The Box Part 1

The Box: Part 1

My boy friend Luke was coming back to town and called me. It was a warm Friday afternoon, hazy, hot and humid. He asked if I would like to meet him and some of his buds for drinks later in the evening. He also asked if Jolene would be interested in coming. Jolene is a friend of mine and I felt a bit jealous when he asked. Jolene is very well built and a sexy brunette. She’s tall dark and beautiful with large boobs that just don’t bounce, long smooth legs and an ass that everyone stares at, and she knows it. Jolene is 38 and is always dating someone new but recently she has been in a dry spell. Me, on the other hand am a small petite women, short hair and very small breasts, although my nipples are long, thick and very sensitive. I go to the gym almost every day or run. My legs and ass show I work out and I like these features, muscular and shapely. I said, “Certainly I would love to go”. I haven’t been fucked in 2 weeks and was horny as all hell. “Who’s coming”, I asked. Luke said, “I hope everyone comes”. I didn’t asked what he meant but giggled. “So where and what time are we meeting?” I asked. “I would ask you out for dinner but won’t be back until 9:30, 10 hope this works for you Jen? And we will meet at the Hole In the Wall.” “Alright”, I replied. “Can’t wait to see you!” “We have a few things to finish up then we will hit the road. See you then,” Luke said. Luke was a bit older then my 42 years he was 49 and seemingly always willing for the task at hand, me. I called Jolene right up to see if she had plans. She answered right away. I asked her if she would like to come out with Luke and I and a few of his friends, have a few drinks and check out Luke’s buddies. ”Oh,” she said, “I would love to but I have a dinner date tonight, 1st date in a while. This guy from work asked me out. He’s kind of weird but I said yes. So maybe if he is too weird I will meet you. Otherwise you’re on your own.” Oh thanks Jolene I said. She laughed. “Well! So where you guys heading?,” Jolene asked. I told her. “Oh seedy place to go”, she said. It was a big bar with strippers upstairs and a live band downstairs, lots of dancing and groping, bathroom and parking lot fun, very seedy. Lots of bikers, tattoos, piercings and wild people. The evening was set. If Jolene didn’t show I would be the only women in our group with lots of men. I had to finish the afternoon at work then get home. All I could think about was Luke’s dick in me. I squirmed in my chair thinking about the evening.
When I got home I went for a run and took a long soothing bath. I decided to get ready early and have a bite to eat at a local dinner; since we were going to the bar I would be drinking. I decided I would wear my brown leather vest that hooked in the front with a gold chain, a short, yellow terry cloth skirt and some sandals that had a 3 inch heel, perfect. I got ready. When I finished it was around 7:30 plenty of time to get something to eat. I contemplated not wearing panties but the skirt was so short and see through I thought I better. I picked out a pair of string panties that was all butt floss and a patch. I looked hot or something of a call girl. Oh well Luke would like my outfit. I left, getting wetter between my legs.
I stopped at a burger joint on the way. When I walked through the door all eyes were on me. I ordered a burger and a beer. I went to an empty booth I sat not really paying too much attention, my skirt road up on my thighs and getting into the seat proved revealing to anyone who was watching. I noticed when I leaned to take a bite of burger my vest would fall outward and expose my small breast. So did the guy sitting to my right of me with 2 of his friends. I looked over and all 3 smiled at me, I smiled back. It turned me on to think these3 young guys were looking at me. I kept on eating my burger letting my vest fall open. They were talking amongst themselves looking over at me, smiling as I was eating. They kept this up until I was almost finished with my burger and fries. Suddenly one of them got up and slid in next to me another one sat across from us. Both, young guys were 19 or 20 and good lookers. The last one sat and watched the door. The one who sat next to me asked what I was doing in here eating by myself. I smiled as I felt a hand on my leg. My legs involuntarily opened a bit. I’ve have been horny all day. His touch felt wonderful. I explained I was meeting my friends out for drinks at 10. His hand kept creeping upward, ever so slowly. My aching pussy was reacting to his soft touch; my legs opened a bit more. He hit the small patch of cloth where my pussy was hidden. I gasped for breath and he smiled. He asked me if I liked younger guys. The words that came out of my mouth next shocked me. I said, “You 3 guys turned me on from the beginning, As soon as I sat down.” He went further towards my pussy, brushing the silky fabric. He stared into my eyes as he continued fondling my wet cunt under the table. One of his fingers slid inside my panties, a moan escaped from inside me. Then 2 fingers, he stared into my eyes as he touched my wet lips, another, louder moan escaped me. He then with his 2 fingers he wrapped the panties and quickly tore the patch from my panties with his young strong young hands. His large hand cupped my quivering cunt. It grew even more wet as the thoughts of what I was doing in this restaurant at the hands of some strange young man. He handed the ripped crotch to his friend who put it to his nose. He grabbed my hand and led me outside saying to the others,” pay her bill.” I wantonly followed him. He brought me to his car, a big boat of a car. He leaned me down on one knee on the seat the other on the floor he raised my skirt out of the way and buried his fat cock in me. I gasped at the size of his young meat, and came, my flooding juice dripped down my thighs. The door opened to the front of me, another cock, I hungrily took it in my mouth. I fucked and sucked these 2 studs moaning and groaning, grinding, the one fucking me released his load all over my ass, the other down my throat, I savored the sweet taste. When we regained our senses and their cloths, the one guy asked about his friend. My pussy was ripe for the taking. “I said please let him fuck me”. He did and I came again and again. I got dressed and thanked them. I went to a service station next door and cleaned myself up as best I could, god what am I doing! Well I guess I’m going to the bar commando style. The th3 guys were still waiting when I got back. The one young guy said his name was Mike and handed me his phone number. We left the parking lot with smiles on all our faces. I won’t lose that number.

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