Pissed off by two hot women 3

Her vagina was now really wet, the juice rinn so out of the column that it was a pleasure to drink this hot juice to lick her cunt. It was not long, and they screamed, they wailed, they whined. They Came. She gave one last tug, then sat down right rough on the fingers, so they disappeared in the ass until it stops. Anyway its wet, dripping cunt was now really slippery, slimy, yes. It tasted wonderful. After a few moments, she was back with her, she looked down at me, smiled and told me that I should go to bed schonmal. You'll be right and would surprise me. I went to bed and while I was there so, came in Tanya. She held a black handkerchief in her hand, smiled at me and came to me. I put the cloth around the eyes, it tied to the rear. Now I was blind. Then she took my cock in his hand, he jerked a few times, it sucked, so he rose again, and as a one stan. Now I felt something that hemmed him. It was a penis ring, one size too small.He pounded like crazy, but it was not unpleasant throb. Suddenly I heard a second female voice in the room. It was Sarah. She lay down beside me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. It tasted sweet. Tanja also lay next to me. Even now she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Alternately I could taste the saliva of these two wonderful women. My wishes were answered. You see, are you now in our midst, they said to me. And while I was again pressed a tongue in my mouth, I felt another of my plump, thick, red and sensitive glans. I felt as she drove along the rim, as they drove up and down the shaft, as this hot tongue licked my bags. I lay there and saw nothing but intensify the feelings. It was like a dream, only it was real. I pulled the bandage from his head to me and looked directly at 4 thick, firm breasts and thick nipples hard 4, which were of suitable suck on something. The big tits were so well formed, nothing hung, everything was fixed and each pair had a Wonderful, Fuckcarve.
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