Parallel Yixin of confession

Parallel Yixin of confessionThat night, after I Bogong Gong satiated, uncle suddenly from behind to unlock my bra clasp, this half-cup bra with spaghetti straps immediately left me, I had a chance to hide the pop-fat milk father-in-law has a latch on my left breast, nibble my nipples, do not! It should be said heavy bite. My body immediately felt weak, father-in-law immediately grabbed my weaknesses, I do not have the willpower to resist alcohol catalyzed.Uncle kissed me Fenjing from behind, I understand a little bit in mind, this is not flirting? How can! But uncle tongue into my ear, and then nibble my earlobe, I am comfortable with the breather. Father-in-law's mouth then let go of my nipples licked all the way along the breast until my belly, father-in-law's rough tongue into my navel rotation, the father-in-law's tongue function is really first class, never experience before the navel to have such the thrill of acid a little pain, stimulate my legs felt weak almost untenable. Then my black stockings, faded by the father-in-law to the thighs, the father-in-law's mouth to bite my underwear lace.Uncle did not let go of me, turned my head strong tongue licking my lips, and I know the next step of the uncle to kiss me, I'm a little aware that this is not allowed, he is my husband's b*****r! Uncle but was brought under control, I can not be turned around, and father bit off my panties and suck my labia, I have lost the moral mind.Uncle's tongue into my mouth, stirring my tongue, I found myself actually enthusiastic response uncle entangled lip uncle left my lips, I stretched out in the air between the tongue uncle's tongue entangled, kissing actually be able to have such a big thrill never experience before.Father-in-law to the proliferation of sexual secretion Tiannong to my mons pubis around the side off my stockings and panties, but still hook in my ankles, my body caught in the middle of two naked men naked. A husband's b*****r, and the other is the father of my husband!Father kneeling on the ground to lift my left foot propped up on the coffee table, the father-in-law to head into his crotch, and I feel like the protagonist of the videos lewd. Father-in-law and suck and bite my clitoris, also tongue into my labia until the vaginal opening, I Haoru uncle hugged from behind uncle's fingers grip my nipples, original cute nipples uncle tease and Alice.Father-in-law took my hand lying on the sofa, my nature along the father-in-law sit astride the father-in-law around the waist, looked down: almost did not faint good thick one Roubang, than my arm, light glans there a Xiao Juzi so big! I hesitated, father-in-law grabbed my hand on his penis, my hand almost can not hold, I thought to myself: good hard cock!My reluctant father-in-law of the glans withstand the labia, the father-in-law will glans interlabial down a few, my feet acids, the body weight of the pressure the instant father-in-law of the glans separate my labia, go in the half, just withstood the vaginal opening."No! This is i****t! A thought suddenly flashed from the heart, I hesitated, but withstand live strong temptation, such a big penis is what it feels like? u*********sly, I have fell into the abyss of desire.Ah! "I have sent cry of ecstasy Yinjiao, father-in-law's penis slowly slide into my body, the thick glans oppression of my vagina wall, as if there had been oppressively only c***dren, good support and expansion, pain but do not have c***dren. A burst of intense pleasure rushed into the depths of the uterus, my sexual secretion like flooding like pouring forth, God! Just insert an orgasm.I crazy not think they can actually accommodate such a big cock, father-in-law of the glans straight top to the uterine wall, my soft lying on the father-in-law who, father-in-law in one hand and began to Rounong my breasts, I then really understand what called Sex, comfortable feeling.I think that the uncle on the rag in my asshole, skateboarding, and I have no way to think, only to feel a fiery Roubang to separate my ass, then one begins to slide into the rifting pain, I issued screams, but remain intact uncle advance after gentle two penis-depth in my body, I feel the beating of the bl**d vessels of the penis, vagina and anus instinctive response to each side to take the light is such a pleasure, so fast I lost consciousness.Father-in-law and uncle began to twitch, I fall into the realm of the u*********s, my whole body twist with two two huge penis in my body across the vaginal friction pleasure, I am mad Yin, so as to relieve the constant stimulation climax original climax is continuous, I have been caught in the frenzy of the realm.I lost consciousness in the father-in-law who, I am unable to endure continuous pleasure, to the climax of the few times I do not know. Father-in-law and uncle stopped twitching after shiver when I gradually regained consciousness, I think two penis in my body is still semi-hard, gradually softened, they did not immediately withdrawn, clinging tightly father-in-law uncle is gentle caress me, unlike her husband an injection before leaving, that this feeling is so wonderful!After intercourse with the father-in-law uncle, vaguely hear their conversation: "Dad, this small waves hoof so know how to enjoy, plus b*****r often travel no space to take care of her now, not as good as we insert two dick play three!"Uncle then finished a supine body tightly hugged me, I had to shy fell on his chest, saying not to, the heart but imagine two men dry woman three taste, but also expect afraid hurt."Yixin, do not be afraid!! You really happy, and at the same time the two men together to meet your needs, your body melted extreme." Then he has continued very moving dick, to facilitate the top to get my pussy .The uncle "Well ...... hello nasty Oh ...... have to make fun of little s****r ... ah ...... ah ...... This deep under the top well Oh ..." I actually inadvertently say Zhefan obscene language to stimulate uncle.Father-in-law looked at clamping Rouxue, also continue to be uncle **** sticking out, his face showing the the line Flirt Sao state, can not help but vinegar sea churn the lower body Yingun outdone erectile jitter."Dad, fast beeped together so Yixin fly overhead, and let him know what is the Flirt!Finally father-in-law could not help the temptation of three, holds a the lechers top two genital intercourse, the uncle also suspended thrusts so he aimed at the hole, insert