Pissed off by two hot women 4

Well, I saw Sarah and Tanya were looking at how she opened her lips and kissed passionately. Right before my eyes. I heard her munching, I could feel her desire to see their tongues playing a wild game. They looked at me, looked tense on my tail, which had now risen again, despite (or perhaps because) of the penis ring. The wires were now more visible than ever before, the acorn fat and plump, like a stretched membrane. She looked me one last time in the eye and then crawled between my legs. Both tongues licked now on my cock, she slid up and down. fingers were massaging my balls love and kneaded. Now Sarah pushed her mouth over my dick, she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, I heard a short strangle, and already she had swallowed him up to the stop. Now she kneaded me in such eggs, that it was a more benevolent. Tanya could not otherwise, crawled out from between my thighs, stood over us and looking so down on us.Where they really just looked at Sarah, as she took up my whole cock with her mouth. I saw her lovely back, assholes collide, as they saw spreitzer her legs even more. Sarah looked at her now, my cock still in her mouth. She nodded at her. And now I felt a warm stream on my belly, slowly but surely working towards my dick. Tanja pissed at us. And while she urinated, Sarah blew my dick. Sarah blew and blew, now also Tanya sat on my stomach, still bubbling from the spring and I could see how Sarah opened her mouth, savoring the beam of my girlfriend. They also kept my dick in the hot Pissstrahl and sucked him off then. Now standing on Sarah and Tanya knelt between my legs. Sarah sat on me so when she wanted to ride me. But it was not so. She leaned forward, was pressure on her bladder and pissed on my tail now. Tanya was sucking him off again and gave it to the beam in her mouth.
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