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Sara and I have been friends forever. It started in kindergarten and had been favored by our common schools. Now we were both on the same high school and also because we now had the right Alttest, we watched as a couple. We have kept hands off 7yo. And we kissed as 8yo. We had already seen several times when changing clothes, half naked, and we then later secretly worried in mind what we told each other's then. We were also correspondingly hot together, but we had trusted never to touch us closer to what was also because I had read that you could have sex only with 18, which is why we are wrong occurred, formerly to have intercourse as at eighteen years.However, I was recently turned 18 and somehow we later decided to us directly to Sara's 18th Birthday to deflower. We were both so nervous accordingly, as Sara's 18th Birthday was approaching. I visited on her birthday as always and already in the beginning was abeklärt with our parents, that I should sl**p with her. I wanted to sl**p with her, did not our parents. Sara's birthday went off as usual, only I gave her her gift only when we were alone. When she had unwrapped my gift, her eyes lit up, because I gave her a dildo. They could use this now, when I had deflowered her. We ate that day, as always, dinner together and then Sarah and I were preparing a little earlier than usual before sl**ping again. We decided to wash sequentially, both the stealth's sake, and for us to still give a little space. No sooner than I had entered the room, shut the door, Sara A. That was enough, fortunately, everything we did what to conceal!There was no spare key and the walls were made of thick concrete. Once again, we assured ourselves that we both wanted it, then we both sat on Sarah's bed and looked at us shyly. After some time I decided to take the Inititive and stood up. Slowly, I pulled off my T-shirt. That seemed to release them from their torpor, they too stood up. Curiously she looked my naked torso and drove the skin gently with her soft fingers. But as I reached for my waistband, she pressed my hands to the side of caution. Then she opened it and pushed the shorts down. While I got out of his pants, she sank to her knees and stroked my legs now. If I had previously had only a slight bulge in his underwear, it was now much larger. Nevertheless, I took Sara to me gently upward to calm the situation to worsen, rushing into action. I pulled her to me, I bent down to her and kissed her deeply. During this long kiss she felt no doubt how my penis pressed against her pants.
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