heavily. A;; over her body, i ws working upsrairs on the breast and nipples, neck and ears, and our friend we have a feast of a lifetime, it didn't take long, and the two of us were undressed also, both cocks hard as steel and looing for a plave to be, so my cock went in her mouth, and she was slowly stroking his loin of cock while he was eatin her pussy, when he came up for air, agter she had sready orgasmed, avout 3 0r 4 times, he slowly but f***efully eased his member into my wifes dripping hot pussy, it took him several seconds ot get it good and slippery, and dppe enough to start slowly, wasily, thrusting back ad forth fucking my wife, as it must of felt good to her, she even stopped suckingmy cock for a bit to enjoy him and moaned outlous, as once again she let loose another erotic orgasm, as he pulled out of her, and started jacking his cock feverishly, he shot a load of hot man seed all over the both of us,it looked as though you had stepped on a tube of toothepaste, only a second later, i pulld my cock form my wifes moutn and mixed my own load of seed with his on her tits and stomach and neck. as we fell exhausted onto the pile of cards.
I awoke to having a hard dick, my wifes arm over me, holding on to it. She ws sweating and laying in a two gollon pool wet spot on the bed..The alarm clock went off and she got up talking about the most erotic dream had ever had that night and jokingly i tell her that that her wet spot under her ass is proof of that, at which time she rolls me onto my back, straddles my aching hard cock, and fucks the shit out of me.........tcman67
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17 days ago
very erotic story
1 month ago
nice story man
3 months ago
Very hot!!
3 months ago
That's a had I would have been happy to win or lose. :-) And I do love 5 card. Old school and you better get it right. a real gambler's game.
3 months ago
I can put up with the spelling, please continue to write. Your stories are awesome/
7 months ago
Oh God yes, I love reading about other peoples Naughty, Fun & Erotic Sex adventures and being compelled to start Jacking Off about midway through... Cumming at or before the conclusion.
8 months ago
That was a really hot read! :)
9 months ago
Very Good Story!!!! "A+++" Keep "UP" the great work my friend!
1 year ago
I don't care about the spelling or grammar. that was one hot story!!!!
1 year ago
thank you for all your comments, but, just to let you know, THIS IS JUST A STORY THAT I WROTE AT WORK ONE NIGHT, IT IS NOT REAL.
1 year ago
Sweet..I hope it was more than a story..very hot..!!
1 year ago
Great story I'me envious of your shipmate.
1 year ago
was a good story, neighbor. am glad y'all had a good time. maybe one day we'll get to take a cruise!
1 year ago
Your Grammer, Spelling and Punctuation are just fine... it's the Erotic Content that had me Salivating being complelled to Jack Off my Throbbing Erectionto Spurt & Oooze my Sticky Warm Cum... I'm Johnny and this is just one of my Pictures: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/17022-810128.html
I wannas Lick, Suck & Eat Momma's Pussy and Suck Your Thick Erect Cock immediately AFTER You Fuck Her!
1 year ago
Great story! Lucky couple! Thats the type of stuff Ive always fantasized about with an older couple like yourselves!
2 years ago
I never did do so good in English glass, grammar never was my best.
2 years ago
Nice story. Shame about the spelling and grammar mistakes.