a second root Roubang.Small daughter-in-law, and I want to go in the second root, waiting to enjoy!! "Father finished," Zi "sound, lower body is also inserted original narrow Roudong, pumping."Ah ...... good tight ...... people fast to be bursting at the seams ... fast drawn ..." I took expect mood shouting and fear, and hope that they will stop at this, but everything seems counterproductive, but they have also aroused they desire.Male root thrusts from time to time in this pussy two one after the other, an insert, a withdrawn, to cooperate closely to stem turns into the uterus, so the moment I can not tell at the moment who in the end is inserted into the womb , the uterine mouth from time to time suck biting two men of the glans, the comings and goings, really busy! Will call the day, one will be called the ground, one would then Jiaochuang the immediate feeling really refreshed."Yixin, two men at the same time serve you cool uncomfortable Ah?" Uncle side thrusts side ridicule greetings, I am ashamed Road "The annoying uncle, are you a bad idea, they were alternately and out now can not stand it! uterus your glans Good heavy good deep Oh! "Father-in-law looked at this flirting followed k**ding me, "Yixin, the mouth of you following folder really tight, caught my glans thrilled, really want to shoot into the uterus you thirsty, feed your uterus drink semen , so I worry about the hold less than a grandson Ah, ha! "Then the father-in-law from behind dry after a while, requirements and uncle exchange coherent want face-to-face with me, the way to enjoy the caress this Haoru the thrill.Replaced uncle up supine, I had to back uncle, holding his dick, a hole, and the father-in-law again to separate my thigh, exposing Flooded Roudong to hold large Rougun top in a crowded hole.Little beauty, I now go Oh, waiting to enjoy it! "And he has f***ed a the fiery Rougun severely squeezed this crowded full the small Yinxue will soon be bursting at the seams."Ah ...... good tight ... you Bang Bang good thick bulge ...... Get people bursting ...... a little slower a front, a back, reach people plug bad ... Dad ... you something coarse ...... knocked people cave heart Ma ...... uncle ... Your Bang Bang good long .... This is inserted in the end! "my side to enjoy the thrill of unprecedented side gibberish to express my satisfaction, I do not know what he was saying.I, looking at the father and uncle of a drawn an insert, completely let emptiness within the uterus, and both tacit cave heart is inserted Zhitang sexual secretion, as if the two live fast trick riding The branched brave Roubang turns traitor plug."This small waves hoof really can not think of elasticity, even can withstand the thrusts of the two men." "This Yinxue very elastic, uterus also caught my glans side to take, cool ah!"After some pumping thrusts, I climax again and again, could not vaginal Roubi excitement spasm, the uterus begins to shrink, resulting in a release one clip kissing two glans.The last father-in-law and uncle two have been the best of all the strength to look than what depth look than the powerhouse of the Cock straight to Mahogany withstand continuous impact is also doing my cervix climax of also numerous several times to Jiaochuang the the ︰ " ah ...... This is too deep ... people dying ...... ah ...... they fast you dry out and die ...... Dad ...... uncle quick stop A ...... people fast you dry broken ...... what plug and inserted into the uterus to the people ...... look at others heart ... ""You little slut, I must be fired into your uterus you enjoy the ejaculation cool head, okay?
" Uncle excitedly about her, I do not intend to, said: "ah ... not ...... fast withdrawn ... people will be dry to fertilization, will indulge your species ... not ...... "At this point, the father-in-law also took Yin Xiao said: "Do not be afraid, I am dutiful daughter-in-law, I really want to have done to you to conceive a c***d, so that you do not have to worry about the useless ceremony Aung beget grandson! Ha ha ......
"I was shy suppressed head and looked at father-in-law, did not think uncle has said ︰ "Yixin, anyway, you're young, let us stay for another to paunch it! And you know dad since you married here every day thinking about "you JiaoHuan this rare opportunity today did not let him ejaculate inside, he will not let you.""Uncle, Dad, you are good or bad, oh, people also want to carry your species ... like you said not shy?" Said Jiaochen.After three hours of sexual touching, three Rouchong closely stacked, blowing hot and cold in recent climax peak, the two men's testicles tightly stretched live gradual trend ejaculation, father-in-law and the uncle Shigeyanse ︰ "Son, I To injection to join us shoot inside her uterus shot full of semen, ready to give birth to our species! ""Good or bad Oh ... Dad ...... people today is already dedicated to you but also pregnant with your species ... spare me ... uncle ... people have been let You did a fly overhead .... stop at this tonight Well!
"Just when I begged Jiaochen always, the father-in-law and uncle almost two Roubang deeply into the suffering adulterers Yinxue glans big top in the cervix, "Xiu Xiu" injection of concentrated heat Jing Yang, suddenly filled with both of them thick hot semen.Then I felt Zhiyin expansion and full within the uterus especially good soak in the warmth of the sun fine.
Think you may be pregnant with the seed of the father-in-law, father-in-law nakedness before shyly hugged, as if afraid of his semen oozing.Near uncle first drawn Roubang, father-in-law for fear of his semen oozing also tightly down on me, let big Roubang tightly withstood uterus, I had to shy hands hugged him back, legs lifted high closely hooked his hips a little semen slowly oozing from the stuffed Roubang vagina."Little beauty daughter-in-law, I have done was pregnant ...... not cool Shuanga?"
Father-in-law got cheaper still cold to her, I am ashamed Road, "hate, Dad, you're good or bad, oh ... You did harm home pregnant. "Then my father dick top after ten minutes in the uterus before finally pull out.After a prolonged melee, three people have been tired, I am reluctant to leave first dressed and charming of them said, "Dad, uncle, today things so much, this is the three of us can not say secret! "Father-in-law and uncle after listening to caress my sensitive side to side, Yin Xiao said: "next time there is a chance?"

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