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So we could even try something. Sara turned to me promptly to her bootylicious butt. I rose and knelt down behind her. Before I put my penis in her, I pushed my hand before and just fucked her with my fingers. Even after these few seconds, I ran her juice on the hands down, I curiously licking. It tasted pretty good and Turn-ons myself even further. One last time I smelled my hands, I came once more into her. I was the last time was so close to the Cumshot, now that it did not take long before I came. However, before I raged so fiercely in her well she was close to another orgasm as I once again retired to enjoy it better. Then I pushed my penis all the way into Sarah's hole and moved my hips a few last times back and forth. Then I finally came to me and Sara. Together we groaned us the hell out of them, as I squirted my cum into the condom.Sara seemed still not enough to have, for no sooner was free, she turned around and pulled off the condom, the content they are gleefully ran over her face, I kissed her then clean. They did not want to leave this lying down and sucked me clean so the penis. I found this as a fair exchange. Meanwhile, it was very late and Sara's parents had gone to sl**p long ago. Quietly we crept along to the bathroom to clean us there. Together we showered us again, with her naked body turns me on so far that I had a latte again soon. So when we were in her room, shut the door again Sara, pulled a condom out of a closet and pulled it over. Then she lay down sideways on the bed. I lay down beside her, put my penis back into its hole, let it however. She seemed to agree, pulled the blanket over us and together we fell asl**p. You with my penis in her vagina.
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